What Bloggers Would You Invite To Dinner And Why?

I’ve posted some heavy duty stuff in recent days so thought I would lighten matters up somewhat. The weekend is just around the corner and sometimes us bloggers take life just a little too seriously. I know I’m the worst offender. So to kick off ‘Fun Friday’ *cringe* I thought I’d pose you a few questions.

I’ll probably be Mr. Miserable again by Monday so make the most of it 😂

If you were to host a dinner party what three bloggers would you invite and why?

Feel free to post the links to their blogs in the comments section below.

45 thoughts on “What Bloggers Would You Invite To Dinner And Why?

Add yours

  1. 1. Beautybeyondbones because it’s an excellent anorexia recovery blog, she lives in NY and she writes every Monday and Wednesday.
    2. Running4meyer This girl doesn’t post often but when she does it’s hysterical. She lives in SA lost weight by running and chronicals the struggle to maintain weight.
    3. Cat h. Bradley. Another running blog at times although now that she completed her first marathon more about other things. Recovering alcoholic writer also lives in ny. Seems like her day job has to do with producing.
    Anyhow I prefer people who have email turned on so I don’t have to try and go to WordPress reader. Too lazy.

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