God Is Real

Today our guest blogger is a very special young lady who knocked us over the other week about a conversation she had at school. Our daughter, Rebecca. I will hand you over to her now….

Hi my name is Rebecca and I am 10 years old. I love playing football and I support Manchester United like my daddy. My favourite player is Marouane Fellaini because he is really good at headers and has curly hair like me.

 I think God is amazing, real and alive. One day at school a boy at my table said that God wasn’t real. I said that yes he was. The boy said no he wasn’t as you can’t see him and you only believe what you can see. I asked him then did he believe in air. He said yes. I asked him could he see air. He said no. I told him if you don’t believe in God and you can’t see him then how can you believe in air. I felt happy that I stood up for God.

Beauty and the Beast 

I read a lot of Christian literature about evangelism and talking confidently about your faith. But I have yet to come up with a better definition of the complex issue of faith. It’s about looking beyond the visible and trusting in the invisible.

Thank you God for our kids. Jesus spoke about how we had to become more like our children. Our little ones can teach us so much about our struggles with faith. They keep it simple. They trust. They believe. And they let God do the rest. 

Matthew 18:3 – Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Have you ever been asked to prove God exists? What was your response?

What have children taught you about your faith?

Who is your favourite sports star? 

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  1. Stephen, Kudos to Rebecca for her fine post and her willingness to tell others about her faith. I’m so thankful the Lord made the Gospel simple. My favorite sports star is Wil Meyers who plays baseball for the San Diego Padres. He’s also a believer in Jesus. Tom


      1. I follow the Chargers and they’re moving from San Diego to Los Angeles this year. My oldest son is also a Redskins fan while our youngest son likes the Giants. Unfortunately, neither of our sons, now grown men, have accepted Christ but we keep praying.


  2. Rebecca gave a lovely defense for God. What I usually say to people is, “Give God a chance. Talk to him and see what happens.” I think of the verse, “Taste, and see that the Lord is good.”


  3. God Bless Rebecca! What a blessing. I’ve never had anyone ask me to prove God is real, amazingly. I had never thought about it until you asked. I have had more conversations, than I can count with people who might question God but never any one who asked me to prove He is real.


  4. I love it when our kids stand up for Jesus! Great job Rebecca! You knew exactly how to respond. ☺🤗


  5. I’m impressed by Rebecca’s response, she should study Apologetics😂
    I don’t mind Fellaini either even though I’m a Chelsea fan.
    Favourite sports star, Kaká!


  6. Just remembered and wanted to say this. There’s an old joke in my country about a teacher who took his class outside and asked them to search the sky and see if they could find God. The students of course, said they couldn’t see God. Then the teacher concluded to them that it meant there was no God.
    Then a girl grabbed the teacher and pulled him down to her level, exposing his head. She then asked the class to search his head to see if there was a brain. The students said they couldn’t see one. So she concluded that their teacher had no brain.

    Well done there, atheistic logic usually just needs to be turned on its head to be revealed. I’m serious about you going for Apologetics, Rebecca.


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