Blogging Is Hard Work

Blogging is hard work. Never forget that. It requires creativity, determination and hard work. I try to post every day but coming up with original content is no easy matter. Finding the time to write is also a challenge. I blog on the commute to work, on my lunch break, in bed. Anywhere I can find a sliver of time to write. Sometimes my content is rushed but I always do my best to ensure a quality, thought provoking content.

I put everything into my blogs. I strive to be innovative yet honest; realistic yet hopeful; humble yet proud of what I have achieved. I take risks but they are always carefully considered and calculated. I aim at delivering a varied content that won’t bore the reader but at the same time remains consistent with my core theme and central message – that no matter what your back story you can always recover and lead the life you were created to live.

The blog has grown beyond our wildest expectations. We don’t overly plug it on other social media platforms. I tend to avoid Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for a variety of reasons. WordPress is my backyard and you, my fellow bloggers, are my neighbours. Since we moved in just over a year ago you have supported and encouraged us every step of the journey. I speak to a number of bloggers every day. Dare I say it but friendships have developed.

We have been fortunate in that 99% of the comments we receive are positive. And as for the other 1% – well people are entitled to their opinions. If everyone agreed with everyone else then life would be boring, right? Some blogs are more popular than others. Some sink without trace and you wonder why but it is a learning curve that I’m willing to scramble along. Every day is a school day on WordPress.

You stumble and you fall but you keep going. One comment from a fellow blogger can make the post a worthwhile exercise. It can make up for the hundreds of people who scrolled past your post without a second glance. Even that is a positive. It toughens me as a writer and prepares me for the time when I will be submitting manuscripts and awaiting those dreaded rejection letters. Always moving forward.

I’ve said before that I hope the blog shows the few people who supported me through the tough times that they were right to do so; and to the many others that did not that they were wrong to do so. Bridges have been burnt but some rivers are never meant to be recrossed. Much as the past seeks to drag me backwards I am determined to look forward to new opportunities on previously untraveled paths.

Blogging is hard work. But keep writing, keep hitting that publish button. Don’t be one of those ‘Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while guys but I’ve been sooooooo busy’ people. I don’t totally buy that. If you are determined to succeed as a blogger then you will find the time to write. And surely a busy life provides you with all the ammunition you need to blog more. You will be bursting with ideas and keen to share them with the world.

So I will keep writing. I will keep posting. I will continue to interact with other bloggers and support their work. I will keep moving forward as there is no other viable alternative. I will battle my demons, both internal and external, for this is my battlefield. I will make my family proud and I will share my message loud. Nothing is impossible and hope is a bottomless commodity. Never give up on yourself.

How is your blogging career going?

Where does your blogging inspiration come from?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I’ve wondered how in the world you are able to write so prolifically, and now I know you are writing in bits and snatches all day long! This is oddly encouraging because it takes me HOURS to produce one post. (I tend to over-think things.) I look forward to your posts each day, and they are always well done, interesting, and encouraging. I think you have a promising writing career ahead of you. “Hope is a bottomless commodity.” That’s great. 🙂

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  2. Agree with @kakymc ^!!! No idea how you post every day and have a family and write a book and have a job and run marathons. I am happy to post once a week and even then I struggle. I love your content even though I don’t hit the star every time. It is meaningful and thought-provoking. Thanks for showing us how it’s done! Cheers!

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  3. I am guilty of the I’m so busy. This blog kinda pushed me to want to make blogging maybe not my main focus but definitely an important one. I am so glad I stumbled on your blog. You are so insightful, honest, and wonderful to read. Keep up the great work!!

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  4. Thanks for asking questions I can answer easily. Blogging is going fine, slower for the summer because of the summer ministries I’m involved in. But I am looking forward to getting back to the Walking with Jesus through the Bible Series in late summer/early fall. And that answers the second question. My inspiration comes from God’s word, and there is always something new to learn there. I enjoy your posts. Keep going forward!

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  5. I am pleased with my blogging. I do not have a huge following but the ones that do, encourage and support me. Creating a blog and sticking to it has been one of my best endeavors thus far. I enjoy reading your posts as well! Keep on keeping on. 🙂

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  6. I was just talking today with a fellow writer about the fact that writing is so much work. It is a discipline. We need to keep at it. It doesn’t always flow, and the creative well is not always deep. You have done better in a shorter. Of time in terms of your audience than me, so you are doing something right. Keep up the good work.

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  7. You do a great job of blogging every day. I have tried but find it stresses me and I don’t enjoy the pressure so I keep it to my free days. I’m spurred on by the likes, comments, friendships I have made and the hope that someone some Where finds what I write useful in some way 😊

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  8. You are so right. It is harder work than I thought, mainly because you want to ensure that what you post has relevance and is helpful to others, and that it does not just become all about you. Douglas and I are trying to decide if we should have two blogs, because often we post on the same days, but on different aspects, so people may not read but one of them, thinking, oh, I read them already. We also wonder if we should put our names on the ones we write, so people know which of us wrote the post. How do you all deal with this issue? So, yes, it takes some reflection and decisions to ensure the message gets through to as many people as possible.

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  9. I’ve often wandered how you manage to post, write, run, work, etc…it’s so inspiring how you got such a huge amount of followers as well, what an impact you make!!!


  10. True, true, true. My days have changed so I’m trying to balance work, writing and blogging. I feel like I’d just gotten the hang of it.

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  11. I relate and also strongly agree blogging is hardwork. Most people think it’s an easy job when one is blogging. Creating content alone is a big deal. Well depending on the strategy used. Have adopted in posting three to four times a day to generate more better content, and also have time for other things. Great piece sir

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  12. This is so amazing. One major lesson is to not be one of those “over busy people with excuses” every time. Thanks for this.


