All Fogs Are Temporary

My plans are in ruins!

Now I’m not one to exaggerate but I had planned to go on my long run this morning only to awaken to a blanket of fog outside. A real pea souper even though that description never rang true with me as wouldn’t pea soup be green? And I’ve never seen green fog even in that Stephen King movie about the fog. Or was that mist? Can you get green mist? And what’s the difference between mist and fog anyway?Aaaaarrrrghhh! My brain hurts!

So here I am blogging instead of running. The weather man says it should clear later in the morning but that’s no good to me as there is lots of other stuff going on today. Plus the longer I wait the less likely I am to go out and run. I always get very nervous before a long run as self doubt and negativity creep in. My next target is the Belfast Marathon on 7th May so I have plenty of time but try telling that to the grouchy gremlins who reside within my head. They are already rubbing their hands with glee at the sight of fog and telling me my training schedule is in tatters now and I’m doomed to fail.

Fog has only a temporary grip on reality.

I know this fog will clear like all fog clears. It is a transient phenomenon. And when it clears everything will be exactly as it was before. The houses in our street will not have moved. Dinosaurs will not be roaming the earth. The Washington Redskins will still suck. Nothing will have changed. And I will go out for my run and all will be well. I might have to curtail the distance I planned to run but it can be made up another time. I will not lose four years of fitness and confidence in the space of four hours. The world will keep turning and Stephen will keep running. Fact.

The same applies to the mental fogs that sometimes descend upon us. When the fog closes in we feel disoriented and confused. We lose our bearings and panic sets in. We don’t know where we are and we don’t know where we are going. We become afraid as who knows what monsters lurk out there in the shadows. The fear of the unknown is magnified as our mind starts to play tricks upon us. Depression, anxiety, feelings of worthlessness and self loathing set in. Our defences crumble as the armies of despair and paranoia overwhelm us. We turn on ourselves. And our fog filled minds can be our most bitter enemy as it knows every weakness to play upon and every button to push. We succumb to it.

Fog conceals the truth.

It plays tricks. It is a liar. It distorts and twists. It may seem impenetrable but the truth is that the light is still there. And the fog in our heads has only temporary power over it. The light and the truth are constant. They are set in stone. The sun and the moon will always be there when the fog lifts. Clear skies will return to show you that nothing has changed. Mental illness is not who you are. You are who you are. And that will never change. Your soul will continue to shine brightly just as the stars will continue to shine at night. No fog can steal that from you.

How do I know this? Because I too have stood in the fog unable to see past my own hand. I have fallen to my knees and given up all hope of ever finding a way out. But I did. And when I did emerge I discovered that nothing had changed. My loved ones still loved me. I was still the same me. The mental fog I had struggled with had merely distorted my vision and muddied the waters. It had polluted my perception of who I was and what I stood for. It had created an altered state where I could not flourish and thrive. A state where subjective, pessimistic thinking reigned and hopelessness took root.

And if I can do it then so can you as well. The sun will always burn away the fog. It’s rays of faith, hope and love will break through and will light the way for you. It can set you back on the right path, the road to recovery and well being. The light will always emerge victorious over the darkness. The fog will always dissipate and no matter what you addiction or obsession it is temporary. All chains can be broken. Freedom is a choice. All you have to do is believe and make that choice. Make the right decision. Today. Now. Walk out of the fog and welcome to the rest of your life.

Have you experienced the fog? Are you currently there? Or have you overcome it? We would be interested in hearing your thoughts. Please comment below.

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

36 thoughts on “All Fogs Are Temporary

  1. For all of the things you mentioned about the fog, are the reasons why I love the damn thing. Maybe it’s me, but I like that feeling of being the only one on the world. It’s humbling and I enjoy walking in it. πŸ˜€ Mmmm, so nice. πŸ˜€

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  2. I am in the fog … I get out a little… get back in… get in circles…
    I guess it’s a normal path… don’t overthink (look who’s saying this… πŸ˜‚) or feel guilty for what you’re not doing… there’s no schedule… unless we set them up… free yourself from that…


  3. I remember a day when my brother and I were hiking in New Hampshire between Mt Lafayette and Mt. Lincoln. We looked ahead and saw a cloud descending on the mountain. As we walked into it, the fog shrouded us completely – pea soup as you might call it. It was incredible!
    We got to the mountain top with no view whatsoever. As we descended on the trail, we slowly walked out of that fog/cloud and into a cloudy day again. It was temporary, as you said, and our hike went on unimpeded. I just might have to write a post about that someday!

    Thanks for the memory!

    be blessed

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  4. When we drive to my hometown across the mountains of Tennessee, sometimes we drive into thick fog. It slows everybody down, including the guy who rode our bumper and just had to pass us. I really am impressed that a guy from Belfast, Ireland keeps up (or maybe that is keeps down) with the Washington Redskins. Wow, their dismal season is even noted in Europe. Great post.

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  5. Love your writing here. The problem I find with internal/mental fog is that you never know when it might lift and too often it lingers on and on.
    BTW intrigued to know of you made it out running?


  6. Yes, I came out of the fog of diagnosed mental illness. I went from taking 9 medications every day -for over 10 years, to being medicine free.
    While we’re in that fog, its hard to remember it will eventually lift. I’m glad you share your experiences to remind us that it is only temporary. Peace to you.


  7. I like fog i have to say. It gives a mysterious vision of our world. However when it comes to the fog of my ED that has been created by “the voice” then i do not like it whatsoever. This fog that has descended on me for far to long now has got me twisting and turning in so many directions that i am at a standstill. Afraid to move in case i am going backwards. Certainly at this moment in time i am going backwards, the fog has got so dense that the way forward is not even around no matter which way i walk. This may not make sense but i am blinded by this…….. I am close to breaking point…

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  8. Love your use of “fog” both in the physical sense and as a metaphor. I definitely have been lost in the fog sometimes. Thanks for a well written article reminding us that fog is temporary!


  9. I honestly loved the transition from the physical fog to the more intrinsic one. It also goes to show how the environment that surrounds us can dampen the state of our minds and thicken the fog in our mind.

    I’ve found and continue to find myself fluctuating between walking through the fog and outside the fog. And as you so rightly mentioned, it’s so important to remind ourselves that “The light will always emerge victorious over the darkness”

    Thanks for the lovely post πŸ™‚


  10. Thank you for the like at DailyBiblePrayer. May you always sense God’s presence, even on your ‘fog’ days, and tune in to His voice of encouragement and direction. God bless you. laura


  11. Love the imagery of your post. Yes, we can get all caught up in the fog of our thinking. We can get lost in it and lose our connection to the present moment where all the people we love, all the things we love to do, and all the things we cherish exist. I’ve been there often. One of the ways I have found back from the fog to the present moment is through the processes behind Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) that has greatly improved my life and the lives of my clients. Best wishes on your training for the marathon. That’s one way to get out of your mind and into your life!


  12. This coming Friday, March 23, I am having a PET scan to see if I have a cancer hiding. Two weeks ago, my doctor said the cat scan showed I may have lung cancer, maybe secondary cancer. A fog is starting to creep in, but today, I drew two cartoons. Two days ago I joked about it, saying at least my memoirs are finished. I pray the fog stays away and the Son shines through, no matter what life brings. I am looking forward to a steak dinner Friday night. Enjoyed your blog.


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