Samson – The MTV Years

I’m not an authority on Biblical timelines but I’m pretty sure the Book of Proverbs was written after Samson’s time on Planet Earth. Or if it was he didn’t get around to reading it. I get the feeling that Samson wasn’t much of a reader. Too busy leading the life of a heroic leader and warrior for all that nonsense.

When I read of Samson’s story in the Book of Judges I get the image of a really cheesy 1980’s heavy metal video with lots of pyrotechnics and dry ice. Samson was the Old Testament’s pre-cursor to Vince Neill from Motley Crue. Or maybe a young Alice Cooper.

Now before you shout blasphemy let’s study the facts. An only child raised by devoted and probably well to do parents he appears to have developed all the qualities of a spoilt brat in his formative years. No doubt handsome and possessed with superhuman strength he has also acquired vanity, arrogance and insufferable smugness. What Samson saw, Samson got.

His best friend was undoubtedly his mirror. Imagine the preening, pouting and backcombing that went on. He no doubt had a considerable entourage and Israeli (as well as Philistine) girls swooned at his feet wherever he went. Yes as Biblical heroes go Samson really was a bit of a prat.

This Old Testament jock had it all. Or so he thought. The wealth, the looks, the body. But beneath it all was he happy? I’m not so sure. He had a terrible temper. Now we’ve all been cross before. But capturing 300 foxes, tying them in pairs and then unleashing them alight through your enemys’ cornfields? That’s supercross.

He also had terrible judgement when it came to women. His marriage was a disaster and as for his dalliance with Delilah? Well there’s gullible, there’s naive and then there’s Samson. It’s ironic that this escapade cost him his physical sight given that a blind man wearing earphones could have seen that gold digging diva from a mile off. 

Samson led a heroic but tragic life. He was greatly blessed but deeply flawed. If Samson could screw up a situation he 100% did. But beneath the flaws and the screw ups was a man who loved God. Was a man who wanted to please God. Was a man who at the end of his life reflected on his behaviour, realised the errors of his ways and sacrificed himself for his God and his nation. It all came crashing down on Samson in the end. But what a way to bow out and enter eternity!

We can all relate to Samson. Not the million miles an hour rock star lifestyle. But beneath all that when we look at the man and his insecurities we can see ourselves. Wanting to lead a godly life but dragged down by earthly temptations, false idols and misleading emotions. I have been the king of screw ups. Samson without the looks and the money, that’s me.

But I am really starting to think that this blog and my writing could be my calling. I feel new hope and a stronger faith after years of false starts and falser friendships. And if Samson can do it then so can I. Without the big hair and the eyeliner of course….

Tell me about your worst ever hairstyle? Mullet anecdotes particularly welcome.

How can you relate to Samson?

Is God leading you beyond your past failings and into Kingdom work?

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