What’s Been Your Best/Worst Wedding Experience?

Good Morning from a sunny (yes, you heard that right) sunny Northern Ireland. This is a big week for the Black Family. As well as the usual work and school madness Fionnuala’s brother is getting married on Friday. Hannah will be a bridesmaid and Fionnuala, Adam and Rebecca all have roles to perform during the service as well. All I have to do is shave and turn up on time in a suit and tie. I think even I can manage that.

My question for you this morning is what is your best and/or worst wedding experience. You are not allowed to include your own as I don’t want to be the instigator of multiple divorce proceedings here. The funnier or weirder the better. I’ll post another blog post later as I have more exciting news for you all. Bet you just can’t wait!

What’s been your best/worst wedding experience?

List your comments below.

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

33 thoughts on “What’s Been Your Best/Worst Wedding Experience?

  1. Maybe worst is not a good word for this. My good friend and several of us got rip-roaring drunk before I knew the (Lord) and we all passed out the night before the wedding. When we woke up, we could not find the groom, and I was his best man! Panic set in and we headed out to locate him. Fortunatey, he was not far away. He had wandered away from the house sometime in the night and passed out in a snowbank just down the street. We woke him up and he was cold and dazed. But the wedding went fine and all laughed about it afterward.

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  2. I’m breaking the rules and telling you mine. My whole family including my husband and his laughs till this day. We had our wedding video recorded and he had a mic on. We weren’t married five minutes before it came time to light the unity candle and we got in a big fight about whether or not to blow out the side candles. I would have to watch it again because I can’t remember what I said, only that I won. A true foreshadowing of who is the boss in this family. BAHAHAHA. All kidding aside it was great day almost twenty eight years ago.


  3. I was a bridesmaid in a Catholic wedding. Well, prior to the wedding I injured my knee and needed crutches. Right before the service I (unwisely) thought it’d be fine to take a Percocet for the pain so I would be able to get through the ceremony. Big mistake. Well, the good thing was that because it was a Catholic wedding, we were allowed to sit down during parts of the ceremony. The painkiller kicked in but because I hadn’t eaten much that day, I had a reaction and nearly passed out. Someone had to get me some water. All the attention was on me and I was so embarrassed. LOL


  4. Some 20 years ago I was hired to sing at the wedding of a young lady I worked with. It was a beautiful setting; the 17th green of a pristine golf course on the shores of Lake Ontario. As we had rehearsed, my guitar player and I broke into Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight as the brides horse-drawn buggy appeared through the trees. Unlike rehearsal, the buggy stopped. The video of the looks exchanged by us up front, as well as the audience of 300 was amusing to say the least. We finished the song as the buggy sat motionless. Finally the brides mom walked out to where her daughter sat frozen in fright. She motioned for us to sing the song again as she sat with her daughter for the rest of the ride. I am happy to report the rest of the wedding went flawlessly.


  5. My husband and I were wedding photographers for ten years and I think we saw it all – bridezillas, momzillas, missing grooms, being propositioned by members of the bridal party….We never knew what we would have to deal with. But one of the funniest things we ever saw was a wedding in which all the music was played on a little boom box. By the groom. He kept having to job up and down the aisle to press “play.” That was bad enough, but then he had technical difficulties and lost his temper in the middle of the ceremony. We found out later that the marriage did not last.


  6. My memory came as the wedding officiant. Close to the end of the ceremony, I asked the couple to kneel for a blessing. As I had my head down praying, I began to feel an odd warmth on the back of my left arm. I was standing between the couple and the altar and – apparently – a little too close to the Unity Candle. I opened my eyes and glanced around mid-prayer just in time to see flames shooting up the left sleeve of my polyester robe. I began swatting at the flames furiously without missing a word of the prayer. By the time I said “AMEN” the fire was out and no one (or so I thought) was the wiser. I found out later that one of the musicians on the side saw the whole thing and captured most of the incident on video. I think they posted it somewhere, but I have never seen it.


  7. I have a “could have been bad” wedding story that turned out great.
    It all started with the bachelorette party. It was 2 nights before the wedding. We were to be back in town Sunday morning for the wedding at 7 p.m. PLENTY of time to get ready, right? So Friday night we got into the Dallas area. We had plans to go to dinner and the Dueling Piano Bar after that. We went to Chili’s and everyone, but myself had their first drink. Dinner was great. We went back to the hotel(walking distance from everything)and got changed for our night on the town. We get to the piano bar and she opens her presents from everyone. She got all kinds of gag stuff. The best part, a blow up doll. We named him Fred(he came with shorts thank goodness). So we commence taking pictures with Fred. He went with us everywhere, bathroom, bar, dance floor and they even stood him up on the piano while they played. The night went from Wild to Insane. A group of 40 college guys showed up. They were buying us drinks left and right. Everyone was taking pictures with Fred and us. I got up on the bar at some point(my 500 pound self) and started belting out Natural Woman, while the pianos played in the background. I fell off the bar and sprained my ankle. One of the college guys ran out to his car and got sports tape(super thoughtful kid). I was good to go. So we drank and danced and sang(mostly I sang..a lot).
    At some point the bride went to the bathroom without us. Fred was crowd surfing at this point. We noticed she was gone after around 20 minutes. So I went to find her. Her hair was stuck in the door. She was laughing so hard. We couldn’t get her loose. So someone grabbed scissors and cut her hair. She put it in a pony and we were good to go. We made our way with Fred to a strip joint. I refused to go in(still not sure why). So I walked to a taco stand and made my way back. One of em came out and said we had been invited to an AFTER party somewhere. The people had a limo and we all got in. About this time the college guys from the piano bar were coming out, and they got invited to the party as well.

