The Gospel According to Logan Paul 

Have you ever got a song in your head that drills through your skull and deep into the recesses of your brain in a never ending loop. One that lasts for hours, days, weeks. That drives you to the edge of sanity and then beyond. Leaving you a shell of your former self, a gibbering wreck.

It’s bad enough if it is a song that you used to love but grow to hate as it gnaws away relentlessly every waking moment of the day. But what if it is one that you despised from the start. But which digs it’s nails into your soul and drags you screaming to the fiery gates of Hell themselves. 

One such demonic dirge currently doing laps of my mind is ‘Help Me Help You’ by Logan Paul featuring Why Don’t We. A week ago I had no idea who the aforementioned Mr Paul was but thanks to our 10 year old daughter,Rebecca, and the joys of You Tube it has entered our lives for the foreseeable future. 

Logan Paul appears to have no discernible talent in the video. He can’t sing, dance or act. It therefore made total sense to find out that he has an online following of millions and probably earns more in a day than I do in a year. 

And on it goes. The lyrics can be best summed up by the fact that two lines rhyme with the words ‘clue’ and ‘scooby do’. Lennon & McCartney these people are not. But then they did give us ‘I Am The Walrus.’

A week of ‘Help Me Help You’ would break anyone. I’m sure the CIA are already in on the act and deploy it 24/7 at all of their interrogation facilities. Which of course don’t exist. Give me water boarding any day of the week over this living nightmare. 

But God speaks to us in a multitude of ways. And why utilise rousing worship music or even his small, quiet voice when there is crappy Z list bubble pop bilge to inflict on me, his obedient and humble servant. Isn’t it funny how God sometimes has to bludgeon you (lovingly) over the head in order to get your attention.

In the early part of this year I hit a major flat spot in my Christian journey. I stopped going to church, stopped reading the Bible, stopped most activities really. I was convinced God wasn’t listening and, even if he was, didn’t want to intervene as I slipped irrevocably back to a meaningless, secular experience. 

He didn’t care. And he wasn’t there. I wanted him to save me, to swoop down and lift me up from the trough of self pity and apathy I had slithered into. But thanks to wise counsel from some very experienced Christian friends and the loving encouragement and patience of my wife I began to read again, pray again and blog again.

God seemed near once more and my creative juices began to flow. I was getting back to my old self again. I even laughed at a television show the other day and Fionnuala remarked that she hadn’t heard me laugh like that in….well forever.

And I realised. Just like the sagely Mr. Paul sometimes you have to take the first step out of a situation in order for God to do the rest. That little mustard seed of faith is all you need for the mountain to move. Jesus often asked people seeking healing what they wanted. And when they were healed he didn’t help them to their feet. He told them to get up. 

Take that first step and he will do the rest. He can and will. But only if you take that initial leap of faith in order to help him help you – Stephen.

Jesus 1 Logan Paul 0….

Matthew 7:7-8 – Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.’

What’s the most annoying song which has stuck in your head?

Has God helped you today? 

Who is Logan Paul???

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  1. I love how Jesus will ANYTHING to reach us, and prick our spirit, saying, “Hey, wake up!” When I was about 14 or so I went on a women’s retreat with my mom, and the ladies of our church. On the way back home, for 24/7, this radio was playing “Don’t worry, be happy”. AND SINCE THEN, I have dreaded the phrase, let alone the song!

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  2. Also, that song is fun 🙂 This post reminds me that near the end of seminary, I too had retreated from church (ironic, right?) and the morning of graduation I woke up with “Suite Judy Blue Eyes” ( in my head. It was a song that I had a little familiarity with but couldn’t have told you the title to, prior to that morning, but sure enough after a quick google search of lyrics, that was the song stuck on full blast auto repeat in my head.

    I know that science cant really explain why a particular song is cued to play in our heads.Oh they try but still no completely clear rationale:

    Earlier in my life, I wouldn’t have hesitated to call that God or Spirit but as my faith grew, I suppose my doubts did too.

    At the moment, I file this one under the category of defying clear explanations and for now, I too, feel it to be a mustard seed.

    Another fab song for you:


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  3. 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, comes to mind. We sang that with our kids in the car. Good Christian parenting!

    Yes, it seems we need to take a step towards God before he will do the rest. I think it might be because one of the rules of engagement with God is, he needs our permission or faith, no matter how small. Not sure about that though.


  4. We all have setbacks and backslide. You admitted to doing so and that is a step in the right direction. You were honest and upfront with what you were going through and how you had backslidden in your walk with God. I admire you for being so honest and sincere. And I it’s great that you found your way back again to God who, I’m sure you know by now, is ALWAYS there for you …. even when you think He’s forgotten you. In fact He’s there with you especially at those times. Good to know you’re back on track and working through what you have going on. You have others that are remembering you in their prayers on a daily basis. My husband is going through MDS, which is a blood cancer, and it’s been rough but the good Lord has performed many miracles on him and our life. He found us an anonymous donor that agreed to pay for his shots a month or so ago, and then another donor who didn’t need her shots any longer and donated them to my husband’s treatment. Then we got reimbursed $180 (praise God) for an insurance bill from last year. These miracles were due to the efforts of the staff involved in my husband’s doctor’s office. You just don’t get that kind of treatment any more from any doctor. But we found a gem of a doctor and his office as well. So don’t ever stop believing that God isn’t there for you. He uses your weakest moments in life to prove to you that He is there and always has been and always will be. Hang in there. I feel strongly that God can do the same for you as well. 🙂


  5. I love seeing people find God in the most unlikely places. With a culture that constantly tries to define us, it’s a beautiful thing when God uses it to draw us in deeper instead – to speak truths in our lives and reveal himself.

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