The Underbelly 

Mental health issues are at epidemic levels in the modern world today. Life is lived at a frenetic pace. The noise surrounding us is deafening. The distractions and pitfalls are endless. We rarely allow ourselves to switch off. The pressure is crushing and unrelenting. It is little wonder, therefore, that many of us crack and crumble under the strain of it all. 

When we started this account back in May I ‘tagged’ a number of blogging categories to focus on. I have struggled with depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) for most of my life. I have been plagued by intrusive, negative and obsessive thought patterns. It is only through my faith and my family that I have muddled through. Just.

When I started to read other blog posts under headings such as ‘depression’, ‘addiction’ and ‘suicide’ I was staggered by the number of damaged and hurting people on WordPress. For some it is the only place where they can pour out the extent of their pain and desperation. Many blog anonymously unable to reveal their scars to the real world. For others, writing is therapy. They literally write to survive.

They are the underbelly of social media. Beyond the selfies and the perfect lives are the sick, the broken and the helpless. Writing about cutting, purging and so much worse. We need to reach out to them. To show them we care. To show them a ray of love in a bloated, ugly world. 

So today I challenge you to add one of the following tags, find someone and engage with them. Even if it is only a ❤️ or 🙏🏻 emoji. Talk to them. Pray for them. Just show them they matter and that someone cares:

Suicide, Depression, OCD, Anxiety, Bulimia, Addiction, Alcoholism, Sobriety, Anorexia 

Thank you


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  1. I am so glad that someone else has finally said something about this besides me! It’s sad how depression, suicide, self-harm, and numerous other mental illnesses are like an epidemic today. I always use “depression” as a tag for my posts, even if the specific post doesn’t have anything particularly to do with depression. People just need to know that there are other people like them and that they aren’t alone.

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  2. I am one of those anonymous writers, in my real life I try to pretend everything is ok when I leave the house – when I’m home I sit in my living room curtains closed keeping the outside from coming in and invading my life. My OCD makes me feel like outside air is contaminated.

    I feel so grateful to have your blog not only do you understand the struggle but you understand it as a Christian- and that as a Christian it’s hard not to feel guilty for not “giving it all to God” because I’ve screamed to take it. But He has me here for a reason.

    Anyway thank you for this post it made me feel a little less lonely.

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  3. “They are the underbelly of social media. Beyond the selfies and the perfect lives are the sick, the broken and the helpless.”
    So well put, so true and thought provoking. I look forward to reading more of your posts and helping each other along.


  4. I was shocked as well. I’ve gone through my journey, but I’m not in the shoes of others. For what I can offer as a writer, I want to keep trying and reach out. : ) Peace be still, and thank you for your encouragement to keep reaching out!

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      1. I think you are doing amazing as a writer. I actually struggled learning “proper” grammar, writing in classes. I’m more so self taught. So what helped me grow was when I started working on my novels. God really spoke to me as a writer. Giving Him my ideas, asking Him to speak through my writing, and guide my hand as I write. I feel so lowly in comparison to writers, so I don’t know how much help I can be. But just keep your heart, and your pen honest. I really enjoy reading your posts, keep doing what are you doing. Also, read other Christian writers, see what you enjoy, and see how you could apply those techniques/ideas to your writing. Every small step leads you closer to the end goal. : )

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