The Twinge

Last night I was ready to rock in front of the television in my Washington Redskins t-shirt and Peppa Pig pyjama bottoms (I know I’m quite the catch) when Fionnuala received a text. We had recently treated ourselves to a super comfy leather sofa and I have been working hard developing a new ‘butt groove’ following the sad recent departure of the Twirly Chair (RIP).

It was our son Adam who, applying the wisdom and logic that only a 15 year old boy can, decided (without telling us) to go to a friend’s house and race quad bikes around a muddy field. In a pair of shorts. Now resembling a swamp monster he was expecting one of his long suffering parents to come and collect him. And as in one of them, I mean me.

It was akin to snatching a glass of ice cold water from the cracked, parched lips of a man dying of thirst. My dreams of an evening in front of a box set were dashed, snatched away from me at the 11th hour. I reacted as any nature, intelligent forty seven year old man would. I threw a massive tantrum. 

I pouted. I snarled. I winged to Fionnuala about how selfish Adam was to expect me to put my hard earned Saturday night on hold in order to provide a taxi service for him. Fionnuala was as understanding and sympathetic as ever ‘Wait until he’s eighteen. Then he will be phoning you at 2am to pick him up from outside some club.’ Harrumphing (is that even a word?) and muttering I changed (I did consider keeping the whole Peppa Pig thang going but what would the neighbours think), got into the car and headed off into the dead of night.

By dead of night I exaggerate ever so slightly as it was only 9pm and still daylight. But I reserve the right to exaggerate when in mid-flounce. As I crouched over the steering wheel, griping to myself in true Dick Dastardly style, I rehearsed the piece of my mind that I was going to serve up to my errant son upon collecting him. We were going to have a serious father-son conversation where I was going to lay down a few home truths about boundaries and responsibility.

Then I felt a twinge. All week I had been experiencing a niggle in my right knee as I have upped my running distances. 95% of the time it would be fine then a sharp pain would shoot into my kneecap before disappearing just as suddenly again. It was more annoying than anything but it was always lurking at the back of my mind when I set out an a run. It was a hindrance, a niggle; a twinge.

This twinge, however, was in my heart and not my knee. A twinge of the conscience. That undefinable quality that sets us apart from all the other species on the planet. The ability to differentiate between right and wrong. I realised that I over reacted (just a tad) when Adam had asked for a lift home. Who was being the selfish one really? Him for wanting to harmlessly hang out with his friends on a Saturday night? Or me for neglecting my parental duties which involved putting on a pair of jeans and driving the grand total of two miles to pick him up?

Thank God for twinges. Be they physical or spiritual. They are a warning sign. That there might be a bigger problem brewing if we do not deal promptly with the matter at hand. With regards my knee it might involve easing back on my mileage or a visit to my doctor. With regards my conscience it entailed biting my lip and displaying a grateful and willing heart as I drove to collect Adam. Children are a blessing. To be celebrated and not winged about. 

What is your favourite item of loungewear that should never see the light of day?

When was the last time you had a twinge of conscience? How did you respond to it?

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  1. Great post, first off. I have these really big, soft lunge pants from target. I love them. I’m in them now……but I had coffee with friends the other day, and I feel. Dry bad about how I came across in a conversation, and I didn’t correctly state my point because I was too eager to spit it out, instead of taking my time. I think my friends think less of me, and I issued an, I didn’t mean to come across like that text…..but it’s still making me feel bad.


  2. I have a one piece Yoda pajama suit AND a one piece Grumpy Bear pajama suit that I am very proud to just hang around the house at night. The family just shake their heads at me and chuckle. My oldest dared me to go to the store in either of them one day but.. I just couldn’t. Nope. Not happening. I love those pajamas, but not enough to wear in public!

    As for twinges of conscience… I have far too many of those with my boys. Times where I’m lucky enough to reign myself in before I regret what I was about to say or do and times when I need to apologize. The most recent being with homeschooling my oldest and realizing that I had set the bar too high and put the pressure on to succeed too much. This year I involved him more in the planning phase so hopefully he won’t become as overwhelmed.


  3. Wonderful post- love the description. And, what can I say? I’ve received those calls tens of times over 30 years. Twinges are good. We’re human and we’re tired but we love our kids to pieces after all, don’t we?


  4. It is awesome he has friends so close by. The older you get, the harder it is to spend time with friends like you can when you’re younger. I’m glad you were able to think over your thoughts before he got in the car. It just saves something you might regret later.

    I’ve been there. I get upset over something, and I try to think about how true are my feelings compared to the reality of the situation. Some days I do better than others.

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  5. As I watch lots of good British shows here on BBC America or PBS I now lovingly call my “jammies” my jim jams! So for me it is my jim jams – nice worn night gowns and if it is cold enough a comfy robe wrapped in a soft warm blanket! My twinge of conscience was Saturday actually – and God promptly took me to task – gave me a hug and His encouraging Word and an important lesson to keep with me. God is awesome, loving, merciful and forgiving. Even His rebukes are gentle.


    1. Indeed he is. Yes we I get jim jams although I spend much of my time watching American shows. The new series of ‘Victoria’ was aired in the U.K. last night. I’m sure you will be delighted to see it back. 😊


  6. I found the post entertaining. I like the way you end the post with questions an amusing one and one that causes your reader to stop and think. I have twinges of conscience less often than before because I am working on being less selfish but I am glad, like you, God convicts me before I say something I will regret. Good piece.


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