Make Today Count

I was in the shop today when I was forced to do an actual Scooby-Doo double take. Yikes! Shaaaaaagy! There before my very eyes was an Easter Egg display. On 2nd January. I don’t think the shop in question had even taken down its Christmas decorations yet. I’ve eaten enough chocolate this last week to merit a serious intervention of Willy Wonka-esque proportions so walked on by without making a purchase. Besides we still have 485 boxes of Celebrations and Miniature Heroes to plough through.

The thing is though other people obviously were making purchases. Otherwise why would the shop have Easter Eggs out on sale? It’s a demand driven market. Need and supply. Santa has barely landed back at the North Pole and the Easter Bunny is already dusting down his basket. These seasonal workers have a time of it. I feel sorry for the Tooth Fairy. She never gets a day off. Where’s the justice in that? People are already planning for Easter. No time to hang about. It’s less than four months away!

I shouldn’t have been surprised really. We live in a world that operates at a million miles an hour these days if not faster. After Easter it will be the summer holidays, then Halloween, Thanksgiving and, before you know it, Christmas is just around the corner again. We are so taken up in our planning and preparations that we forget the here and now. Never satisfied with our present and always looking forward to the next big event. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries. It’s full speed ahead.

We are wishing our lives away when we should be living our lives today.

Instead of pining for these special days we need to recognise that every time we open our eyes and breathe is a special day. Every day has the same number of seconds, minutes and hours in it. Every day is an opportunity to love and be loved. Those big days down the road overshadow the big days we are living through every twenty four hours. By wishing our lives away we are devaluing ourselves and others. We are capable of so much more, there is so much more that we could and should be doing.

It is good that we look forward to, and celebrate, these special occasions. But life is so much more than that. It is about looking around as well as looking forward. Sorry to come across as the harbinger of doom but who is to say that you will even see Easter, Thanksgiving or next Christmas? None of us know when, or how, our circumstances might change. There but for the grace of God and all that. Who knows? We could all be speaking North Korean and have silly haircuts this time next year. Is North Korean even a language?

Let’s celebrate the ordinary days and make them extraordinary. You can make a difference today. Throw a pebble into your pool of influence and see where the ripples take you. Develop a presence in your present rather than sleepwalking to the next big day. Because when you get there it’s invariably an anti-climax anyway. And you find out the people you share these occasions with are virtual strangers as you have been ignoring them for the last six months anyway.

Don’t count the days. Make the days count. Starting today.

Have you seen your first Easter Egg yet?

How are you going to make today count?

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  1. Yes, North Korean is a language. It is considered a more traditional form of Korean language where South Korean is more of a evolved form with a mixture of Japanese and English influenced dialect. 😀 Good post Sergeant Steven. Love your words. 😀


  2. Great advice!
    Today is a gift. Tomorrow is not promise. Enjoy the now.
    And knowing what I’m like, I would have defo asked the shop keeper if the Easter eggs were a mistake😂


  3. How crazy is that?! However there is coming a year when I will be thankful for these rushed seasons because I intended to throw the biggest Chrithanksbirvaeaster ever when my husband comes home! Lol


  4. Now, that is really early!
    Haven’t seen Easter eggs around yet…
    My Christmas tree is still there, with the Christmas cakes and everything… which I will put away after January the 6th… 😜
    But, yes, the world and life in general have become a rushed run for doing/buying/celebrating… etc… and we forget to be present. To just enjoy THIS moment… thank you for this humorous and inspiring (as usual) post!


  5. Yes, the beginning of the easter eggs display is starting to come out here I think it is a little on the sad side that big business and money are driving events into nothingness. As a child, I would be so excited because it was nearly Santa time, or getting ready for the Easter bunny to show up. I raised my kids the same way as I think it is the magic that makes it important and special. Most of my friends opted for the traditional Christmas this year and the proper ‘everyone at mother’s house’ as we all prefer the older traditional values and are making sure that the kids and grandkids all benefit from the old ways.


  6. I’m already getting emails from various stores advertising their spring products. It is currently -8 degrees where I live. While looking forward to the thawing and reawakening of nature, can I just get past the disrespectful cold that is winter, lol. Today, is absolutely a gift and we must cherish it and those we live in it with. It’s not about “all the things” the world would have us believe we need. Great post!


  7. That is frightening to already be seeing Easter eggs! But I guess here the Valentine’s Day displays are up already. I’m making today count by enjoying my holiday break and reorganizing my school things and room: mostly so that I can continue to make the days count with a little less chaos in the background 😊


  8. Argh, I can’t stand the commercialization of holidays! Our next “holiday” in the US is Valentine’s Day, so the stores are filled with heart-shaped balloons, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, heart-shaped you-name-it. And none of this has anything to do with St. Valentine!


  9. I’m not entirely convinced that retail is demand-led. It is the shops telling us – the shopper – that we need to buy this, that and the other. To me, it is also a significant proof that there is nothing religious anymore about the so-called Christian festivals. As man-made festivals – as I mentioned in one of my own posts – I’m not surprised that this is the case. It’s just a shame that it is happening ith increasing haste.

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  10. Easter cards easter eggs i have seen this week. It is insane that something so far away is being pushed in our faces so soon after Christmas. With all the stories how people have got themselves into debt over Christmas, i find it sad that retailers find it necessary to start the year by encouraging more spending on another holiday that is so far away. On the flip side where have we got as a society that we feel that the more we spend the better time we will have. Whilst i do not follow Christianity i still appreciate the meaning of both of these times of year from a religious point of view. It is a sad state of affairs that we have reached……….


  11. Loved this post. I have been saying for years that it feels like retail stores have been setting up earlier and earlier for the next holiday. 🤔 At some point they may just keep things out all year long. Smh! I’m with @stronglotusyogi on this one. No I haven’t seen it but I haven’t been to the mall yet. There is no telling what may already be on display. Lol


  12. wow, easter eggs in january, who would have thought. thank god i havent seen any yet. i think we all should live each day as if it was our last. like the nickelback song says if today was your last day. xxx


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