I’m Walking On The Air

The marathon is now only 18 days away and I had my final long run on Saturday. 21 miles on a dry, sunny and still morning. Ideal running conditions. I can handle rain but the wind is an enemy of the runner. It can wreak havoc with the best laid pacing plans. I set off in a hopeful frame of mind my intention, as ever, to remain under the 9:09 minute mile pace I need to average in order to run a sub 4 hour marathon.

The other week Fionnuala purchased me a brand new pair of Nike Air trainers to break in for the big day. I sadly had to retire my old pair at Nike which had served me well but were now on their last legs if you pardon the pun. They were literally falling apart and the soles were so worn down that it was akin to running on cardboard. They had to go so were consigned to the garage where they would live out their retirement along with the garden furniture and other odds and ends.

It is fair to say that the new Nike have been a revelation. I had a bad summer running wise due to illness and injury but was slowly building up my distance and times in preparation for the marathon. However I was nowhere near the levels I had run previously. With the arrival of the new trainers, however, I began to fly again. My times started to plummet. I felt fitter and faster. Coincidence or not, my confidence soared again and I put it all down to my new foot furniture.

The thick, cushioned soles made me feel as if I was running on air. Without the flying snowman and falsetto singing. I bounced along like an astronaut on the moon. It was like somebody had attached springs to the soles of my feet. I felt like Inspector Gadget. The 21 mile run went ridiculously well as a result. I finished with a 8:17 mile average, well within my target pace. Part of me wished the marathon was then as I truly believed I could have kept going and completed the distance well under my 4 hour target. 

All thanks to a new set of soles. Wouldn’t it be great if we could discard everything as easily as that. Unfortunately we only get one mind, one heart and one chance at life. And they can get battered and bruised beyond recognition. We can’t chuck them in the bin, though, and start over again. We have to make do with what we have and plod along often underachieving and missing out on the goals and targets we set ourselves along the way. Life has a nasty habit of chewing up dreams and spitting them out the other side.

Have I depressed you yet? Don’t worry the good news is that God does offer you a second chance. And a third chance and a seventeenth chance for that matter. He offers hope and a better life. All you have to do is reach out and accept the offer. He has an all singing, all dancing new set of running shoes for you. Just slip them on and you will feel like you never have before. Faster, stronger and ready to run the race of life like you never have before. Running forward into a future of Personal Bests.

We only get one shot at this race. So why turn down such an offer? Would Mo Farah line up for an Olympic final in a tatty old pair of running shoes when he could be sporting the finest that the boffins at Nike could offer? It’s a no brainer when you think of it that way. Which is kind of handy as many of us shuffle through life making decisions as if we don’t have one. A brain that is. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. I don’t like coffee but you get my drift.

I believe in the spiritual realms. I believe in angels and demons. Ghosts, ghouls, monsters call them what you like. And I believe in the Devil. He wants your soul and he will offer you all kinds of bright, shiny trinkets in order to attain it. We are incredibly naive and arrogant if we think we know everything there is to know about this universe. There is more than meets the eye. The eye deceives. Don’t be deceived by money, popularity or power. It’s a lie of the eye.

Why sell your soul to the Devil when Jesus is willing to upgrade the one you have. For free. And then you too can race towards the finish line instead of veering off track. For there lurk demons….

What is your favourite form of footwear?

Where is your soul at today?

Do you believe in angels and demons?

Published by Fractured Faith Blog

We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

26 thoughts on “I’m Walking On The Air

  1. Such wonderful words, conjuring up the feelings of elation and confidence that must be going through your mind.

    My faith has been tested many times in my life, yet I still believe. Yes, I believe in angels and demons in human form. Sometimes I believe myself to be subject to the influence of demons during my darker days, but my earth angel gives me faith and strength to battle their influence and break free.

    Today my soul is battered but recovering, learning that I may well be autistic has been quite a blow but explains a lot.

