The P.R.I.C.E. Of Pain 

A week ago I was hopping out of an Accident & Emergency Department on crutches with my running dreams in tatters. I had sustained torn ankle ligaments and an avulsion fracture of the cuboid bone in my left foot. Basically the ligament had torn taking a small flake of bone with it. I could put no weight on the foot at all and was in a lot of pain. 

Mature adult that I was I reacted to this setback like any other mature adult would – by wallowing in self-pity on the sofa with a gallon tub of Pooh Bear honeycomb ice cream for company. I had been told at the hospital that it would be some time before I could run again. Worse still Dr. Google predicted several months out of action. Rumours were already circulating round my workplace that I would never run again.

I was prescribed RICE. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Or in my world SPAF. Sofa, Peas (the frozen variety), Ankle Bandage, Foot Up. Fionnuala and the kids tended for my every need which largely consisted of trips to the fridge for Diet Coke, Double Decker bars and er….more ice cream. 

Monday turned into Tuesday. And the initial novelty of sofa surfing began to develop into cabin fever as I became increasingly frustrated. We prayed for healing but I imagined God had more pressing matters on his mind than the marathon running dreams of a middle aged moaner.

Then a funny thing happened. Wednesday morning came and I woke up with the now customary dread of setting my left foot on the bedroom floor. The previous three days had resulted in a shooting pain through my foot. Gingerly I levered myself out of bed and lowered my feet tentatively to the ground. Through gritted teeth and half shut eyes I counted down to contact with Planet Pain. 3,2,1…..

Nothing. Nada. Not a wince, tweak or spasm. I stood up and shuffled tentatively downstairs. Without crutches. Without pain. I had heard of people being healed but had always regarded it with a pinch of salt. Yes I knew it could happen. And I knew it did happen. But to me? Surely God reserved such party pieces for people with terminal illnesses or near death experiences. Not 47 year old men chasing 3:30:00 marathons. 

But there it was. RICE I hooted to myself as I walked the (limp free) walk of the righteous. RICE! God bless frozen vegetables. God bless co-codamol! God bless Maud’s ice cream! But then I remembered the missing ingredient. Prayer. While Fionnuala had prayed with me for my foot to heal I had inwardly muttered that God had put the brakes on my running career for a reason. 

I had felt a bit lost. Deflated. Why had God taken running from me? Was it a punishment? Had it become an idol in my life that I had valued above him, my family, my work? Was he putting me once and for all on the running scrap heap? Paying me back for the ego fuelled Instagram years when my running account had accumulated thousands of followers. While simultaneously pumping my ego and draining my soul. 

But prayer had been answered. I had been healed. My tiny brain could come up with no other explanation than answered prayer. RICE had become PRICE. The situation continued to improve in the coming days. I was back at work two days later. Rather sheepishly I might add given my work colleagues had sent me a get well soon card the previous day.

And today, a week after I was crawling about the office floor in agony, I was walking around it pain free. When asked about it I just shrugged my shoulders and answered ‘It’s a miracle really.’ My colleagues nodded knowingly not realising that I actually meant what I said. This was a 100% ‘lowered through the ceiling, pick up your mat and go home’ moment. (Miracle aside how annoyed must the owner of that house have been when those blokes lowered their mate through his roof. I bet it was the last time they invited Jesus round for lunch).

‘Yes of course I will heal him, but I’m not footing the bill for that hole.’

I ran for the first time again this evening. Nothing special. Just a gentle 30 minute walk/run with my son and wife’s cousin. But it’s a start. A step towards 26.2 miles again. A step towards helping others and glorifying God. Through my running. For him, not me. Time to let go of the ego. 

A broken bone one week. And I’m blogging about running the next. Something I never thought I’d do again after screwing it up so massively the last time. But God believes in me and has a plan for me. It’s time to put my best foot forward (literally), run the race in faith and see where it takes me.

I’m nervous but excited. Broken bone? Torn ligaments? A small PRICE to pay….

1 JOHN 5:14 – This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

Have you ever experienced the healing power of God?

Or are you cynical about my story? Either way let me know?

Oh….and what’s your favourite ice cream?


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  1. I believe God healed you. I’m very happy for you and I know God will use your healing to honor him.

    Yes, I was recently healed by God, and like you, I was surprised. Not that he could do it, but that he chose to do it. I had an infection and the pills my doctor ordered made me so sick I could barely move. I got some oil and anointed myself (I hoped that was okay). The pain and infection left that day. I was so happy. Im v0ery thankful.

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  2. Praise God for His quick healing! Recently, God answered prayers for healing for my son, who was studying abroad. He was having chest pains and the next morning they were gone! God loves to answer our prayers in accordance of His will…why do I doubt when He answers so quickly? “Oh Lord, I believe…help my unbelief.” He is more than able! Enjoy the humor, too!

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  3. This is amazing. I had an experience of healing. I was born with cerebral palsy and have one leg shorter than the other. When I was at New Wine summer conference my leg grew. It was only when i fully handed my desire over and said “have your will God” that the miracle happened.
    I am now an aspiring runner too. But no where near your feat.
    My fave ice cream is strawberry cheesecake by a certain famous brand!

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  4. Awesome testimony. Thanks for sharing. These days, it seems difficult to use the “miracle” word. We worry that people will look at us like we saw Bigfoot, a UFO or Bigfoot being beamed down out of a UFO. But we need to gather the courage to speak out loud (and in our writing) what God has done.

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  5. Awesome testimony thank you for sharing! God is still in the healing business today have seen/heard of many in recent times.Not too many ice cream flavors I don’t like but i would have to say chocolate almond chip!

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  6. Dude, this is the coolest thing ever. I think God healed you. God does miraculous things all the time, so i wouldn’t be surprised. Thank you for sharing this!
    Also, my favorite ice cream is sherbert 🙂

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  7. Thank you for sharing. I can relate; knowing God can heal… asking for healing… and surprise when he heals you! Similar happened to me. I had polio as a child, which predominately paralyzed and atrophied my right shoulder. When I was 12 they fused my shoulder bones to my shoulder blade, hoping I could use those muscles to gain more use out of my arm. While still in my 20’s I started developing terrific pain in my shoulder each time the weather changed. And I was forewarned the pain would worsen as I got older. One night while at a Small Home Group Bible Study, the pain hit so bad I had to leave the room, I was in horrible agony and thinking, “Oh God! If the pain is this bad now, what am I going to stand it as I get older!” The thought was horrifying. And I was not very successful at holding back the tears, the pain was so bad.

    The hostess came to find me to see if something was wrong, so I explained. She then indeterminably said, “We need to pray for you,” and took me back to the group and explained while they gathered round to pray. I had been prayed for many times before. I always appreciated, and knew God could heal… but learned not to have expectations. It sounds terrible in a way, but I think you know what I mean. When the prayer stopped, I did feel better in spite of the pain and we continued with our lesson. My attention had been on our lesson for a while when I suddenly realized the pain was gone! Not lessened, but gone… as if it had never been.

    That was more than 40 years ago, and I’ve never had pain in that shoulder since. Doctors told me I was going to have serious pain… but God said, “No you’re not.” The shoulder paralysis and fusion remained… but not the pain. God works in mysterious ways…. but I am forever grateful for his mercy and compassion!

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  8. Healing Power of Jesus! Healing comes both physically and spiritually. Glad you have been healed physically. Thanks for stopping by my blog – looking forward to shared faith stories with both of you.

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