Calcification Of The Soul

Regular readers of the blog (Hi Mum) will know all about the foot injury I sustained while out running last month. The initial prognosis was an avulsion fracture of the cuboid bone in my left foot and torn ligaments. Dr. Google informed me that this could mean months out of action. Which seemed to bring to an end my dream of running a half marathon for charity on 21 June. Which is in 36 hours and 23 minutes to be precise. Not that I’m counting.

However as I write this I am preparing to go out on my final training plod before the big event tomorrow. Yes I’m running it. The foot is 100% again. No crutches. No pain. Prayers have been answered and I am going to do it, having been given the all-clear by my physiotherapist last week.

The reason? Well I truly believe that God played a huge part given the intense pain and discomfort I was in at the time. Rest and doing what the medical staff advised me to also undoubtedly ended. But there was a third reason.

The foot wasn’t broken.

When I was shown the initial x-ray there was, clear as day, a shadow adjacent to the bone. It was explained to me that this was a flake of bone that had been torn from my foot when the ankle ligament became detached. Sorry for the graphic detail here but it did look that way even to my uneducated eye.

Fast forward two weeks and the physiotherapist cheerfully informed me that the initial diagnosis had been inaccurate and the official verdict of the radiographer who had subsequently assessed the x-ray was no fracture. But then what was the mystery UFO (Unidentified Floating Object) that had shown up on the x-ray?

Turns out that when a tendon or ligament is overused (say by a middle aged man who should know better but still insists on running marathons) it becomes inflamed. Which can lead to the build-up of calcium salts in the relevant area. A bit like barnacles on the hull of a ship. It is called calcification.

How many times in your life have you felt broken? Unable to stand? Utterly helpless? In incredible pain? And I’m not talking physically broken. But mentally, emotionally, spiritually. You have hit rock bottom and can see no way out of the dark hole you have dug yourself into. 

You have allowed life to overwhelm you. Years of guilt, secrets, lies and regrets have steadily accumulated to the stage where you feel irrevocably broken and defeated. Calcification of the soul.

As a person I have been there. More than once. But when I decided to become a Christian four years ago God set to work removing all the grime and dirt that I had allowed to develop during my journey through life. He picked it all away. Not a pretty process but a necessary one.

Don’t get me wrong. I still mess up. It is a constant work in process. Like painting a massive road bridge that takes years to complete. Once they get to one end the painters have to go back to the other side and start all over again. 

God can remove all of the dirt. And when he shows us the x-ray we can see that there was no fracture. Our souls were not permanently broken. They just needed a little godly TLC.

You are not broken. You are loved. Just hand the junk over to God. Decalcify today….

Psalm 34:18 – The Lord is near to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Does the above message speak to you? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. There’s been times where I was drained and I always learn a lesson during those times. I am reminded that the Lord is always there for me to lean on and to give me a recharge. Thank you for sharing!


  2. I had a similar experience with a roller derby injury last year. Ripped my quad muscle so bad I actually vomited on the skate rink, the pain was that bad. Couldn’t walk and felt like I’d done some seriously bad damage. Went to the physio and they said it was a grade 3 tear or something like that. can’t remember the exact name but was pretty bad. They said it would probably take 6 weeks- 3 months to heal. I posted on some prayer and healing groups and asked people to send me good vibes etc. I also did my own prayer work and asked for healing. a week later things felt so much better and I went back to the physio and they couldn’t believe that I was walking almost like normal. they retracted their initial diagnosis and said they must have gotten it wrong. I know in myself that something really bad happened on that rink and that the power of prayer really made a difference. I’m wondering if a similar thing might have happened to you. thanks for you blog and sorry if I’m ranting on. best wishes


  3. What a blessing God healed you! And yes broken, and beaten many times until God saved me. The mess that I am. If He can do that for me, He can do it for everyone 🙂 I have to say, I laughed at your first line, regular readers of my blog(hi Mum) LOL God bless you 🙂

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  4. I broke my posterior tibial tendon five years back. I was training for a half marathon too. Unfortunately, it did not let me train or run the marathon. I was in constant pain for about a year. I went around from doctor to doctor, trying all kinds of therapy but nothing helped.I prayed, but my depression never let me believe. It put all my fitness plans on hold. It still hurts if I am not careful but at least the constant pain is gone and I can walk. I I am glad your injury healed quickly. I hope you run many more marathons!


  5. What a beautiful way of writing!! Jokes here and there; and suddenly it’s deep and meaningful, it’s spiritual. I’m gonna find myself thinking of answers to those questions in the middle of the night. God helps us through everything. It’s great to see people openly believing in God in a world that seems to be slowly eaten up by atheists.

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  6. You liked my Faith By Choice post and so I found yours. What a delight to see your faith bared before the world. It can be a scary thing, but God is honored by it. Don’t stop blogging! You are reaching people in Jesus’ name!
    Blessings – Vicki


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