  13. Thanks for this encouragement. Being an introvert my mind is always restless and that’s how I get most of my ideas. Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing whatever comes to my mind I always jot it down and I’ll write from there. That and the love that goes with it. The biggest difference is if you love what you do you’ll always find a time to do it and you’ll never feel tired. I actually get tired if I don’t write. Second, to give encouragement to other people. “Hope is a bottomless commodity,” that is so spot on.


  14. The fact that this comes after a whole month of my slacking off lol. Definitely guilty of the “I’m soooooo busy.” It is impressive how you keep up with it all but every post is a great inspiration! Right now my blogging career is going through a bit of a remodel. Family by Faith is growing slowly but steadily which is fine with me and I’m rebooting my Montana Bear Paw blog over the summer to show a more personal side of myself so we’ll see how it goes. One interesting thing about my life though is that it isn’t so much that I’m ‘busy’ at the moment, I just am not always in a place with internet access 🙂 This last week I’ve spent on my Grandparents’ place in Montana pretty much without access. But I think a time to rest and regroup for more inspiration is really important for me especially in a time where I am coming up with new and hopefully interesting content for my blogs moving on for the rest of the year! Thank you for your words of wisdom as always,


  15. Thank you for reading my blog post article! I just discovered yours when I was alerted of someone liking my post. I love the positivity you express in this post and completely agree with you that anything is possible. I’m not much of a writer only because I’ve never developed those skills but I try my best to write in a way that helps motivate and inspire others to be their best. I think thats what it’s all about, helping others along your path. I truly enjoyed your post and look forward to reading more!


  16. I stumbled into blogging and started this on a whim, having no idea that it would launch me into a passion and a career. I became a published author because I started blogging (very sporadically) years ago. While I don’t have as many followers as I would like, I know those will come.

    The most rewarding part of it is encouraging and inspiring others along the way. It’s incredible that I’m able to help people start their own blogs because I decided to leap first. It’s so fun being part of such a wonderful and positive blogging community!


  17. Completely agree. Blogging has taught me so much about writing, and I’ll add, novel writing has taught me a lot about blogging.

    Even when I am busy, I do okay at getting posts written, but I am not always able to keep up with the community in reading others’ work, which I usually do have posts that apologize for not being as engaging.

    For the past four years, we lived away from family and friends, and even now we still live away enough we are only home visiting a number of times throughout the year. I have to remind myself about priorities because sometimes I will put my writing over God and family. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to write and help others, I have to make sure I am with and helping those around me first when I am able.


  18. I blog because preparing for posts causes me to get into the Word and hopefully encourages or inspires others in some way. I have so enjoyed getting to know others in the blogging world, particularly your family!


  19. My blogging career has come to a stop at this moment in time. I feel i have become to enveloped in my eating disorder and instead of recovering like i should i have used it as a tool and a reason to carry on with my disorder. I have taken a step back. Although i still have low days when the ED is strong i find that not blogging about it a greater help. That may sound backward?? But it is the way i see it at the moment. Does that make sense to anyone??????

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    1. I suffered with an ED (anorexia) for nearly 10 years. I’m completely empathetic with your situation. When you say not blogging seems to be of greater help to you it sounds as if not blogging is a way of avoiding hidden feelings or emotions about the disorder that makes you feel vulnerable and is threatened in some way. Just my thoughts on it. I do wish you well and pray for a healing for you. This is a subject that touches me because I’ve been there and know the pain all too well.

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      1. Thank you kimmiesmith for your comment. It certainly raises a few questions in my head. I am confident however that I have made the correct choice in not blogging. I still have the feelings and emotions everyday but I feel that by not blogging about them I can concentrate on what I need to do to get myself in a better place if that makes sense?? I just feel at the moment all my energies need to be given to recovery instead of talking about restricting and guilt over taking a bite if chocolate for example. I admire anyone who has gone through and come out the other side of this terrible illness. One day I hope to be rid of it so that I can live my life in a more fulfilling way instead of the way I have cocooned myself at this moment in time.. Peace and Love to you..

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    2. It makes sense to me. Although my situation is not an ED, but rather healing from sexual betrayal trauma, I sometimes find writing and reading blogs can be triggering for me and take me back to a darker place. I need to guard the recovery I have done and keep moving forward rather than sitting in my past hurts. For me, I don’t think it is avoiding as much as being mindful of not unnecessarily immersing myself in negative emotions, thoughts, and behaviour again. Sometimes my healing just requires a different focus at different times. I think it shows wisdom to sit back for a bit and reassess what is best for your recovery.

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      1. Thank you Cynthia. It is exactly how I see things. I have searched long and hard to find out my triggers. To get to this stage was quite a battle for me. I used to think of it as a lifeline….However the more I looked and thought about it I just felt I was sinking deeper and deeper. I see it as a step back into some brighter area where I can judge my surroundings and look for the correct path with the help of the light, instead of being in complete darkness and having to feel my around to move forward as it were.

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  20. Very true and relatable… i tend to catch my “ive not blogged for a while” situatuon often…

    For me my blog is a space where i can get thoughts out of my head and out here… its more of a personal creative space that sometimes runs dry. Like you i pst about everything that impacts me.. the largest to the smallest. Its a place where i can be Me without having the fear of being judged.

    Love your work and kudos for putting in all the effort! Keep blogging!!!!


  21. I love to write and blog. When hits go up, I am encouraged, but when hits nose dive, I nose dive, too. I’m working on being a better writer, but I don’t know why some weeks are high and some are low (in hits). Any ideas? I tell myself it’s not because I’m boring. I hope I’m right!


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