A Different Story

In my last blog I mentioned that God spoke to me through dreams and one dream that I had years ago has been popping into my head a lot this week so after chatting to Stephen about it he thinks I should blog it because that is Stephen’s answer to everything these days since he’s got his writing mojo back!

I was brought up in the Catholic faith my mum had and still has a very strong faith. When I was about 5 or 6 we were going to mass on Palm Sunday and my mum told me that if you stand still during the Gospel that God would let a soul out of purgatory and into Heaven. Looking back at that now I know she told me that so that I wouldn’t get bored or fidget during mass, clever parenting. I used this parenting technique myself on our children and told them for years that if an ice cream van comes into the street with music playing that means that the ice cream isn’t nice and so they never asked for ice cream, I must pray for forgiveness for this. Getting back to my story sorry, for those of you that aren’t familiar with a Catholic Palm Sunday service for a young child it seems to last an eternity but there is a fun part and that is the congregation response which I used to enjoy and look forward to. I had heard a lot of stories about death and going to purgatory before you got to Heaven so I really wanted to help a soul get through the big pearly gates.

As a child we had the Saturday night ritual of getting bathed, hair washed and combed through with the big silver metal comb, on a Sunday my mum always dressed us in our best clothes for going to mass and she always wore her fur coat to mass which I loved. I would sit next to her and stroke her arm or rub my face on her arm just to feel the softness and comfort from the fur.

In my dream I was this young child again sitting alongside my mum in mass on Palm Sunday running my hand across the sleeve of her coat. Just as the priest was about to read the Gospel the roof of the church opened up and there was a white beaming light shining in and a huge staircase of light spiralled down in front of me. I felt somebody take my hand and bring me towards the staircase as I looked up at I saw it was a man and I knew it was Jesus and he said to me “Let me tell you a different story” and took me up the staircase with him.


I had this dream not long after I became a Christian when I was learning a lot about the Christian faith and was trying to break off the Catholic rituals that I had grew up in.

The one thing that I was shocked about was how easy it is to pray. I was brought up believing that you had to pray to Saints and dead relatives and you went to a priest every two weeks on a Saturday lunchtime and confessed your sins. There was always a middle man/woman that you had to go through to get your prayers put across.

Being a Christian to me is not about religious rituals, rules and regulations it is about the love that my Heavenly Father showers me with continuously, it’s a relationship that I have with my best friend Jesus who died for me so that I can live this life that I now live – THERE IS NO MIDDLE MAN. Being a Christian is so easy it’s so simple that even a child can understand it. If my children need something or want to speak to me I don’t have an assistant that they go through first to get to me they come directly to me I drop everything and listen to them. It’s the same with our Heavenly Father he doesn’t want us praying to anything or anybody else he is there waiting to hear from us, he wants to hear from us directly. It really is that simple.

Exodus 34 v 14
“You must worship no other gods, for the Lord, whose very name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about his relationship with you”


What is your favourite childhood memory?

Have you ever told a little fib to your children?

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    1. The joys of being a parent my grandmother told me that she found my aunt under the Christmas tree and for years and years I couldn’t understand why she had her Christmas tree up in August because that’s when my aunts birthday is, I was a very gullible child lol

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      1. LOL. That reminds me of my own gullibility as a child. In “The Wizard of OZ” the wicked witch upends the hour glass and tells Dorothy she has that much time to cooperate or else. As the sand was almost completely drained from the top portion, I nervously screamed at Dorothy to turn it over once again to buy herself another hour!!! That witch scared the daylights out of me!!!

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  1. I think my favorite childhood memory was playing paper dolls with my older sister. I loved the dream God gave you. I remember, as a child, I used to look up at the clouds and wonder if this was the day Jesus would come back.

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    1. I would still do that now when we used to drive into work in the mornings and the sun was coming up I always thought about the verse in Joel “The day of the Lord will soon arrive” and think it’s bound to be today the sky is so beautiful 😍

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  2. Great story and really important truth about our relationship with our heavenly father. He covets our attention. Equally important is identifying how he speaks to us. I am reminded of the scripture “My sheep hear my voice”.

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  3. I am so happy that we have direct access to our Father! Thank you for sharing your dream and this story. I’m not a parent yet but I remembered my parents giving me addition and subtraction math problems to solve while the pastor preached the sermon! And the funny thing about it was that I enjoyed doing those problems and asked my dad for more when I was finished!


  4. Fractured Faith, what a precious dream and a beautiful truth. Jesus tire the veil in two and gave us access as adopted children to our Good Good Father! Bless you with tremendous JOY on your journey!!


  5. I love this post, the first 11 yrs of my life I grew up in Catholic church too. I feel the same “The Love my Heavenly Father showers me with continuously, it’s a relationship that I have with my best friend Jesus who died for me so that I can live this life that I now live – THERE IS NO MIDDLE MAN.”
    I can talk to Jesus anywhere even in the Powder Room (I know! TMI).
    But thank you for sharing your dream.

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  6. Thanks for visiting my blog (On a Journey). I am happy for you two that your have found faith and a close relationship with God. I love your dream about the stairway toward the light. I believe God still communicates with us through out dreams, and I hope the message of the dream is clear to you.

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  7. It’s encouraging to hear of others who have a gift of dreams. The visions I had in my sleep led me to places that I knew others would not understand. Continue to be open to God speaking to you. Focus on your prayer life and watch your gift grow. Peace.

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