Ten Hours Straight

Fionnuala suggested we go to bed at 8 pm last night. And before you all start nudging one another and sniggering we are three and out when it comes to kids thank you very much. No we thought we would make the most of our tidy new bedroom (see previous post) by actually spending some time in it. Awake.

I decided to read a little on my Kindle while Fionnuala got caught up on one of her TV shows which she had started watching without me. Which is basically all her TV shows. I often hurry home excitedly to tell her about a new show I had heard about at work which we could watch together to be met with the standard response ‘Oh….I’m actually half way through the second season of that.’

All seemed well. I was reading. The television was on. I remember Fionnuala saying she was going to phone her mum (they had only spoken 27 times that day so it was well overdue) when next thing I heard her remarking ‘He’s fallen asleep already.’ I opened my eyes (which I had been merely resting momentarily) to challenge this scurrilous allegation before….promptly falling asleep again.

One thing led to another and next I knew it was 7 am tbe following morning. I had pretty much slept 10 hours straight. The last time I slept ten hours straight was after I had drank 10 pints of Budweiser straight. I don’t recall being quite as I refreshed when I woke up on that occasion but you live and you learn. I felt great! Lured downstairs by the aroma of sausages cooking I asked Fionnuala how long she had watched TV for. ‘Not long’ she replied ‘I couldn’t hear it over the sound of your snoring.’

I chose to overlook this blatant mistruth (it is well known that I do not snore. Just like I don’t fart. Or never, ever annoy my wonderful wife) and instead tried to fathom what had caused me to conk out in such spectacular fashion. It had been the usual busy week in the Black household but I couldn’t put my finger on any specific reason. I concluded it was just old age. Ten years ago I would have just been heading out for the night at 8 pm. Nowadays I head for Sleepyville, Population Me.

The world is a crazy, crazy place. Your average CNN weather forecast resembles a scene out of ‘The Day After Tomorrow.’ The United States and North Korean leaders are calling each other out like two punchdrunk heavyweight boxers trying to drum up interest in their next box office bout. And that’s besides the usual genocide, wars and famines that trundle along in the background.

As a human being this concerns me. Just like the homeless people I see in my daily walk to the office concerns me. My Bible tells me that I need to be seen as a light of the world, to set a positive example to others via my words and actions. But there I am on a Saturday night. Not helping out at a local homeless shelter. Not fundraising for the starving in Africa. Not even praying for my homeless buddies on an evening where the temperature threatens to dip below zero. No I’m snoring my head off in my comfortable, warm bed. Oblivious to it all.

The world was meant to have ended last night. If it had I doubt if I would have noticed. Yes I was physically tired which is understandable. But I need to shake out of the spiritual slumber I have been enveloped in of late. Zombie Christianity is pandemic throughout many churches. The happy, clappy types who talk a good fight on a Sunday morning but are nowhere to be seen when the chips are down. I don’t want to be like that. 

Better an angry, depressed, grumpy Christian than one who flaunts it like a designer label along with their Armani jeans or BMW car, yet is dead inside.  It is time to wake up and smell the coffee people. I hate coffee but the world still needs us.

Ephesians 5:14 – ‘Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light.’

Do you ever feel like you are shuffling through life like a zombie?

What are your tips for shaking off spiritual slumber?

When was the last time you slept ten hours straight?

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  1. Thanks for this post which says so much in the very mixed up world of ours.

    Many years ago, I lived in London and from my apartment’s window, I could see people sleeping rough in the doorway of a municipal building.

    Thank again for the challenge; however, I will go on loving coffee!


  2. I slept this past week for almost 14 hours. I never get more than 6 hours or so at a time but I was just “blah” and slept. I shake off that spiritual slumber with prayer, and fasting. God picks me up and sets me in the right direction. Great post, we need an awakening. God Bless you 🙂


  3. Must have slept for 10 hours straight around 4 or years ago. Do not even have small lay ins on my day off from work. Would love to but just cannot get my head round it anymore. Well done to you though great effort……


  4. I always look forward to your posts, friend, there is so much humility and humanity in them. My daughter will be seven in a couple weeks, so I would wager it’s been 7 years and three months since I last got more then 6 consecutive hours of sleep. Weird how our bodies can adapt to that sort of thing! I haven’t been a believer for very long, it was two years this July that I was saved. I spent more then a decade before that in church, playing Christian, never actually recognizing my desperate need for a savior. So maybe I haven’t been in the faith long enough to experience the Zombie stage, although I’ve been warned by many elders to watch for it. I have a family full of unbelievers who think I’ve gone off the deep end, that keeps me I a state of prayer and study. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. And the body of believers, even the fellowship here on WP, is a daily encouragement.
    I’m certain God gives us moments of refreshment, for times of spiritual of physical exhaustion to come. I’ll be praying for you, and your family. Continue to run the race brother!


  5. This was a sweet reminder today, and every so true! It’s around midnight where I am and I wish I could sleep for the next 10 hours straight. 🙂 I’m so glad you found my blog so I could find this wonderful ministry of yours. Keep waking up the Christian zombies of the world my friend!


  6. Thanks for noticing my post “Feelings About Feelings.” I wouldn’t worry too much about being tired and sleeping a lot, if it’s not a constant thing– in which case, check with a doctor. As far as reviving spiritual life, you might want to check out a little book titled, “To Love as God Loves,” by Roberta Bondi.


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