Rebecca is now a Year 7 in her primary school meaning that she is officially a ‘big girl’. On their first day back after the summer holidays their new teacher gave them a talk on the duties that this high office now held. They had to act responsibly and set an example to the younger children. Tasks included litter collection, mentoring the Year 1 pupils, distribution of break time fruit and so on. I was exhausted just reading it.

When she came home that day Rebecca stressed to us the importance of her new position and how responsible she had to behave from now on. We christened her ‘Little Miss Responsibility’ and queried did this new found vigour extend to keeping her room tidy, adhering to the washing up rota and not bickering with her brother and sister. She wasn’t so sure about these but 100% about the school stuff. She would figure the rest out later. 

The kids get the responsibility message rammed down their throats at home, school and pretty much everywhere else from an early age. But do we, as supposed adults, practice what we preach? I, for one, know that I have been a massive hypocrite in this respect. I shout at the children for not completing their household chores but how many times, in recent years, have I neglected my responsibilities as a father and husband? I know it would be a long list.

The word ‘hypocrite’ has its origins in the Greek word ‘hupokrites’ meaning actor. How much of our adult lives are an act? Putting on a performance in order to fool the world that we are great people and that everything is just fine and dandy. When in reality it is just a facade, a front, a futile attempt to hide our inadequacies from ourselves and our loved ones. I am guilty of this on so many fronts. How about you?

I believe our first responsibility as ‘grown ups’ is to be honest to ourselves about these flaws and imperfections. It is only when we do so that we can identify weaknesses and vulnerable areas of our lives where we need to improve. We need to expose the murky corners of our hearts to the light. This may be a painful experience initially but in the long-term it will lead to recovery and healing. It will lead to a better quality of life. 

Life is not a performance. It is real. There are no dress rehearsals. You only get one shot at it. If you want to make a difference in your time on this planet your first responsibility must be to be honest with yourself. Brutally honest. By becoming better people we can then start to focus on our responsibilities to our families, our friends and most importantly to God. For, no matter how good an act we put on, he sees the real us. Our ultimate responsibility is to Him.

How hypocritical do you feel today?

How do you think you can become a more responsible ‘grown up’?

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  1. Your honesty is so refreshing! Amazing read. I agree with you, our first responsibility is to be honest with ourselves. I figured out for myself that I take responsibilities whenever I let my heart speak to me, even if it’s for small things such as cleaning out my closet. When I’m connected to myself and feel why I want to do something I will live up to it and do it. Whenever, on the other hand, my head tries to dictate my daily life I often find myself in the “I-should-but-still-didn’t-circle” 😊


  2. To fail and be transparent and honest with yourself, others and God is growth. To fail and pretend you didn’t is hypocrisy. Lying about who I really am is perhaps the most damaging of all lies. Great post again today!


      1. 😉 If I’m being honest about it :):) unworthy, hypocritical, hard headed :):) But God is full of a level of patience that I can’t comprehend. He is so loving to be in front of me, fighting for me. Then there are the times where I see Him standing beside me, looking at me, shaking His head. When He’s in front, I am willing, and things are so easy. When He is beside me, I am doing it all, and just consulting with Him, and things are so much more difficult 😉 because I am sooooo efficient at handling life (dripping with sarcasm here) One would think I would learn but there’s the hard headed. I keep leaning on my own understanding :):) He is helping me though, it’s more and more leaning on Him…more peace…more happy :):)


  3. Definitely enjoyed this piece. Too much truth and symbolism in hypocrite coming from the word meaning “actor”. So many times as Christians we are caught up in our own act. We “perform” the tasks. We “look” the part. But it’s break time and the audience catches a glimpse of who we really are.

    Would it be okay if I wrote a post about this? I’d like to mention in my post, I was inspired by yours. 🙂

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  4. I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. Though religion may not be my thing, you shine a light on things many people believe they are struggling with alone. How many times has someone said “do as I say, not as I do” to me as a child… It was frustrating growing up, but I find myself saying the same thing to children in my life…
    Thanks for the post!


    1. You’re welcome. I write the blog for everyone irrespective of their belief system. Yes I have a faith but I hope I speak to believers and non believers alike. We are all affected by the same issues. Thank you for your kind comments. They have really encouraged me. 😊

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  5. Well said. I am enjoying your blog posts, but as someone said, your questions are tough! I respect the fact you have faith and write about it here. It gives me hope. I am slowly finding my way back to faith after a deep struggle. Psalm 23 is one of my favorite Bible scriptures. It has gotten me through a lot in life.

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    1. Thank you. I’ve just read your story which was very moving. You have come through hard times and have walked through the valley of Death. I too come from a background of addictive behaviour, depression & OCD so know something of your walk. Please keep in touch. I’m on here every day to help you in any way I can. 🙏🏻😊


  6. I have to say I feel like a hypocrit a lot mostly because I am inconsistent I say things and then I do the opposite and then my little niece and nephew questions me as to why i did this or that when I told them xyz. xxx


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