Thoughts And Prayers 

The news, as ever, has made pretty depressing viewing of late. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks and now the horrific events in Las Vegas. Some days I don’t want to step out of my front door. I just want to stay at home with Fionnuala and the kids close to me. Heartache and despair seem to be lurking behind every corner, waiting to sink their claws into your heart and tear you apart. 

At times like this I feel helpless. There seems little I can do to protect my loved ones from the world as it is today. I watch the news and hear the responses of world leaders to each breaking nightmare. A commonly used phrase is ‘our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families’. I hear it so often that the words mean nothing to me. Trite. Glib. Empty. Another day. Another meaningless soundbite.

Or is it? We are surrounded by these devastating tragedies. They dominate our social media timelines and work conversations. They are everywhere we go, constantly reminding us of the broken, bleeding world we inhabit. They occupy our every waking moment. Our thoughts are full of sorrow, pity and, dare I say it, relief that it didn’t impact upon our cosy bubble of life. This time.

Thoughts are just that however. Thoughts. It requires an act of will to turn them into actions. Something tangible and concrete. I can think about writing a blog all day long but until I take action and actually start writing then that blog is going to be nothing more than a fanciful idea in my head. Without action thoughts are nothing. And given the scale of the horrors we face doing nothing is simply not an acceptable option anymore. 

Some might say the same about prayers. They are pointless and achieve nothing. What more is a prayer than a wistful wish to a God who, even if he does exist, appears indifferent and distant to the needs of a desperate world. A God who allows famine and fear to reign unabated. Who allows disease and death to break bodies and hearts. Who allows bad men to do bad things. 

Prayer to a Christian, however, is more than just a whimsical desire. It is a positive act that can make a difference, which can effect change. It can move mountains….and molehills. There is nothing too insignificant or too insurmountable which cannot be addressed by prayer. It is communication in its purest form. And I can vouch that it attains results. For our prayers are heard by a loving God who cares for each and every one of us. Prayer works.

If you are feeling helpless today as the world self destructs then I encourage you to stop thinking and start acting. Prayer is action. It is the concrete that God uses to construct miracles with. It is the glue that holds our crushed communities together. It is the fuel that drives us forward towards a better life; for ourselves and others. It is spiritual oxygen and it is sorely needed across our lands as the world threatens to be suffocated by enveloping evil.

Stop thinking. Start praying. Please.

Mark 11:24 – ‘Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.’

If anyone requires prayer today then please ask us. We would be happy to pray for you and your loved ones.

Published by Fractured Faith Blog

We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

29 thoughts on “Thoughts And Prayers 

  1. Great post. I agree. Prayer is both a reliable tool and a powerful weapon. Prayer is action. Granted, there are likely additional actions we need to take to help those around us, but one of the things we should be doing alongside those things is praying.


  2. This is so true! The world is a scary place and we remind ourselves to fear not, He told us this will happen before His return. So come, Jesus. And may we (the Church) rise up and be about His business and heart for the lost. I appreciate your blog.


  3. Powerful message, please I will need your prayers. Am very weak when I get tempted to resist it. I feel guilty but remembered am saved by Grace through my Lord Jesus Christ. I say no to condemnation. Will appreciate your prayers in my life. And also for my place of work which God has given me, divine intervention!! Bless you very much


  4. This is so very true. Thank you for this post. I would appreciate it very much if you would pray for my Nana, who is having trouble with vertigo, and my Papa, who is limping really badly and won’t have surgery till November. By the way, congrats on your number of followers! 🙏❤😊

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  5. I am not a Christian anymore (recent agnostic), but I still admire and respect people of faith. Your post gave me something I have missed in a long time: hope. I also saw that you guys liked my “Triple Threat: Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia” post, so thanks for reading! I hope you guys have a good day! Blessings!


  6. Absolutely! And never underestimate how powerful it is to draw close to God through prayer – the closer we get to him the further we get from fear and anxieties. Great post! I just said a prayer for you guys too!


  7. I have always detested religion, because religion is politics and it is designed to control, let alone how it has been used to harm millions throughout history and to this day.

    However, the spiritual side of faith, whether you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Agnostic, Atheist or any other path is extremely important. I recognise that prayer is no different from sending positive thoughts, light, energy, vibes or whatever you call it.

    I think the reason that someone saying “my thoughts and prayers….” has lost its meaning is because it often comes from the mouths of those in a position to do something but they never do, in particular politicians.


  8. Praying with you over the many heart wrenching tragedies that have happened, and continue to do. How much more must God’s heart break just to see us choose our way, knowing that our choice will bring the consequence He can foresee.
    Praise His name for mercy and grace, and a Spirit that is willing to nag and nag, to save us from ourselves.

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