What Are Your Three Best Qualities?

I make a point of reading as many other blogs as I can when I can. Sometimes I comment, other times I only have time to hit the like button but I do value the work of my fellow bloggers. There is a sense of community here that I have never experienced on other social media platforms before. People seem to genuinely care about others as opposed to seeking the spotlight themselves. WordPress is a selfless as opposed to a selfie zone.

A lot of people who write on this platform are struggling with a myriad of demons. There is an honesty and vulnerability expressed here that is refreshing compared to the fakeness of other platforms. It is raw and it is painful but it is real. Reality can be a tough pill to swallow but it is only when we recognise our weaknesses and accept our fears that true healing can begin. The best medicine is often the most bitter tasting.

The nature of this process, however, is that people are often very hard on themselves. Sometimes unfairly so. You are all wonderful people who deserve peace, love and happiness. Fionnuala and I are often deeply saddened by some of the stories we read. The negativity is often heartbreaking. Today I want to flip the coin. Life is about love. We were placed on this planet to love others. But before we can do that we must learn to love ourselves. That can be hard and I know I am my own worst critic.

So today I want you to comment below, listing your three best qualities. When you have written them down take a moment to reflect on them and think back to times when you have displayed them for the benefit of yourself and others. When you are in that good place, realise how special you are and how needed you are on this broken world we live in today. Look in the mirror and realise you are amazing. Do it now.

I insist….

What are your three best qualities? Comment below.

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

139 thoughts on “What Are Your Three Best Qualities?

  1. Great post, Stephen! I’m still working on loving myself, but I know that I do have positive qualities. Three of them are: kindness, generosity, and . . . okay, I’m blanking on a third one . . . I’m working on being more forgiving.

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  2. Compassion, honesty and commitment.
    I appreciate the difficulties in other people’s situations and can offer kindness and support.
    I am honest, trustworthy, discrete.
    I keep trying when things are tough, I believe in and am passionate about my family, interests, dreams etc.

    I like this… what are your three?

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  3. The best qualities (may also be weaknesses πŸ˜‰ )
    1. Empathy – I feel deeply for others and can relate. This sometimes means I take on others’ problems when I shouldn’t. Or get taken advantage of. Still, I count it as a strength more than a weakness
    2. Creativity – I have an active imagination. This sometimes means my mind wanders and I have trouble concentrating. Or I sometimes imagine the worst/bad things and it fuels my anxiety. Still, I count it more among my strengths.
    3. Trustworthy – If I say I am going to do something, I make every effort to make it happen. I can keep secrets when asked to, and will always have your back. This sometimes means I over-commit. But I would rather people know they can trust me.

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  4. What a great idea! Give all of us an opportunity to look at ourselves and think about the qualities that people like in us. For me, I would have to say a positive attitude, peace, and joy. Even in the midst of cancer, which I have been going through the past 2 years, I never lost any of these, so it would have to be these three.

    How about you – what are yours?

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      1. Thank you. I am currently in remission but I’m still going through maintenance therapy for another 8 months. Then I’ll be done with chemo and I will rejoice well I’m already rejoicing. I appreciate your prayers

        Be blessed


  5. Ok. I am authentic, and have actually had friends tell me that is what they most appreciate. I love my sense of humor, even if no one else does. πŸ™‚ And I have a surprisingly big, compassionate heart for people, if they aren’t pissing me off. πŸ™‚ Great blog.

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      1. Bless your heart, and thank you. Very new to this, but just recently I have felt welcome, and I owe that to you and a few others. Blessings my friends~

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  6. Good food for thought. My three best qualities?
    1) I am kind-hearted and gentle. According to my mom, it has been my nature since childhood. But, I think Jesus is helping me grow in that area, especially as I care for my mother as she lives life with Alzheimer’s.
    2) I am a devoted wife, mother and grandmother.
    3) I love to teach…especially children.

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  7. My best qualities?
    Well, I don’t really know myself.
    I don’t like bigging myself up, so I guess I’m modest.
    I appreciate all my both my friends, whether we are arguing or not and….
    I’m a nice person? (according to all my friends and family but I don’t like saying it out loud.)

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  8. What a great post! I’ve loved reading through everyone’s answers. For me, I’d say my best three qualities are: I hate injustice and I always speak out when I think people are being treated badly. (Maybe that’s two qualities. I’m not sure.) I’m kind. Umm, a third . . . my writing! Can I say that?

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  9. I’m positive I never ever see negativity in situations

    I’m also nice. Yea. Maybe even to a fault

    And then I have peace of mind, nothing, no matter how tough really seem to trouble me.
    Many think it’s nonchalance but I think it’s a quality, being able to keep calm in the midst of storm

    Thank you Stephen. Have I ever told you how much your posts inspire me?


  10. Indeed this is a sharing caring post. Fingers poised; how to sell yourself without sounding arrogant. Blimey, its harder than it looked.
    1. Vaguely amusing – others have said so, but they may have been drunk.
    2. Loyal. I’ve fancied 007 for over twenty years!
    3. Generous. I give my time to a womens aid to put something back .. and I really enjoy doing that.
    Happy hump day (I learnt than from an american on instagram – I’d never heard it before and thought they were being rude!)

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  11. I’m honest, which has lead to my crazy sense of humour, I’ve found the hardest truth is usually better received wrapped in a happy package, Kindness is also a high priority, I’m not a fan of meanies but can’t help wondering how they got that way?


  12. My heart, my mind and my agendas. I also intend to do good and I see that as a part of my character that I love. What do you love about yourself????


