I’m Running A Marathon…Still

Today I’m providing a two part update on my running and writing exploits of late. The title above may have given it away that this first instalment covers the former. Those who would rather gnaw their own foot off than read a running blog may look away now with my blessing. But more fool them for opening it in the first place given the blindingly obvious, giveaway heading.

The Belfast Marathon is a mere 34 days away. Not that I’m counting. It will be my third Belfast Marathon and eighth in total. Well get me. My PB (that’s Personal Best for us in the know) is 3:33:20 which I set at Belfast in 2016. I will be nowhere near that this year and will be happy with anything under four hours. I’m two years older now (if not wiser) and injury and illness last year have taken their toll. Plus I’m no longer part of a running group so have been plodding a lone furrow which tends to take the wind out of your sails a bit. Hey ho.

Training has been going well all the same. I’ve been injury free (touches nearest tree based object) for the guts of a year now and I’ve consistently been hitting my target times. Saturday last I completed a 20 mile training run with the minimum of fuss. I felt stiff and sore the next day but ‘no biggie’ and I completed a 10K yesterday feeling a-ok. My warm up race is the Omagh Half Marathon this Saturday which I’m looking forward to as it’s my home town. I’ll bore you all with my adventures at that in due course.

So I’m nervous, excited, a bit of everything really. But I’m as ready as I’ll ever be and the countdown is well and truly on now. I have a 21 mile training run scheduled in another 2-3 weeks and then I’ll wind down for the big day itself. You can then brace yourself for a flurry of photographs of yours truly looking sweaty and unflattering in running gear. But it’s a small price to pay for such a high quality, diverse and entertaining blogging product right? In the interim, to bide you all over, here are some equally unflattering snaps (of me I might add, not other members of the family) from previous runs.

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  1. I salute and congratulate you on your willpower and discipline. I don’t know anything about training for running a marathon.
    Is it like training for a fight, for us, we used to train double the amount of rounds that we would have to do in order to increase stamina and anticipate the higher level of intensity during the fight. Do you have something similar in your training schedule?

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  2. Love the read and it all sounds wonderful. I am very impressed that you are still doing it all even after those setbacks. I love the photos. Thank you so much for sharing it all with us.

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  3. Bravo! Personally, I cannot imagine continuously running that kind of distance. I am utterly in awe of anyone who does. I would be interested in your reflections on the intersection of running and writing – if that is on your agenda. Blessings for the strength and courage required!


  4. Such great discipline, I won’t run anything over 10K on my own. Even if I don’t talk dur No a run I like to have someone with me. Thankfully hubster will get on his bike to keep me company. All the best for a couple of successful runs you’ve got coming up, I’m certain you’ll cross the finish line upright and smiling!


  5. Great pics! Good luck this weekend too! Scott tried a long run tonight but everywhere is flooded round here so he ended up turning round several times and couldn’t really get into a rhythm so he going to do a longer one later on in the week.


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