We Dare You To Comment On This

I got asked the other day by a fellow blogger how AFracturedFaith had grown so much in such a comparatively short period of time. The blog was only launched in May 2017 and we have been heartened by its growth since. We don’t define success by the number of followers or likes we receive but it is a not unpleasant by product of the blog getting its message across. People seem to like what we do and for that we are very grateful.

We would love to see this growth continue into 2018. We want to grow bigger but also deeper. We want to connect with fellow bloggers in a meaningful, substantive way. We view you all as real people and not just numbers. You have real lives, real problems, real hopes and dreams. We want to help you achieve everything you were put on this planet to accomplish. We are all on a journey. Some of you are flying at present, others are limping along or at a complete standstill. Wherever you are we are with you.

We have ideas for developing and expanding the blog and its associated social media platforms. At present these are just ideas that Fionnuala and I are discussing but we hope that at least some of these will come to fruition as the year progresses. I want to grow as a writer and hope that one day it will provide an income that will, at the very least, allow me to scale down the 9-5 slog. It is a dream at present but dreams have a habit of becoming reality if properly nurtured. We cannot do this without your input, however. We need your prayers, well wishes, positive vibes whatever you want to call them. But we also need your feedback.

What do you like about the blog in respect of content and format? What would you like to read more about? Or what do you want me to stop droning on about? Am I too angry, silly, serious? Is there anything regarding the blog’s layout or structure that can be tweaked or improved upon? Do we engage enough with you? Would you like to collaborate with us on projects? Where else would you like to see our product? Would you like to engage in deeper, one to one discussions regarding thoughts and projects. Prayer or study groups? Hear more from other family members? Can we pray for you more, talk to you more, help you more?

A lot of questions there and normal blogging service will be resumed with the next post. But for now it’s over to you. The ball is in your court. Don’t hold back. Don’t be shy. If you have never commented before then please do now. I promise not to cry.

Please comment below. Thank you.

Published by Fractured Faith Blog

We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

93 thoughts on “We Dare You To Comment On This

  1. You’ve clearly found a good approach. I would encourage you to be angry and silly and serious as your mood dictates. I’d rather read what’s really going on for you than something you think others want to hear. Keep it up. Thanks

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  2. I love your honesty and vulnerability with your family’s story. The format of your posts is wonderful I like how you hook us with something silly but always make your point. I would love to collaborate with you on some projects! That would be a lot of fun and I think I could learn a lot from your writing/blogging style. Yes to one on one discussions and prayer and study groups. Also, I love hearing from the other members of the family. I think that’s maybe one of my favorite parts of your blog because it is so unique that your entire family participates in serving others through this platform πŸ™‚

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  3. I enjoy your blog as it is, from a content perspective. However, if you sense that the Lord is taking you in a different direction, then you are wise to wait on Him to make it clear.

    From my own experience with my blogs, the revelation was a slowly-unfolding one that continues (!), but required me to release some expectations about how things should feel and look. There was also a tension between being obedient to the Lord, but also being mindful that people were reading what I wrote and that any changes I made could impact them – even in a small way.

    I still don’t know where He’s taking me on this journey, but I can tell you one thing – it’s been a wild (but good) ride! Your path will be different, I think, but no less fruitful – likely much more so! I am glad to join you in prayer as you determine what your next steps should be.

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  4. You write well, you’re insightful and reflective, as well as humorous. Your problems are about being human and being able to overcome them, and your writing is often moving, touching others emotionally as they relate to it. You have a knack for writing such that others identify.

    But, and I’m sorry for the one negative bit, but this needs to be said and none of your regular readers might see it… writing from a Christian point of view makes things easy in a way. Most people are religious, and by expressing your doubts as well as having overcome them and alcoholism, just by adding a little Christian flavouring – you are automatically telling people what they want to hear. Writing as well as you do, with just enough of a Christian angle, is guaranteed growth. There are many blogs not written half as well as yours that do enormously well because of the Christian angle. Don’t underestimate the effect that it has.

    Don’t get me wrong either. I love your blog and hope you do continue to grow. And you will.


  5. Keep it real and continue to be vulnerable and honest. I think as soon as you drop the ball in those areas people will notice, but I’m sure they will comment or write to ya and give ya feedback before they leave.

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  6. I’m new here and enjoy your style of keeping it real and being honest even if it goes against the norm. I love reading how you were far from perfect in the past and hearing about how you are moving forward now. Not enough of these types of conversations in my opinion around men. Your uniqueness shines through so keep it up. No prayers or study group for this happy spiritual soul, but if that’s something that’s calling you then go for it. Asking for honest feedback shows courage – keep on growing!

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  7. I (personally) could definitely do with more of your silly humour, only because I think you use it superbly in contrast to your always heavy subject matter ❀


  8. Honestly I agree with everyone above saying to keep on going exactly like this. Your straightforwardness and humour are the reasons why I find your blog so captivating. Don’t change a thing! πŸ€—πŸ€—


  9. You have a good writing style for sure but what impresses me is your ability to speak from the heart, regardless of the topic. There is a lot I would like to say and write about but am not sure I want the world (and close relations) to see what is really on my mind. Continue to speak the truth and be open about your past, your beliefs, and your opinions and people will continue to tune in. You seem to have a good story to tell.


  10. I enjoy reading your blog and how interactive you are with other blogs also. It’s very easy for people to like but not so easy to get comments out of people. I hope 2018 sees your blog continue and grow.


