Mr Mop

Fionnuala returns home today from two days away in London at a family wedding. I dutifully stayed behind to mind the kids while she swanned off to enjoy herself in the big smoke. She had better bring me back a good present.

Saying that we have had a good time. Yesterday the four of us went to a Family Day at the Kingspan Stadium in Belfast where we met the Ulster Rugby squad. The kids got loads of photos and autographs with the players and there were loads of other other things to do including face painting, bouncy castles and of course food.

Lots of food. Chocolate and marshmallow crepes, ice cream and then burgers & chips when we got home. It was party central but I woke up this morning knowing that the boss lady was on her way home. And I didn’t want to feel the wrath of her tongue if she walked in tbe front door with the house looking like a bomb had hit it.

So this morning was a flurry of activity on my part. Washing dishes, sweeping floors and emptying bins to name but a few chores. The washing machine has been constantly on and the clothes horses are fully loaded. And all the while chasing after the kids who have the uncanny ability to trash a room within five minutes of entering it. I haven’t stopped. Do I get a medal ladies?

I know that I am a man and, as such, my standards of  cleanliness and tidiness are well beneath those of my wife. No matter how much I mop and polish she will always find something. An overlooked dusty shelf, a grimy plate or a dirty t-shirt. I do my best, I try really hard but I will never reach the level that Fionnuala sets. But I know that she will appreciate the thought and the effort. And that she still loves me despite my amateur housework.

Our Christian lives are a bit like that. We try to keep our houses in order. We love others, we give generously and show mercy and grace wherever we go. We study, pray and worship and place God at the centre of our lives. We follow Jesus and his teachings and aspire to be beacons of light and hope in a dark, scary world. We forgive others, turn our cheeks and pray for our enemies. 

But no matter how hard we try we will never attain the standards set by God. We fall woefully short and, as vigilant as we might be, will allow sinful thoughts and acts to stain our minds and our hearts. Every one of us has a dirty little corner of our lives that no spiritual spring clean can ever reach.

God knows this. He accepts it. Which is why he sent his only son, Jesus, to earth to die on the Cross as a sacrifice for our sins. And with that one act, the slate was wiped clean. We were made holy and pure before God, cleansed by the blood shed by Jesus. Our sins forgiven and forgotten. 

All that God asks is that we do our best once we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. We can never attain perfection but we can aspire towards it. We can love and care for others. Help the needy and desperate. Live a life where we make a difference and leave a legacy. So when the day comes and we stand before his throne we can do so with confidence. Confident that we did our very best and the ultimate prize awaits, that of eternal life.

Isaiah 1:18 – ‘Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like snow.’

Ladies – do the men in your life fall short when it comes to household duties?

Men – do the woman in your life ask too much? We do our best, right?

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  1. In my life, it’s not that my husband “falls short”, it’s that he excels at certain things – cleaning out and organizing the garage for instance. The man plays Tetris with boxes like none other! Mopping the floors for an other. That man can scrub a floor better than anyone I know! But don’t ever ask him to purge anything. That shirt from 1970 with the stains and holes in it – THAT cannot go ANYWHERE nor can it be used for some alternative purpose. It has MEANING and one day, the kids may appreciate that it was left behind. Now obviously I’m exaggerating, but only slightly. My whole point in answering the question you posed it to say that I believe God blessed me with my husband and He picked the perfect man for me. One who excels when I don’t; one who has skills that I don’t; and one who pushes and pulls me into growing into something more and better. So yeah, he “falls short” but that’s where I come in and fill in the gaps. Just as he does for me when the roles are reversed.

    And for the record, thank you for what you write. I enjoy your words and the thinking they provoke immensely 😊

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    1. Hi there ! Not sure which of you came for a visit to my blog, Reflections of a Secular Franciscan , Thank you for coming over for a visit ! always nice when a fellow blogger drops over likes what you have written.. I will pop back over on occasion for a visit.. Peace be with you !

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    1. So true in my household too. I tell people that God didn’t create me as a domestic godness! I do what I need to do and can do, but hubby and I are a team so we share the tasks. I’m truly blessed to have him in my life. I always cringe when women moan about their partners and lack of housekeeping skills. Maybe, there needs to be a bit of give and take?

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  2. to fall short of being the good child of God, I do this a hundred times a day 🙂 probably before breakfast 🙂 Thank God He is patient and loving. I don’t think hubby falls short on housework. I do more of it because I am home 🙂 But if sick or away, he does it, and does it well. God Bless 🙂

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  3. We cannot obtain the perfection of the this world’s definition. No, the measures we try to give ourselves are always too high to reach above our heads. But scripture encourages us it is possible to obtain Christian perfection, which is Christian maturity. I do believe we will always have something new to grow from, and achieve in a walk with Christ. Humility, for example, doesn’t have a limit. We can always keep growing. And that’s a really positive and promising gift from Christ. He is the True Vine, and we are His branches. God will prune us so we continue to grow. : )

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  4. Earlier today my husband said to me, “I did the dishes!” As I had no desire to squash his enthusiasm or the possibility of his doing them again (five minutes later when they all magically reappear), I said, “I saw that and thank you baby!” What I actually wanted to say was, “Woo hoo for me. I’ll call the press and order your trophy after I get off that call.” (But I’m still glad that he washed the darn things, and I’m sure your crew is thankful you did, too.) (Also be sure to check the mail regularly. Your trophy should arrive any day now.) 😝

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  5. I am very comfortable with house chores, especially doing the laundry and dishes. I also help out with cooking too. But my wife does better in cleaning and setting up the house among other things. I think the important thing is being mutually supportive. Also, if we reflect on how much God has been patient and faithful with us, it will help us to be more understanding and accommodating. Love is all. Do have a great week ahead.


  6. Love this! The parallels between god and chores fits perfectly, except with faith we get Grace and I have no such helper with housework. My husband and I are in our second year of marriage and still working towards balance. I genuinely appreciate his efforts and am sure to notice and praise each contribution. But women just seem to attract the primary responsibilities of home keeping. Sigh.


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