Here’s To Being Average

Adam and I spent yesterday morning painting the kitchen ceiling. Fionnuala has been asking me to do this for around two years now but I have been waiting until our son was tall enough to help me out. Some might call that laziness and indifference. Not I. I regard it more as excellent forward planning and best use of resources. Well yesterday that day came. I decided it was time to paint the ceiling. Or rather I was told if it wasn’t done this weekend my life wouldn’t be worth living. Yes it’s sad but it’s true. Our son, aged 15, is now taller than me.

I am 5′ 11” tall. This pains me. When people ask me how I tall I am I sometimes reply ‘Almost six foot’. Does this make me feel any better about myself? Well, not really. I so wanted to be six foot tall but sadly it was not to be. I’m not short but I’m not tall. I’m kind of somewhere in between. I’m average. Adam on the other hand is going to be a giant. He’s hit six foot and is still growing. This became obvious yesterday as we tackled the ceiling. He didn’t need to use the stepladder once. I, on the other hand, was up and down it more often than a forgetful firefighter.

Our son now looks down upon me. I’m his little old man. And now that he has started serious weight training as part of his rugby training regime he’s just going to get bigger and bigger. Fionnuala is already giving him the talk about girls because the way his rugby career and physique are developing he is going to be attracting a lot more female attention in the years to come. He has an exceptional talent that, even now, has the rugby coaches and scouts sitting up and taking note. I think he will one day play rugby professionally, he’s that good. I know I’m his father so am naturally bias but that’s what I think. Time will tell.

I was never that good at rugby. Or football, or any other sport for that reason. I was average at best and never stood out on the playing fields. The same went for my height and many other areas of achievement (or lack of) in my life. I viewed my average abilities as inadequate when, looking back, they were entirely adequate. To compensate I always craved attention and popularity. That needy nature still lurks inside me and raises it’s not very pretty head from time to time. Thankfully I have a wise and wonderful wife who can knock this particular demon back down whenever it surfaces.

As I grow older, but not taller, I’m learning that you can’t be a superstar at everything you try. If you were brilliant at everything then life would be pretty boring. You would have no standout talents or abilities, you would just be equally amazing at everything. Nothing would stand out. Even superheroes have flaws or weaknesses. Perfection is well….average. And being average at most stuff you tackle in life is alright actually. You get by, you manage. And the ninety nine average traits in your life allow your talent or gift to shine all the more brightly, like a beacon of hope on a dark, featureless hillside.

Our average characteristics contribute towards our unique nature. They help in shaping us into the complex, incredible creations that we are. They define us and complete us. Every genius had a generous dollop of average as well thrown into the mix. God insisted. Otherwise our egos would run amok and our ability to express humility and modesty would be swallowed whole. YOU are exceptional and were placed on this earth at this time to do exceptional things. And being average at this or that is all part of the exceptional person you are.

You are who you are for a reason. Never forget that. It’s time to start feeling comfortable in your own skin. For it’s the only one you will ever have….unless you happen to be some some kind of weird snake-human hybrid. Which would be far from average. So here’s to being average. It’s the new awesome.

What height are you?

Are you comfortable in your own skin?

What’s so awesome about celebrating the average?

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  1. Good humour in this post.
    I am 5’3 (and a half) – the half being ever so important! I used to think I was too short but now I’m happy being small, and associate positive words with it, such as dainty?!
    In one of my very early blog posts I talk about how an achievement can be anything that is a success to an individual, this would include things that others may see as being average. I think everyone should celebrate their achievements be they spectacular or good enough.


  2. Steven, nice post! Adam really takes after his dad. It’s great you have a good relationship in the teen years! We always hope to lead them away from the mistakes we have made that their way will be happy and healthy and free. I was able to truthfully say “I’m six foot even” to that height question for many years. Alas, I am shorter now. At least an inch shorter, last time I checked. Gravity has its way eventually.


    1. Thanks Jon. I’m not looking forward to the shrinking years lol. I’m working hard at my relationship with all the kids. It can be so easy to damage it. I’ve made loads of mistakes in life so hopefully he will learn from that and not repeat them 🙂

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  3. Well you’re definitely not an average writer and you’re not average for consistently shutting down the demons. That takes balls and a level of smart to outwit them/you, plus you have tattoos or a tattoo peaking out your sleeve and you run for charity. I think you rock


  4. Just managing to turn your life around and focus on the good is the best example you could give your children. That makes you a superstar even if you consider yourself average. Wishing you and your family a lovely Sunday. 🙂


  5. Comfortable in my own skin? Yes, I have become much more so over the last couple of years as I’ve realized that Who it is I am living my life for is my primary focus. This has allowed many of the less important distractions in my life to fall away or lose their hold on me.
    I long ago came to peace about my lack of height as I began to understand that the old adage was not true: ‘You can tell how big a puppy will get by looking at its feet.’ My size 11 wide feet seem disproportionate to the rest of me! (I topped out at 5’7″)
    Having had 25 years in the painting business I always found putting off ceiling work the best approach! Waiting for a taller and younger person to do it is brilliant. Bravo Stephen!