    Indeed, God does work in mysterious ways, but had given me this gift of logical thinking for a purpose. All I need to do now is figure it out in a logical way……

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  2. Hi, and as usual a wonderful read. This one I have decided have a little say on the question of ‘Do you believe in angels and demons?’ I was Catholic educated and grew up going to church 7 days a week so it was essential to believe. As I have matured and life has tested me I have decided that this concept is not as the Sisters of Mercy’s taught us but rather the deeds of people. The angels are those who do what is right without thought of payment, or what is in it for them. The demons are those we encounter that seem to think that the rest of us are here just to service them. I have no real answer for what the overall plan is but I think that whilst there are still people in the world that will stand up for those who can not defend themselves there is still hope.

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  3. Very well written. The analogy of a race is timeless. I do believe in angels and demons and the spiritual world around us. As the Bible says, Satan prowls looking for opportunities to devour us. He uses demons. God/Jesus wants us to be saved and is waiting for us to enter into a personal relationship with him. Angels are his messengers. Ever had that “spooky” feeling and then something bad happens, like a car accident or an injury or a shooting. We sense good and evil, but if we could see the spiritual realm around us, I think it would be a sight to behold. We would know how desperately God is fighting to save everyone of us. The goal is not to save our lives, since they are temporary for everyone regardless of situation, but to save our souls, which live for eternity. We give Satan and demons the edge when we live worldly/sinful lives. Back away from the temptations that separate you from God, and place your hope and trust in his eternal salvation, and I promise you will feel the mighty presence of angels as you allow them to surround you. Our lives may be taken, but not our souls. That’s what the spiritual battle is about. That’s really what life is about.

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  4. I very much believe in angels and demons. There is a spiritual side to this existence, and it affects us every day. Little things that happen, even something that makes you grumpy for the rest of the day, might be the effects of a spiritual attack without you even knowing it. So many believers don’t recognize this, and while you shouldn’t put too much focus on it, it is definitely a part of life that needs to be acknowledged.
    Very well written post! Gave me some food-for-thought for the rest of my morning. πŸ˜‰

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  5. Is it strange that I prefer to not wear shoes? However, running I have a great pair of Under Armors that have blessed me on many runs. Today my soul is in a blissful place. I believe in angels and demons.

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      1. The longest I’ve done is a 10k, I also enjoyed races such as, Savage Race and Tough Mudder. How about you? Any preference?


          1. They are quite fun! I recommend giving it a go just once. I will say though, every time I do one I ask myself why!! πŸ˜‚


  6. Insightful essay! I finally made it over to check out your Word Press. I apologize for not coming sooner. I haven’t even been on Word Press for some time. I had no idea you were a runner, let alone a marathoner! Good for you! Physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Always wanted to be a runner, but my lungs won’t allow me to get very far. I won’t say what else body-wise won’t allow me to indulge. So I am content to run in my dreams. Reading historical novels, I’ve always enjoyed descriptions of Native Americans practically gliding along as if on air, through the virgin forests. Not only for the purpose of messaging, but also for the pure joy of it.
    But to answer your questions:
    My favorite footwear is any I can find that has good arch, heel and metatarsal support. Wide enough to fit my foot.
    Where is my soul at today? Thankfully in the protective arms of our Lord and full of the Holy Spirit. Grateful every day.
    Do I believe in angels and demons? Absolutely. Angels as already mentioned in the earthly and spiritual realms. Demons, unadulterated evil exists in this world along with the fallen angel Satan. And that’s where I’ll close my post before it gets too lengthy.


  7. I’m not even gonna lie… I will wear flip-flops until my toes hypothetically freeze off… I used to love wearing sneakers back when I was running and weighed way less than I do currently… I haven’t appreciated a pair of running shoes since I was about 20 and still running every day…
    As far as my soul goes today… I don’t know if could honestly tell you… I’ve been having a lot of problems sleeping, so everything about me just seems like I’m watching from a distance and going through the motions of life…


      1. I’m hoping for some sleep too, I have tomorrow off, so I’m going to try and reset my patterns for that…
        I really would like to get back into running. I have degenerative osteoarthritis in my hips and lower spine… Not sure if it’s from all the sports I played or that it runs in the family as I have it in my hands too… But, I think if i can lose enough of the weight it won’t hurt as bad to try running on a treadmill

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