Be Still 

One of the most popular and oft quoted verses in the Bible can be found in Psalm 46:10. It’s only eight words long but for millennia now it has given hope and comfort to millions of Christians across the globe. I want to talk a little bit about the first two words.

BE STILL….To me this suggests that we are perpetually in motion. Backwards, forwards, sideways. It doesn’t really matter. We humans tear through our lives at a thousand miles an hour. We don’t have time to listen to God. There is too much else to do. Too many distractions. Too much to worry about. Too many problems to overcome. And no matter how independent and self sufficient we are at some point it all gets too much.

We always seem to be searching for something. That elusive ‘missing ingredient’ that will somehow permanently satisfy us and satisfy our endless want. This invariably involves an idol. Money, food, relationships, drugs, exercise. The list is endless. And in isolation none of these ‘things’ are necessarily bad for us. In fact they can be very good for us. 

No, they become bad when they become a barrier between God and ourselves. When they replace him at the centre of our lives. When the noise of the world drowns out his small, quiet voice asking us to BE STILL.

Stop moving. Stop wanting. Stop searching. JUST STOP. Hand this need over to him. For he is ALL that we need, this craving, this emptiness that gnaws away inside of us. Because only when we stop and drown out the bewildering noise can we regain our focus and clarity. Regain our sanity.

Clarity as to where we must place him in our whirlwind existences. He is the eye in the hurricane of our lives. He is the sanctuary, the retreat, the safe place. All we have to do is BE STILL. Only then can we truly build a relationship with Jesus. Through prayer, study and worship. 

Only then can we get to know him. As our God. The one who ultimately matters.

Just be still.

What are you chasing in your life at the moment?

When were you last truly still before God?

How did you achieve this stillness?

11 thoughts on “Be Still 

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  1. Good advice, Stephan. People are always trying to fill their spiritual vacuum with something. Believers need to stop imitating the world and dwell on our fulfillment in Christ.

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  2. Easy in concept, difficult in practice! But excellent advice all the same. The world is unfettered clutter and endless noise- perhaps in stillness, that “still, small voice” will drown the other stuff out- true peace.


  3. I love this.

    Sometimes life is just so full of things we have to do.

    Sometimes I have to FORCE myself to make time to just be still. But when I do, things seem to go better.


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