  11. I think it would be really cool for you to collaborate with other bloggers, perhaps from a variety of blogs. I don’t know who, honestly, just an idea!
    I also enjoy it whenever Rebecca writes a post. Are Hannah and Adam interested in writing? I would love to hear what they have to say.
    I think that the content of your blog now is great though, and I look forward to reading it every day ☺

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    1. Thanks Shae. Yeah I’d like to do that. Rebecca is overdue a post. Hannah is creative but more interested in drama, singing & baking. Adam is rugby & Play Station. But maybe one day. I really appreciate the support & encouragement you and your mum give me. I wish your church could be teleported to Northern Ireland πŸ˜ŠπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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  12. I enjoy the high quality of your writing in both style and content. It’s easy to read. I’m not tripping over clumsy sentences. Your writing flows well from paragraph to paragraph and employs great hooks and super endings. With that gift, you can write about any topic and make it interesting for people who may not otherwise have an interest in the topic. I have no special interest in religious matters but I am interested in the art of writing and so can learn from you. Write about whatever you want. To thine own self be true. πŸ™‚


  13. I like how your writing style, you are open and honest and I think a lot of people identify with that. You also seem to truly care about your readers, your posts come from the heart. I think that genuine since of compassion is what draws people in. Other people have commented with good ideas, just do what feels right and you will succeed.


  14. Your writing style is what draws me in, not just the subject matter. You’re an excellent writer and a pleasure to read, a rarity in the blogosphere!

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  15. Nearly 40 years ago, a wise man prophesied to me that the Lord wanted me to develop my writing skills, so I could be an instrument of help to many other people. I had grown up wanting to be a novelist, although I had no stories in mind at the time (my being a young woman with relatively little life experience). I was also familiar with the primitive computers that existed, having learned to program them when I was in the military, but blogs and social media were not even on the horizon. Now, people around the world can read my books and I can write to them wherever they are, via the internet. The prophesy has come to pass, in the Lord’s time and through his continuing inspiration.

    Words are important to God. Keep listening to Him, and he will guide your fingertips as well as your feet.


  16. I wouldn’t change a thing. Your writing is engaging and interesting and real. I love how you balance the light and the dark in life on your blog. I really enjoy reading not only because we have some similar “quirks” but because you always have an interesting point of view and I feel I learn from it every time.


  17. Your blog posts are excellent! They’re thought-provoking, encouraging us to evaluate ourselves and our faith. Not only this, but is uses the perfect amount of humor, and I love the use of realness and daily situations to make it personal!


  18. I wouldn’t change a thing. Like Chuck said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” I enjoy your writing style. It’s very easy to read and the content is great! Keep it up!


  19. I love your blog. The way you open yourself up and let your reader know that they are not the only one having issues. The caring and sound advise is wonderful..The way you include us as part of the family (I loved the Christmas blogs). I started this as my medical team thought it would be helpful to get my brain back on track and help with my English. As one of my fellow bloggers, it was wonderful when you let me know you were reading my words. You have been more supportive than you will ever know so I for one really cannot see too much to change at the moment.

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  20. I don’t have much to say about the blog, I like all it’s content. It’s super relateable and easily approached. I haven’t really actually visited the page to see the layout or anything though.

    as far as growing your social media, have you tried using Crowdfire and RIPL? CrowdFire is a social media management app that allows you to place all your social media you use in there, prompt’s you when peak posting time is for you, offers suggested articles to post and even helps with “Request” management. So, when you receive a new follow, it would email them on your behalf with whatever message you put in there.
    RIPL is a good app too. it shares across social media a moving photo, as statistically found in business, post’s that have movement are often more eye catching than a regular photo. It’s easy to customize the entire thing, allows access to some music, you can embed URL’s in to it and it also suggests tags to put in the post as well.

    When I was blogging a long with my youtube channel, I used to both. They’re great at helping manage time and getting effecting post’s to reach your audience.

    (I realize reading back through this, it sounds as if I”m sponsored by them… But I’m not… Just really liked both)


  21. Hello, I just want to say that it is really encouraging to see Christians reaching our to help people like this. Whenever you have responded to comments you seem so caring, and I love that. So, I am sort of new to this. Could we have one to one discussions for example, if we have questions or something? Could we start a prayer group?


  22. I love that you don’t put on a show. It’s raw and authentic. The world needs a lot more of that. When days are great say they are great. When it stinks say it stinks. That’s exactly what you do in my experience and it’s refreshing.


      1. PTL! Thank you, Stephen. The award is meant to bless you and not burden you. Don’t feel bad about the nominations. I just wanted to let you know God has me thinking of you, and to tell others about your blog! Enjoy your award! God is so good!

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  23. Who knows, maybe this could be your ministry. πŸ™‚ I definitely believe God can use blogging as a way to minister and to connect to the body of Christ. I always enjoy hearing from the family. I also really like posts that are related to God. You do a fantastic job of connecting life to scripture, and I know that is not only relatable to me but others.

    Never forget your roots πŸ™‚ this post reminded me of some of your earlier posts from last summer.


      1. Haha! I really enjoyed you sharing when God shows you certain words and connects them. You also shared having a bible study, and your early posts I think requested prayer requests, which is what reminded me of the summer. I definitely think you are witnessing to others and as long as God gets the glory, that’s all that matters. πŸ™‚


          1. I actually thought about asking. I don’t usually do collabs (well, I’ve never done one xD) but when you asked on your post, I was like, “Maybe, I should.” So yes, I’d definitely be interested. I think that would be really awesome.


  24. I love that you’re honest about what you write. You don’t beat around the bush, your emotions, your voice, your you come out in the words I read. Keep doing, what your doing.


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