  6. I am somewhere between 5’4 and 5’5 and for the people in my country that’s supposed to be a good height for women. I actally never felt truly comfortable in my own skin and I think that’s because of my shy nature and plus I have always been chubby my whole life and lately that’s starting to bother me. 5’11 is really good height, in my country people having this height are considered as really tall so, for me you are not average at all.


  7. Who said you’re “average”?
    I’m 1.65 m. ….I’m perfectly comfortable with it… and if there’s something I find myself average or less is my capacities of loving and not being judgemental… I admire people who can go through life without my innate pessimism…
    and I admire fighters like you… you’re definitely not “average”… my friend!


  8. I love the talk of height. I’m short but apparently I don’t carry myself that way because people often don’t realize I’m only 5’3″. The not noticing is something that’s only recently come to my attention. But, anyway, I really love your perspective on being average. That’s something my inner critic needed to read. It’s a difficult lesson.


  9. Another great piece, and you really do have both a great way with words and looking at life. My height of 5ft 4 has been a bit of a joke for much of my working life…a binder and finisher at that height is very much on the short side but as the first one my shortness never really bothered anyone.


  10. I’m 5’7, but last night so was 5’10 in a pair of black wedged booties. I’ve never been comfortable in my own skin but I’ve always been overly confident in my intellect. Guess we can’t have it all.

    Loved this post. Seeing healthy relationships between parents and their children give me hope for the future. There’s not enough of that in America anymore—as you can see with the uprise of school shootings. With you and Fi guiding him, I have a feeling your son will be a good human: exactly what this world needs. Congratulations.


  11. I was amazed at the doctor’s office to find that I was shorter than I thought. I spent so many years saying I was 4 feet 11 and 3/4 inches. But, horror of horrors, I am now just 4 feet 11 and cannot claim the other inches. I will get even smaller, which has meant getting wider, so I now need to work twice as hard losing weight. Oh, to get taller and narrower as we age! But, alas, not going to happen. Thanks for a wonderful post.


  12. It is tough to imagine what God’s grand plan is and why things happen the way they do. Being a few inches this way or that is one thing but why are children born with handicaps or born impoverished or in one part of the world or another? So amazing that our feeble minds can’t comprehend what the plan is. The one thing I do know is that you should not take your blessings for granted. Give thanks for the things you have been blessed with.


  13. God usually use individuals that are average or below that to shame the wise. And to prove to the proud that He is the source of strength for those consider themselves as mediocre.


  14. I incredibly enjoy this post and you are over average lucky to have that family😉
    I’m nearly 5.8 that is good as I can save my feet from the pain of too high heels 😜
    To be confident in my own skin cane a very very and painful way ,there are still some slip but over all I’m fine with me being me and with me being average😊


      1. Yes I suppose,but I have many friend around my height,might’ve in the blood of northern father was over 6.2 and my husband is 6.1 but I never really paid attention at people height .have a good day

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  15. I am 5ft 6. Definitely not comfortable in my own skin. This is blindingly obvious considering what i am doing to myself. I do not even know anymore how to begin to be comfortable. I am just on this path because i feel i have something to prove to people who do even care about me. I crave their acceptance even though i know it makes no difference what so ever. I guess my life has always been like that. Being short and having ginger hair made me a prime target at school for bullies. I guess this is where it all stems from???


    1. I was bullied as well Matt at school. I was chubby, shy and a bit of a geek. God made us the way we are for a reason. We might never find out why but there is a bigger plan. Otherwise life just wouldn’t make sense, right?


  16. I’d often considered that if everyone was alike, life would be boring. But never considered it in relation to my own faults and talents. Interesting. I’m going tot think about this more.


  17. I have a daughter, my only daughter who is 6ft. She tells everyone she is 5 11 as she won’t admit it. Girls are not to be that tall…lol.. she gets it from her daddy, her brother is 6.5 and 6.3 respectively. Me..I am 5.10..she got it.


  18. i’m 5 foot 1 inch. so small. I think i’m comfortable in my own skin. it wasn’t always this way though. it took me a long time to become comfortable in my own skin. but now I finally am and I feel good about who I am as a person. xo


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