          1. Sounds like those are qualities you should come to believe. It’ll take time but you should try and focus on those. It has taken me years to accept a compliment and a few to believe them. You seem compassionate, speak intelligently and forgiving is something I aim to be.


  13. I try hard to never leave an honest and transparent post end on a negative note. I’ve had people say that I’m too hard on myself but I’m not. If I cut myself too much slack and minimize my flaws, my arrogance kicks in. I am naturally an egomaniacal, arrogant blowhard. Give that nature an inch and it’ll eat me out of house and home.

    But I do have some good qualities:

    1. I’ve got a myriad of talents and abilities from the artistic to the athletic (although the athletic is beginning to wane significantly).

    2. I’m smart and have the ability to think through things. Had I used this intellect for good instead of evil my entire life, I would probably have invented eBay or Google. Instead, I work a white collar job with a blue collar brain.

    3. I’m very funny when I decide to inundate the room with my wit. I have the ability to sustain laughter after I get it going and know when to leave while they still think I’m hilarious.

    These things have always been there in my life, I’ve just struggled to know how to use them the right way.

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  14. Great post, thank you for the invitation and the imperative to love myself. I am compassionate and helpful. I think my best quality, though, is my talent for knowing myself, my motivations, and my prejudices.

    I know you didn’t ask for them, but I am constitutionally unable to boast about myself without also sharing some of my faults. Since I gave 3 good qualities, here are 3 bad ones: I am lazy, selfish, and was born with a bad temper. I must struggle daily, sometimes mightily, against indulging those impulses.

    Thanks again, and be sure to thank Viola Bleu. Her reblog led me here today.

    Take care, be well, and happy Blogging!



  15. I love giving people positive feedback. With my students, I always wrote something positive, if only thanks for taking the time to do the assignment. I smile at people, even if they do not smile back, because I want people to do that I see their humanity. I believe in giving my best always. 8 hours work for 8 hours pay is my motto. Anything less is cheating and fraud to me. Lovely post.

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  16. Great post, Stephen as usual! I’m still working on finding any real reason for loving myself, but I know that I do have positive qualities. I am very good working with young people who are and have lived through the same abusive childhood I had to live in.I see generosity as another one, I will help people without any thought to what it cost me and I have never asked for anything in return. And, I going to have to go with honesty for the third one, although this is not always a positive trait because I do mean honest and I do not stop to think how it will impact on the person directly.


  17. Great to see such positive posts – you’re right – we are all super hard on ourselves! Umm…grit (I rarely give up), compassion and kindness. cx


  18. 1. My word is my bond. I never make promises that I do not live up to. 2. I’m determined – I never give up. I may pause but I don’t give up. 3. I see & feel what others have going on — compassion. I may not agree with someone else but I can feel it and understand. Thanks for making us think about the positive side of ourselves. You are right, we focus on our weaknesses to the exclusion of what is good.

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  19. I had to ponder that question for a moment. As you stated I was quick to find the negative traits but the positive ones?

    Funny, honesty and reliable.

    I love this topic because it gets the reader to really think and search deep within themselves to find their own truths.


  20. Hello, thank you for posting this great thought provoking post. So far I have found out the following about myself, I am caring, I like to encourage others and I like to lead others that have a background of abuse to God by displaying through my Christ like actions just how much God, loves every soul on this earth.


  21. Great post,you summed it up very well.My husband describes me as clever ,caring,curious and moody……..I would take off the β€œmoody” and you have my three😜………….I think…….πŸ˜‰


        1. I suppose much better then three F:forties female and fertile…..my friend’s husband description.but he is a GP,may be he just see things under a different lightπŸ˜‚


  22. Sure, why not. After all, I am reading this due to you liking a post… and then me clicking on your avatar. This jumped at me because it is similar to a request I asked of a fellow whom I am consulting with, on his business.

    #1 I am a blackbox of secrets from others whom need to get things off their chests.
    #2 I am curious about the world(s) around me.
    #3 I am determined on changing those worlds.

    You have a great day!!!


  23. Thank you – I needed to read something positive like this today.
    1) Resilience – no matter how tough things have gotten, I’m still here
    2) Caring – I care a lot about the people in my life
    3) Creativity – I love creating things and combining different colours


  24. Thanks for providing this opportunity! It is a lovely gift to each of us who read it. I would say my three best qualities are my energy, my sense of humor, and my searching mind. Blessings to you.


  25. I love what people have responded and that you sent them away with a positive sense. Hopefully it will set the tone for their day.
    Thanks for the like at DailyBiblePrayer.. the next 2days were about hope and faith. I hope you will read them too. Laura


  26. This is a hard one (so much easier to find the negative attributes)…I guess I would have to say empathetic, kind, and discerning. Thanks for bringing out the positiveβ€”something I definitely need to focus on more.


  27. That is a hard one. I am more likely to pick up on my negative attributes more than my positive ones. So that has set me a thinking.

    Kind. Thoughtful. Caring. If you ask my friends. Persistent. Loyal. Stubborn. If you ask me.

    I am not a person of faith, I once was but not now. It is not something I speak about and probably never will but I do understand that someone people find comfort from their faith. I find comfort in people’s good actions, so I guess that’s my faith.


  28. “I insist!” Love it! *** I deeply appreciate you reading the posts of other bloggers, including mine, and taking the time to hit the Like button! It means a lot! *** My three best qualities… God gave me Words. ❀ He gave me Sensitivity. And He gave me Perseverance. *** And most of all He gave me Experiences that have grown my Heart and Compassion, and that allow me to connect with the people that come into my life. Today I am, and I am full of Gratitude. πŸ™‚ ❀


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