    We get to the house and it is HUGE. It has 2 pools, a guest house, jacuzzi and a hideaway waterfall in the backyard. People start jumping in the pool, some naked and some fully clothed(Fred was the first one thrown in). One of the college guys grabs me and jumps into the pool with me. About that time my friends were in the pool too. I was the only one still dressed. There must have been 100 people running around naked. I climbed out of the pool and sat on the concrete with my feet dangling. Everyone was having a great time.

    This is where the night got bad, real fast. I think we were there about an hour or so when somebody yells “it’s the cops get the F*** outta here y’all”. At first I was like, why..we got invited. Then I realized I hadn’t seen not one single person go inside the house since we got there. I grabbed the guy that invited us. I said “dude, why are the cops here?” He said it wasn’t his place, but he knew the folks were out of town for a week. I knew I was not going to be able to outrun the cops. I grabbed 4 of my friends that I could find(including the bride, but we were missing 8 people) and made a break for the water fall. We climbed behind it and laid down flat and covered ourselves with floaties and such. We laid there for literally hours. We found almost everyone’s phones and clothes. One of them had to wear some guys shirt because her dress was missing. Fred was still floating in the pool as we left. We walked down the road for what seemed like forever. A nice family picked us up and drove us the 30 minutes back to our hotel room. When we got to the room everyone was passed out on the floor and bed. Except we were missing one person. The maid of honor was MIA. We spent the next few minutes calling hospital and the police. She wasn’t there. We phoned her folks and they hadn’t heard from her either. The cars were still parked as well. A few hours later she walks in. She’s a mess. Apparently, she had run thru the wooded area with some of the college guys and spent the better half of 6 hours wandering around thru mesquite trees and brush. Around this time the bride yells OMG MY HAIR!! Her hair was waist length and the section that had been cut was up to her shoulders and about 6 inches across. Our first order of business was a trip to the closest hair salon. She cried the whole time. There was no fixing it. After about an hour of mourning her hair their response was..let’s get a head start on tonight. I said you guys have got to be kidding me? We are not going out tonight…right? I was outvoted. I told them I was going back to the hotel to rest and go for a swim. They got ready and headed out.

    I went swimming and caught up with a friend that lived in the Dallas area. We hit up a museum and had dinner. I got back to the hotel and got into my jammies. Around 2:30 I got a hysterical phone call. There had been a bar room brawl and the bride was missing. I literally left the hotel room in my jammies and slippers. I talked to a bell boy and asked where this bar was. It was in a really bad part of town. His manager gave him the heads up to take me down there. I get there and everyone is literally covered in beer. There were a few cuts and gashes as well. And there, on the pavement sat the bride. She looked up at me and I couldn’t do anything but laugh. She had some kind of blue liquor on her shirt, the start of a black eye, no shoes and she was sunburned to a crisp. I rounded everyone up and dropped them at the hospital. The bell boy took me to the car and I drove back. They required stitches. I asked what happened and they said they didn’t want to talk about it.

    The next morning we packed up and headed back. We were deep in thought on how to cover up a black eye AND sunburn. I was the only one that was “photo ready” even though I was hobbling about on a sprain. She called her mother in desperation and told her about everything. I just remember her mother literally dying laughing. She said you two are a match made in heaven. We rushed about getting hair and makeup done. We managed to do pretty well covering up the sunburn, but the black eye was another story. When we got to the church one of the groom friends pulled me aside and began to rehash what had happened at their party. It was a lot like ours…minus a pool party and trespassing. He said all the guys were going to be wearing sunglasses because the groom had a black eye. I just laughed and told him about our party. He said he had a plan. He left and about 30 minutes later he came back with sunglasses for everyone. So I told the bride that the groom agreed to wear sunglasses and she was relieved(his friend went back and told him that he had convinced the bride to wear sunglasses). He was ecstatic. They all marched down the aisle with their sunglasses on(the priest included). People were clueless as to why. When they got up to the front they both raised their glasses up and realized they both had black eyes. Everyone in the crowd just died laughing. I really, really wish I had pictures from the wedding.

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  8. I still remember my husband cousin wedding,the longest ever from 11 in the mornings no to late night.The mass lasted 2.1/2 hours because of the songs and all the friends from church giving a speech.Half way of all this we went to the bar opposite the church and got drunk 🤪


  9. So at one of my college friend’s weddings her maid of honor stole over a thousand dollars from here. It was a wedding where over 300+ people attended so there was a table for cards and gifts, and she offered to take the gifts as they came up to her room so that nothing would happen to the money. Well, she took every single penny. She only took the cash, not the cards, and so the bride had to track down every person that got her a card, contact them and embarrassingly ask how much they had put in the card, and keep a ledger. Since it was over $1,000 she went to the police and pressed charges. I know that seems petty, but she found out that this girls mom has a wedding business and this is not the first person that either her or her mom had stolen from. Crazy right?


  10. I had breast cancer. I was having chemotherapy. losing clumps of hair every day. It was on my pillow when I woke up every morning, in the shower, it was everywhere. I knew I wanted to wait until after my niece’s wedding to shave my head. I was so weak and tired I could barely sit up.

    I was seated with my brother and my children. The view outside was beautiful but I could not stand for very long. All my family at my table were smokers so they stayed outside enjoying the view and having a cigarette. I felt very self conscious sitting there alone but I was too weak and tired to go sit at another table.

    My nephew Ryan came and sat with me. He has always been a great guy. The poor man. He sat down and I started crying and thanking him for sitting with me. The rest of the reception was very nice.


  11. Best wedding experience? Standing next to one of my closest friends and watching her get married to a man she loves with all her heart. A decade later, nothing has changed. She still thinks he is the best person ever. Those two make me smile.

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