What Is Your Worst Habit?

Fionnuala often affectionately tells me (at least I hope it is affectionate. Can you be affectionate and annoyed at the same time?) that if there is an awkward way to do something then I will find it. Take Lent for example. My sincere intention to refrain from biscuits, chocolate and crisps lasted all of…oh….let me see now….around 4 minutes. I displayed all the willpower of an anaemic gnat before I went snuffling off to the cupboard in search of sugary sustenance.

My ‘problem’ reached new heights (or depths depending on your perspective) over Easter itself when I devoured anything remotely unhealthy within arms reach. My eating Everest was a huge (as in HUGE) Cadbury’s chocolate Fruit & Nut egg which Fionnuala bought me as otherwise I would probably have sulked when the kids got their eggs. Or stolen them. So it’s my wife’s fault really. She forced me to cram every last chunk of it into my greedy gullet. I’m the innocent party in all of this don’t you see? Don’t you??

A chocolate egg. With raisins in it! And nuts!! What evil genius created this delicious delight. I was powerless in its grasp. Fast forward to the following morning and I woke up with a momentous food hangover. I felt nauseous, sluggish and very, very guilty. I’m a binge eater and with my running I can largely get away with it. I don’t put on much weight and if I do I tend to lose it fairly quickly again. Yet that morning I felt rubbish and resolved I was going to eat healthily between now and the marathon in just over a months time.

That’s right. I’m giving up chocolate…..after Lent!

It’s back to front thinking of the highest order but that’s the beauty of life. You can make a decision to change at any time and contrary to popular belief it doesn’t just have to be on 1st January. I’ve had more than my fair share of bad habits down the years. I’ve successfully knocked some on the head while others have proven more difficult to shake off. I would include a chronic Diet Coke problem, nail biting (just fingers, not toes) and binge eating in the latter category. Fionnuala has also mentioned my talking and breathing at times but I’m pretty certain this was in the heat of the moment and she didn’t really mean it.

I am proud that these bad habits are relatively minor in the greater scheme of things and that the bigger demons I have slain have far outweighed them in terms of significance. I also contend that my good habits now outnumber the not so good ones. It’s all part of the process of trying to become a better human being as you battle through life. You mess up, you learn from it and you resolve to do better the next time. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. The day you stop doing that is the day you might as well throw them towel in.

So I have a challenge for you all. I’m off all the aforementioned junk food until 7th May. I want YOU to join me. What bad habit are you willing to kick into touch for the next month and possibly beyond? Comment below and we can create an online accountability network. If it is a sensitive or private issue then feel free to send an e-mail. You are greater than your worst habit. Give it up rather than simply giving up. You will be shocked and surprised with the levels of willpower and discipline you can dredge up.

What is your worst habit?

What habit are you prepared to give up for the next month and possibly beyond?

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

45 thoughts on “What Is Your Worst Habit?

  1. First off, I love your writing style! I am amazed how you combine humor and realism into the account of your life. Really makes for a great read.

    This is an awesome challenge, too! I needed a push to face my inner issues and I think this was exactly what I needed to see today.

    Lately me and my fiancé have been working out a rough patch and I’ve found my biggest, horrible habit is letting small things feel really big and get the better (or rather worst) of me. I have a really hard time not getting angry and then letting go of that anger afterwards. I don’t know really if it translates into a habit but I want to give up excessive anger at small things by reminding myself that they won’t ruin the big picture and letting go more quickly.

    Here’s to day one!

    Thanks for the inspiration and best of luck on healthier eating!! You’ve got this!!

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  2. At least until May 7th, I will no longer eat my lunch in front of a computer. Also, this may not count as a bad habit, but I’ll walk my dogs each day. Not getting exercise for me is a bad habit. It’s how I stay balanced. Thanks for the kick in the pants : )

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  3. Fruit & Nut? Fruit & Nut Egg? Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut Egg? Do you have any idea how many miles I made my wife drive to try and find one of these delights? And you ate the whole lot!!! Shame on you! I have no sympathy for your food hangover the following day either, although I empathise with your good lady in having to put up with you…Carry on regardless! DJ

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  4. They make Fruit and Nut eggs? Oh my goodness that sounds delicious. Anyway, I need to give up chocolate/sugary treats because I don’t think they’re doing me any favors in the migraine department. So I’ll be joining you!


  5. I gave up hot tamale candy for Lent 😂…found myself using sugar compulsively and wanted a break. We’ll see it the practice helped or not. However, my worst habit is not recognizing my own finitude and finding myself with wanting to accomplish more than any reasonable human could in any reasonable amount of time.


  6. I still smoke the occasional cigarette when stressed out. I have a friend who smokes so I’ve been known to buy a pack smoke a couple and then give them to her. Not exactly what a runner should be doing. And a cuss like a sailor. It’s super bad habit.


  7. I eat half biscuits or chocolate at the time to feel les guilt and throw the other half back in the biscuits jar or rewrap it…..but only to go and eat them later….not my fault if someone always arrive first and shame me 😳

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  8. Recently Scott and I have talked about how we both need to be more present and on our phones less during the evenings. Making more time for each other and less for the rest of the virtual world so I’m going to give up my phone after 8.30pm. I’m going to tell Scott too so hopefully he will do the same. Unless I don’t sit down until 8.30pm, in which case I’m allowing myself 15 minutes screen time 😄 Good luck with your challenge.


  9. I plan to spend less time on the phone and when I’m not on phone, try to channel my thoughts more on better things and not just sex. Yea, this distance relationship makes me kinda obsessed with such thoughts at times
    (Wow, this is the most open I’ve ever been?)

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  10. Perfect timing. During the fast I finished last month, I gave up bread, rice, pasta, and omg my addiction to chocolate. As soon as the fast was over my arm automatically reached for bread, sandwiches, rice, and chocolate. I thought I kick the habit. And like you mentioned, my body feels weighed down and I feel awful. So I want to join you and kicking this habit permanently, especially due to health reasons as well. I know moderation is key, but for now I want to eliminate them. So I’ll definitely be there alongside everyone on this journey.
    Starting today!


  11. My worst habit: giving up when I don’t see instant results.

    I ate healty for two entire days, why don’t I feel better.
    I did like 30 situps, why isn’t my tummy firmer.

    I’m actually going to stick to meditation and yoga THIS time. 🙌

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    1. Hi. Unfortunately results don’t happen overnight. It takes consistency and determination to keep at it even when you are frustrated and tired. I’m stubborn and force myself to write and run consistently. I hope the new approach works for you. I’ll be following your progress 😊


  12. Coffee is my addiction and cussing at work or around my non-Christian friends is my worst habit. I have a fantastic filter around people who would not appreciate some of my courser comments but working in the back of a kitchen with people whose vocabulary mainly consists of curse words it’s not so easy and this bad habit has always been my downfall! Let’s see if I can quit both at least till 7th May! 🙂 Thanks for the challenge!


  13. I identify with your sweet tooth–sugar is definitely an addictive substance, and the only “cure” for me it to go off it completely. I can’t do “just one” or “just a bite” or I’ll devour the whole batch of cookies (or more likely, the whole batter, uncooked!) On another note, I’m trying to be non-judgemental of people…which is hard, and I’d like to give it up permanently as well, not just for a month!
    Gail Park
    Making Life an Art


      1. Thanks! I am doing a lot better than during the weekend. I just have a pesky cough now, but that seems to be the last of the trials of my colds. It’s been a blessing to see so many people reach out to check on me. This community is wonderful.


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