What Do You Dream About?

Did I tell you that I ran a marathon the other day? *collective sigh and eye rolling from my fellow bloggers*. Well the good news is that this post is not about the ‘Loop of the Lough’ Marathon which I ran/endured on Saturday. Well it is a little bit but bear with me. It’s more about the aftermath. As in right now, this very minute.

If there are two things distance runners love after a race it’s food and sleep. We can’t get enough of them. As I write this, however, it is 4:17 am and I’ve been awake for almost two hours. As in wide eyed, bolt upright, five trillion thoughts whirling around my head awake. Ideas for dialogue in my novel are bursting into my consciousness like a meteor shower bursting through the earth’s atmosphere in one of those big budget Holywood blockbusters.

I’m also hungry. Very hungry. The only feeling outweighing that hunger at present is laziness. I’m too lazy to go downstairs to make something to eat. Note to self – we need an upstairs kitchen; or at the very least a bedside toaster. I promise not to leave crumbs in the bed, Fionnuala, if you buy me one for Christmas. Pinky swear. Or at least not on your side of the bed anyway.

If you’re still with me as we meander into paragraph four of this post then thank you. You deserve so much better but thank you anyway. The point I wanted to make is that before I woke up I was having a recurring dream. Fionnuala has the most vivid, lucid prophetic dreams. She sees stuff that is both freaky and amazing at the same time. I hope one day she will write more about her dreams.

I on the other hand dream nonsense. But amidst the nonsense are three recurring dreams which are as follows:

1 – I am sitting in an exam hall but my head is blank. I haven’t studied for the exam and a growing sense of anxiety and panic grips me as I stare at my blank paper and the clock on the wall as it clicks relentlessly on.

2 – I can’t see because I have a ridiculously long fringe down to the bridge of my nose. I freak out and feel claustrophobic. I walk into inanimate objects, fall over quite a bit and have yet to make it to a barber’s shop.

3 – This was the dream I was having before I woke up tonight. I am either hungover, drunk or thinking about drinking. In all three scenarios I feel incredibly guilty but that doesn’t stop me from drinking. These are the worst dreams.

I haven’t had an exam in over 20 years. I haven’t had a drink in over 4 years. And I haven’t had a haircut in er….about 4 weeks. Those of you hoping for deep or witty insights at this stage of the post are about to be bitterly disappointed but I’ll try anyway. Here goes…

Fionnuala dreams about the future whereas I dream about the past. She predicts future events (crazy but true believe me on this one) and has dreams about people and insights into their lives that, when imparted to them, offer hope and light. I dream about failure and inadequacy. And stupid haircuts.

I want to have her dreams but when God was dishing that gift out she was at the front of the queue and I was probably on my third pint of Budweiser. The same thing happened the day of the ‘brains and beauty’ queue. We all have gifts. I got words. Could have been better, could have been worse. But they flow from me every day now.

My dreams might be in the past but my daydreams are today. Now. I dreamt about running a marathon one day. Two days ago I ran my seventh *yawns*. I dreamt about having a semi successful blog that people read and enjoyed. It’s kind of happening now. I dreamt about writing a novel. Ditto. I dreamt about being a decent husband, father and human being. Work in progress but I’m getting there.

Dreams don’t have to remain dreams. You can make them your reality. It just requires a tonne of hard work and a sprinkling of talent. You are special and unique. Seize the day and squeeze every last drop out of it. Live the impossible. Follow your destiny. It’s within touching distance.

Sweet dreams. I’m off to make some toast.

Do you have recurring or prophetic dreams? Or can you interpret any of mine?!?!

What is your dream for 2018? How are you going to make it happen?

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 15 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

45 thoughts on “What Do You Dream About?

  1. I am not brave enough to share my dreams. My daydreams are sweet enough, I dream of having my own home, I dream of sharing that home with my own family and as many hurting and broken children as we can make room for, and I dream about having a successful career (whatever that looks like). But the dreams I have at night are touched by a darkness I cannot face alone and cannot whisper to another living person. If they are prophetic, God help us all! If they’re not well then, I hope they stop I daydream they will stop but they’ve been recurring in different forms for almost 9 years now. The characters that haunt my dreams are almost tangible to me. Prayers and Advice are both welcome. As always a beautiful post! Thank You

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  2. Very encouraging, please keep writing, whatever time it is!
    On drunk dreams, they are terrifying. I have been blessed with 26 years of sobriety by God’s grace, yet occasionally will awake from one of these. I believe God uses them to help me never forget His mercy toward me. Like ancient Israel, I will often start off on my own having allowed idols to distract me. I thank God that He cares so much as to keep calling me back, using a method that never fails to get my attention. Continued blessing to you, Brother,


  3. My dreams are Salvador Dali-esque… quite nonsensical… I find that I’m naked in them a lot for some reason, too.

    As for a dream I’d like to come true in 2018… hmm… I’d like to get back into my art again in a big way – and I’d also like to do a lot more with my blog in 2018 (I love WordPress – I think it’s got such potential – and I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface of what I can do with my site).

