This is what you do

I’ve been quite quiet lately been going through a lot of stuff in my head but have come through it and trying to get back to normality again so thought I’d share a song with you all to take us into the weekend.

I mentioned before about the first time I went to see Bethel perform in Belfast with my very good friend Helen, who I may add is an amazing worship singer herself 😍 unfortunately I couldn’t carry a note in a bucket but it doesn’t stop me! Anyway Helen and I were in Belfast in the front row singing and dancing and the amazingly talented guys from Bethel sang this song ‘This is what you do’

Every time I listen to this song I end up bouncing and jumping round the house like a maniac but I don’t think God minds he loves to see us loose ourselves in worship and give everything over to him.

My challenge to you today is be like David and dance before our King but maybe keep your clothes on 😂

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  1. I often turn up worship music and dance with the Lord, rejoicing for His goodness and forever love has been given to me! I can hardly imagine being in His sight when He ushers me home to my eternal dwelling place with my Father, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

    What unexplainable joy, love, peace, will fill me? What overflowing life will spring from me? What does He have in store for me?

    Our Father has the best plans in store for those who love Him in our Now, so what more could He give to me when I will stand before Him, naked of anything flesh, and I will see the Holy of Holies! Ah, what a sight to anticipate!

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