We have been watching the news over the weekend as Hurricane Irma has battered Florida. As I wrote about in an earlier post we have been praying for the people in the affected areas and hope that the damage to life and property is kept to an absolute minimum. What has amazed me has been the indiscriminatory nature of the storm in addition to its unpredictability. 

The hurricane has shown no favour, irrespective of wealth or social status. It has  been as merciless in the affluent city of Naples as it has been in the poorer islands of the Caribbean. The healthiest bank balance means nothing to Irma. It will still destroy your home and uproot your dreams. It brings everyone it touches to the same base level, where survival is all that matters.

As disturbing as its power has been its unpredictability. It changes direction at a whim and the most gifted meteorologists have been left scratching their heads, their predictions and projections hopelessly inaccurate. They can estimate where Irma will strike next but never with 100% accuracy. The slightest ‘wobble’ can answer the prayers of one community but bring another into the destructive path of the storm. Miami ‘dodged the bullet’ whereas the west coast of Florida was exposed to a brutal assault.

I am reminded of my own addictive nature in the characteristics that Irma displays. Like a storm, addiction is indiscriminate. It will wreak havoc with your life no matter what your upbringing, education or job. It doesn’t care if you have 10 dollars or 10,000 dollars in your savings account. As long as there enough for that next drink, that next hit, that next high. It will take it all and leave you with nothing. 

Addiction is equally unpredictable. It can strike at any time. Life can be going just great moment and then BAM something happens and you are hooked and powerless in its grasp. Scrabbling for a grip as it drags you inexorably over the brink and down into the abyss. It can overwhelm the strongest of defences as if they were made of matchsticks . You will be tossed about in the wind like a scrap of paper.

My addictive tendencies towards alcohol and social media led to poor decision making and sinful actions. Behind them were a history of OCD and depression. I hid at the bottom of a beer glass or behind my online personality like a helpless Floridian takes refuge in a storm shelter. I viewed my addictions as my sanctuary from the storms of life. How wrong I was. The storms were instead being fuelled and fattened by my vices. I was helpless in the face of their strength and erratic nature. My enemy was within my defensive walls unbeknownst to me all along. An enemy within is the most dangerous enemy of all.

We went to church yesterday for the first time in several months and in the space of an hour God hit me with three ideas for blog posts. This is the first of them. During one of the songs the worship leader sang the following words over the congregation repeatedly as the music rose steadily to a crescendo – ‘When I feel like I am surrounded I am surrounded by you.’ Over and over in a loop. As if it were meant for my ears alone.

Today you might feel as if you are in the path of a raging storm. Helpless in the face of your own Irma. It could be addiction or mental health like I have struggled with. It could be physical, financial or a relationship issue. My message to you is that there is a way out. There is always hope where there is love. And love will overcome any storm. You just have to show an ounce of faith. And believe. 

All storms pass. When you are being battered surround yourself with hope. Love can overcome any storm. God is bigger than any storm.

Psalm 18:2 – ‘The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; My God, my strength, in whom I will trust; My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.’

I hope that this post has helped you in some way. I truly believe that I was meant to write it for someone today who is hurting. Please feel free to share your thoughts on it below. 

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  1. This is beautiful, thank you for sharing! I’ve been struggling with food addiction for many years and I really feel the image you painted with the comparison to the hurricane. Really helpful!

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  2. This really struck a chord deep within me. I love the authenticity and honesty you guys exude through your writing. This world needs more believers who are open about the realities of being human. ❤


  3. I’m just now catching up on missed blog posts because I had all my prayers & attention focused on Irma as my two oldest children ended up trapped in S. Florida and we’re in her massive line of fire….which as a parent makes you drop everything…get on your knees and beg God for mercy. Praise God the storm moved away and the town they were in was safe other than power outages – they are in one piece and not a scratch.

    I loved you perspective here, you have a really remarkable gift of taking everyday “life” and always spinning it around to point to our need for Christ! Great Post!


  4. Loved your words and perspective. Here in central Florida we were hit hard and as you state Irma did not discriminate. Everyone, race, color, creed, religion, wealth, all of it were affected. Luckly I only lost power for a few hours, while my husbands family lost power, along with my brother, so we opened up our home to them all and a few other neighbors. It is times like this that people’s true intentions come out and all. God’s blessings. Your post made me realize this, along with my addiction to myself above others and technology. Thank you and God bless


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