    Well done on your sobriety, by the way. Much respect to you. I got sober myself 4 1/2 years ago and things have just got better and better.

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  4. Dreams are something that was stolen from me in surviving my husband’s addiction. Another loss that people don’t always see. My dream of writing has been returned to me! That was my career goal 30 years ago before I was married. Although writing on my blog isn’t a career, it is sharing my story and God’s hope. And last night I posted my 30th blog post and thought, wow, I am really doing this. It has stuck. As for the future, such as 2018, I still find it difficult to dream about what may or could lie ahead for me. I am still learning how abundant life can be. I suppose my dream would be to have a dream.


  5. I can never remember my dreams! The second I wake up I forget what it was about!
    I do like to daydream though! Like the comment above mine, maybe its because daydreams can be controlled! LOL.
    My dream for 2018? To continue working on my memoir and getting it published! Not sure yet how I’ll make that happen but we’ll see!

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  6. I’ll take a crack at some interpretation.
    The exam: you’re willing to do something, but you’re not ready, Like Peter, he was willing to walk on water, but he wasn’t ready to. ( Jonah on the other hand was ready but not willing). So you’re willing to show up, that’s half of it, your dream sounds a bit like a warning. God wants you to prepare and get ready for something. Be diligent and faithful in these preaparations

    Fringe: cut it off! Is there something in your life that needs to be cut off? The bangs might represent something that needs to be cut out of your life so you can see

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  7. My dream for 2018 is to tell other how I really feel and to do what I want and love. I want to start going after my long term dream, to travel around the world and helping people in some way (will figure that out later. maybe be an inspirational speaker or something of the sort). First, move to Europe/Germany.


  8. I have recurring dreams about playing hockey. I’d love to play again, but I’m not sure it would help maintain my sleep hygiene, which is important to me and my mental health. Women’s hockey practice and games are usually after 9:00PM, and I try to be in bed by 10:00. But wow, do I miss the ice!

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  9. I have no insight on your dreams. For my dreams, they are normally crazy, but in most there is something that is recurring. For the longest time I keep having dreams where have to make a really hard choice in, like who’s side to join, should I fight with them or not, or should I stay or go, who do I follow?.
    One dream that really stuck with me though is this one. I lived in a mythical world and there was this evil monster who would go around killing people and destroying things and everyone feared him. Then, when he threatened my friends I all of a sudden got these powers. I started to destroy things and I ripped him apart. I then looked and saw that I had become him. It always reminds me that I could become a monster. Idk


  10. I have had recurring dreams, one in particular. I haven’t had it in some time. Prophetic, maybe, not so sure. What does yours mean? I can only guess but imagine your wife has more insight on this than I would. First thought, is have you forgiven your self for what God has already forgiven you? My dream for 2018, keep reaching for the goal and watch as God unfolds the journey.


  11. Well done on completing the marathon that is something to be really proud of πŸ™‚

    I tend to have really vivid dreams, I have a sneaky feeling my medication may be to blame. One I have quite a lot is this :-

    For some reason I am sitting on a railway track when everyone starts shouting for me to move because a train is coming. I can see the train coming but I can only move in slow motion, then just before it hits I wake up with a real jump. I also dream I am being chased by dinosaurs a lot (bit strange that one).

    Sending you my best wishes. Take care xx


  12. I can have the same β€œexam-aaaargh-I-am-not-prepare” dream (meaning for me that I go through some hard time…), but it’s rare that I have nightmares…


  13. Once I had this dream that somebody had my house key, and let themselves into my house. A few days later I was cleaning dry leaves from the pebbles out front – and found a copy of my house key! Under a rock. The previous tenant must have left it there. Those dreams make all dreams kind of scary, because you never know which ones will have some truth in them.


  14. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been working with dream analysis for years now and it really provided me some interesing insight. about the last one with the drinking: maybe this has got nothing to do with alcohol; it could also be that you just haven’t been very aware or present in general or in some specific areas in your life, and a part inside of you knows that and wants to be awake, but you keep on being unaware anyway…at least that’s what my subconcisousness usually wants to tell me when I dream about being drunk or druged…no idea – I m just rambling πŸ™‚


  15. The bible says that dreams are when the Lord talks to us, and that is important to watch what we allow in because it will surface itself when we are dreaming. We need to know when is God talking to us… and discern what He is saying to us.


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