Death By Cupcake

The Black Family hit Belfast’s Christmas Market yesterday afternoon. As you can see this involved food, food and more food. I took some pictures but, ever since, have barely been able to move given the ginormous burger and cupcake I consumed. I am currently lying in a darkened room and normal blogging duties will be resumed shortly.

Fionnuala created this wonderful collage. She’s the talented one in case you hadn’t worked that out yet. There’s also a few of our wedding photos from 15 years ago.

31 thoughts on “Death By Cupcake

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  1. Thank you for sharing part of your family Christmas with me. It is beautiful to see, my children are in their 20s now so I now have to wait for the grandchildren to be able to do that again. May your Christmas be truly blessed.


  2. I like the collage. I really need to put together something along those lines together for the page on my website about my illustration work, but (even with the benefit of YouTube tutorials) Adobe Photoshop intimidates me.

    Have a happy Christmas, by the way.


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