Bin There Done That

Today was bin day. This is one of the few domestic chores that Fionnuala trusts me to do without (a) setting off the smoke alarm (b) seriously injuring myself and/or other family members or (c) incurring financial costs for damages in excess of the original expense of performing said task.

Having OCD I rather enjoy our waste disposal system. We have three wheelie bins. A black one for general waste, a green one for recyclables and a brown one for degadeable products. Today was ‘Big Daddy’ day, the black one.

A more organised and cautious man would ensure that the bin is put out the night before collection as our bin men (I mean refuge disposal operatives) descend upon our street early and at speed. Woe betide anyone who does not have their bin in place because, blink, and they are gone.

I have been caught out like this a number of times which has resulted in recriminations and much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Question? When was the last time you gnashed your teeth? Do you gnash regularly or are you merely a social gnasher? What gnashing technique do you currently deploy?

An overflowing bin is no party. Apart from the wrath of your spouse, they are smelly, untidy and unhygienic. Then why do I keep taking a chance by not leaving it out the night before but instead leaving it to the following morning with all its inherent risks?

Much as I would like to see myself as a rule flaunting maverick it is probably more to do with the fact that I am a bit lazy and at the end of a long day cannot face the Herculean task of wheeling a bin the staggering distance of thirty yards from the back of the house to the front of the house.

In the same way our emotional bins need regularly emptied. Of all the mental junk that we accumulate during an average week. The anger, guilt, jealousy, unforgiveness and hate that eat away at us from the inside out and poison our thoughts and words if left untended.

An overflowing emotional bin ultimately leads to depression, despair and incalculable hurt to yourself and those close to you. As followers of Jesus we cannot be transformed more to his likeness if we don’t regularly attend to this matter. Through prayer, worship, study and having the right people in place around you who you can regularly unload to.

In order to foster a healthy mind and healthy relationships every day needs to be bin day. Otherwise life is just rubbish.

How many bins do you have?

When did you last empty your emotional bin?

Is gnashing and wailing past it’s sell by date?

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  1. Just yesterday, my church held its monthly praise night. I’m a member of the choir and I’ve gained a reputation for being very exuberant during such sessions to the point where I was called a child by a fellow member. So we began belting out some songs and everyone was dancing, everyone but me. You see, I had just recalled that insult and while everyone was praising God, I was brooding on how I was thought of as a child because I praise God my way. And my evening was ruined just because of bitterness. I appreciate your showing me that keeping such garbage with me will only poison my thoughts.

    I have just one bin though😅 My mom, dad, sister and I throw all kinds of stuff in it and when it’s full, we throw it out😅

    And no, we do a lot of gnashing and wailing where I come from😂


  2. I love the lines about the teeth gnashing.

    Do others have that one bin that somehow gets overlooked on trash collection day? Ours is in the office. It fills slowly and only with paper so it could be months before I remember to empty it. I bet you could find letters and direct mail and coupons and old to do lists from ancient times in there. Some trash is hard to let go of, even if you know it’s trash and even if you desperately want to clear it away.

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  3. I try to empty out my bins every single day. This is why I spend time with God in prayer and in his word every morning. This allows me to empty out my bins and take up my cross daily!


  4. I, too, have my husband handle the garbage duty! We have two bins… one for garbage and one for recycling. Unfortunately, when we was in the Army and deployed, it ended up being my job. And there were many mornings that I would be out in my bathrobe dragging the bins out as the truck was coming down the road!!!


  5. Good advice. I had a doozy of a fight with my lovely bride just this morning! Why can’t she be more rational!!! Yup, sometimes I forget to take the bins to the curb the night before and I end up gnashing my teeth quite a bit the following morning when I hear the trucks driving away.


  6. I throw all my regrets, and dark memories, and personal hurts and abuse, into the big black one and you know what? God empties my trash for me! I love the humour in the way you write. Thanks for reading my blog too.


  7. Some days not at all, but then other days I catch myself wailing and gnashing my teeth. Thank God I catch it early on now(that use to not be the case. If there was a sport of wailing, gnashing, and grumbling, I would have been an Olympic gold medalist) and say I am sorry, sorry for being ungrateful and start thanking God for all He has, and does for me daily. Great post. God Bless you 🙂


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