Declutter Your Heart

For several years now (or has it been decades?) Fionnuala has been gently encouraging (but most definitely not nagging) me to clear out our garage. Now by clear out I do not mean a quick tidy up and maybe the odd item for the rubbish (garbage) dump. Oh no. My initial objective was being able to clear enough space to be able to actually get into said place in order to confront the four foot wall of junk that covered every available inch of it.

‘Dictionary definition of a garage – ‘A building for storing a motor vehicle or vehicles.’

Yeah right. The last time one of our cars was in the garage was about 2012. In a land before Donald Trump, Brexit and Leicester City winning the English Premiership. Our current vehicle has never experienced the warm glow of the interior of a garage. No, it sits on the driveway and stares wistfully at the building that could have been its home. Now home to the biggest collection of junk this side of the Irish Sea.

It was with some trepidation therefore that I faced this Herculean task. I had taken the week off work so at least appreciated it was no quick fix. My strategy was a simple, yet I hoped, effective one. This had to be progressed one step at a time. In bite sized chunks. Interspersed with regular breaks for Diet Coke and much head scratching. Slow and steady wins the race was the philosophy I hoped would guide me through this ordeal. I mean delightful domestic chore.

Once I had actually gained access to it (hurdling bags of fertiliser and a disembodied gazebo in the process) initial momentum was painfully slow. There were a few high pitched squeals on my part when I thought I saw a mouse but thankfully they were false alarms. Otherwise you wouldn’t have seen me for dust. Inch by inch I cleared sufficient space in order to swing a very small cat. Which I supposed would at least have come in useful if Mr. Mouse did show up.

If I had been hoping for an Aladdin’s Cave of hidden treasures I was to be sorely disappointed. Bag after bag of discarded debris was gathered up, loaded into the back of our van and conveyed to the council dump. By the end of it I was on first name terms with the workers there. There were no long lost family heirlooms that would secure us financially for the rest of our days. I retrieved a grand total of 13 pence and a couple of dirty euros. They earned more on the gulags.

What did I discover then that has merited this post? Well, firstly memories. My two days of hard labour were a trip down memory lane as I unearthed endless blasts from the past. There were good ones (I relived many a Christmas of old as I discovered dozens of toys that the kids had long outgrown), not so good ones (the number of empty beer bottles I found was embarrassingly high) and bizarre ones (too many dodgy CD’s to mention. 

Secondly the sense of achievement. I know I will never be DIY Dad of the Year, and that this was the most unskilled of unskilled labour, but I did feel pleased with myself when I gazed upon the clear floor space of afterwards. Rebecca now has somewhere safe and dry to store her bicycle. Adam is going to turn part of it into a gym. There is even talk of converting it into a study for me. Sorry faithful van but it looks like you’re staying on the driveway.

And finally I think I learnt something. How often do we allow our hearts to become cluttered with junk. Perceived wrongs, pain and anger that we just cannot let go of, long standing grudges where we can no longer even recall their origin. We are unable to navigate them as our arteries become clogged with unforgiveness, bitterness and hatred. And just like my garage was unable to perform the role for which it was originally built (to store a motor vehicle) so our hearts cannot do what God originally created them for – to care for, to give without thinking. To love. 

I know my heart is long overdue a spring clean. I need to spend time taking stock of what is inside it and throw out the hurtful junk that prevents me from becoming a better person. A person who can make a difference and leave a lasting legacy. The person I was created to be. What about you?

Matthew 5:8 – ‘Blessed are the pure in heart. For they shall will God.’

What do you store in your garage or shed? Garden tools? Endless tonnes of junk? Or heaven forbid a motor vehicle?

What is the most bizarre or valuable item you have found during a spring clean?

When did you last declutter your heart?

16 thoughts on “Declutter Your Heart

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  1. Wonderful question!!! And a very entertaining read. I’m currently to do some spring cleaning in my heart and your post encouraged me to continue. Thank you for sharing


  2. Great post! Using a garage as an example for our heart fits nicely. It’s a part of our soul that is well needed, however, we do not always show it the attention we need to give. Carelessly pushing it to the back corner. I really enjoyed it. I’m working on the prayer part of my heart currently. 🙂


  3. Well done on tackling the garage! I noticed you wrote about tackling that task bit by bit, and taking regular breaks- perhaps we need to do that with life. My heart isn’t cluttered but broken from hurt linked to my ex partner, I still haven’t had closure from the trauma of him leaving me out of the blue and abuse he caused to me, sometimes I let it affect my happy relationship now. I feel angry and bitter, perhaps I need to let it go to allow myself to fully heal. All the best to you, Amy Belle.


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