I was in the office the other day when I overheard two colleagues talking about an upcoming social event. One spent several minutes elaborating about how they really did not want to attend before concluding ‘But I will probably go anyway.’ 

When the other one enquired as to why they were making this apparent u-turn the first colleague looked at them as if they were insane before answering FOMO ‘Aaaah’ replied their co-worker as the blindingly obvious dawned on them before the conversation meandered to another topic.

FOMO sounded to me like a new brand of yoghurt (now with bigger chunks) or a trendy work acronym that had somehow passed me by (Finance Officers Management Overview? First Office of Municipal Operations?) But I soon established that it simply stood for ‘fear of missing out.’

It’s that well known human trait of nosiness. We may attend 99 dull office parties and are adamant that never again will we endure the sight of Jim from Accounts drunkenly photocopying his backside or Patricia from IT being sick in a wastepaper bin. But come the next one we are faithfully in attendance just in case this is the one where something worthwhile occurs. We are afraid of missing out.

And we are all victims of it, myself included. From sports fans who turn up to watch their team despite a 20 game losing streak to the gambler who makes that one last bet despite the mound of beaten betting slips lying at their feet; from the teenager who clings onto an unhealthy friendship despite the constant bullying about her weight/looks/clothes to the addict who reaches for the pills/bottle/needle for that elusive ultimate high.

We are all afraid of missing out….

As a Christian I’m afraid of missing out too….on eternal life. But for all my many failings I’m ultimately in safe hands. For Jesus has already done everything required when he died the cruellest of deaths on a Roman cross. He died for my sins….and yours. And all you have to do is accept him as our Lord and Saviour. Our best friend who we can hand our worries over to.

So here’s the good news. No matter how messed up your life might be there is hope. There is happiness. There is a future in this life and beyond. All you have to do is say yes to Him and turn your back on the earthly addictions, struggles and temptations which have been dragging you down all these years.

Just say yes. Or are you afraid of missing out?

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life

Are you interested in Christianity? What is holding you back?

What is the worst office party you have ever been to? 

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  1. Wow! What a turnaround you’ve made. I hear it in your words in every blog you’ve written recently. It’s wonderful to see your disposition change so positively. Keep it up and keep sharing!


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