What Do You Wish You Had Written About Today?

People often compliment me on my honest writing style. They ask me how do I do it as they could never be that open and upfront about their lives. They use words like ‘refreshing’ which I like as honesty is a refreshing attribute in today’s world. I’m not talking about liars here but, rather, people who don’t speak the truth as it might damage the persona they portray to the world. They would rather hide behind a facade than be that rarest of creatures…..their true selves.

I’ve already written at length about this epidemic of evasiveness in previous posts. It is insidious and permeates all aspects of life. We simply refuse to be honest as to who we are. We flinch from the truth as it’s ugliness scares us. But ugliness, much like beauty, is only skin deep. Cut away the scar tissue and expose the miracle within. The real you. With a voice begging be heard, with words and songs and images bursting to be released into this arid wasteland we inhabit.

I fled to WordPress a year ago to practice talking the truth. I had been suffocated by the real world, too ashamed to explore the many flaws and failings I had kept bottled up for way too long. A gangrenous genie that, when released, threatened to turn my fairytale ‘perfect’ life into a living nightmare. Yet, it had to breathe, it had to be. I had no church or friends to turn to so, encouraged by Fionnuala, I turned to blogging. It saved my life as I knew it then.

It was a revelation, a revolution within my soul which had the old Stephen reaching for the white flag while simultaneously throwing the towel into the ring. I write prodigiously and truthfully. I wielded words and practice every day until they surged from my keyboard at will. I needed to write. I had so much to say and the clock keeps ticking. I constantly feel as if I am running out of time. Words can be weapons of mass destruction. They are more valuable than precious stones, than the very air we breathe.

Words are life. They strip away the veneer, the plastic and the false. They are white hot, they cleanse and purge like no other potion or pill known to man. Then why do we shy away from them? Increasingly on WordPress I see fellow bloggers testify that they are unable to write about what they want to. Some are worried about what others might think, some believe they are not eloquent enough to accurately express themselves, others say it would be too painful a process.

More painful than keeping the words unspoken or unwritten? Meandering along a river of regret until they become stuck in the shallows never to be emerge again. So we fall into the same old trap. We say what we think others want to hear, we dilute our diction and side step the stories that are our legacy and our right to tell. They fester and ferment within us, dripping poison into our veins and clogging our arteries, blocking the hopes and dreams that will never see the light of day.

What have you written about today? What are you thinking of writing today? Reflect upon it. Is it really what you want to say, what you need to say? Or is there something else, curled in a ball, buried deep within, that craves to be unfurled like a battlefield banner. A banner which announces to your enemies and antagonists that enough is enough and you are making a stand. Look up and read the words on that banner as it flaps and flutters in the breeze.

Commit those words to memory. For that is your anthem and they are your story. Share them and feel that cloak of secrecy and shame slip from your shoulders. They are words forged in the depths of your being, unspeakably strong. They cannot be broken for they were written with the ink of your blood and your tears. They are your rebirth from the banality and boredom of what you once were. You are whole again. Now tell your story and live to tell many more.

Do you want to write about certain subjects and experiences but hold back? Why?

Is your writing as honest as you would like it to be?

What has this post inspired you to write about?

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

33 thoughts on “What Do You Wish You Had Written About Today?

  1. Before blogging, I used Facebook as my writing platform. Unlike you (and, apparently, much of the world), I feel like my warts are out there so why not talk about them?
    Your speech was a rarin’ one -don’t get me wrong- but even my counselor suggested that I shouldn’t have, say, ranted about how all my neighbors are making disparity worse with their hypocritical potlatching.
    The more you know, eh?
    So, be honest but avoid a little too-honest. 😉

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  2. Stephen: Thanks so much for this. Your encouragement to write our truth really helps me. I write a lot about body shame and self-loathing because these are issues I struggled with for years, and even though I struggle with them still sometimes, I have found some ideas that have been so healing for me that I want to share them with others. Still, it is hard to write my truth sometimes because body and image issues are so personal. So, thanks for this encouragement!

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    1. Shelly, hey there, just reading through the comments and thought I’d encourage you to write about them as you would be pleasantly surprised to find that there are others who have gone through, are going through, will go through those exact same things! And there’s something completely relieving about knowing you are not the only one who struggles in this way. I think part of struggling with issues (whatever they are, whether addiction, negative self talk, personal, whatever!) is that we feel isolated because we think we are the only one- it’s just not try. I remember back to when I struggled with body image and nothing would have been more relieving that to have someone come along aside me and say, “I know how that feels and here’s my story!” So Shelly, I would implore you to go for it. And don’t let fear sway you against it- Bc even if one person is touched and helped, it’s worth it! And if being open about it changes the opinions others have of you- I have news, there is something your ability to be authentic has triggered within them that’s giving them the ugly reaction to you. Another way to say that: the problem they might have is within them and genuinely has nothing to do with you.
      So, even though we don’t know each other, I say: Go for it, girl!! It’s your experience and no one can take away or invalidate your life experience.

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    2. Sorry for the typos; autocorrect got me in some spots. That should say ‘just not true’ instead of ‘try’ and also ‘relieving THAN to have someone’


  3. I think places like Facebook are not environments for honesty. Like the reader above said, you can’t be too honest. I find most social media is a breeding ground for apathy and self absorption. Blogging, on the other hand, is great. Most of my readers don’t know me in real life so if I moan about some random issue, they will not find offense with it. If I had people I knew reading, that might change how I blog a little. I feel like real life relationships tend to read into your posts too much and then assume they know you. I have had that happen and then had to take back what I said. Then I was much more guarded. It made blogging not fun. I don’t publish this blog to my friends or family for that reason. May be that makes me fake. I just don’t think they are ready for authentic me. Lol. I am real in real life but I’m also picky about what I do say, more so than on my blog.

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    1. I think the friendships and relationships you build on a forum like WordPress can be more beneficial and fulfilling that those in the ‘real’ world where image and front is everything. My post was aimed at bloggers as opposed to other social media platforms. I suppose I should have been more specific. But I agree with you. Facebook can be a very soul destroying environment to inhabit. Are you still on it?

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  4. Good point sir. My issue (amongst others of course) is similar to that of Michelle’s inasmuch as I would love to promote what I write on Facebook where I have some friends, but I fear that then I would feel hindered to be as honest in my writing. I don’t want to lose ALL my friends, but perhaps they would appreciate knowing the real me. But in reality, I know that it would set the gossipers going and I loathe being talked about. So I’m in a quandary. Of course I secretly want more followers so I’d like to include my Facebook friends, but there may well be a price to pay. Oh yes, there’s something I’d like to write about, followers … or the lack of, but that would come across as needy and insecure and would sound as though I’m fishing for compliments and I’m not. I suspect that I would just be told to read other people’s posts more and write better ones myself. Thoughts?

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  5. Good post! I just this morning made mention in my blog that I make travel plans (in my mind) for my husband. Wasn’t totally honest though…I used the word “occasionally” instead of “often!” I included my pets in that thought, but kinda feel bad about that. Keepin’ it real.


  6. I don’t know what it is about WordPress that is so inviting. It’s a place to hide out but also a place to spill my heart out about my insecurities and troubles. The pain is real but I would never feel safe to express it so openly in real life as I do on WordPress. I guess because WordPress is a platform where people blog about anything and everything. It gives me a place to own my feelings and not be ashamed of them. Now, if certain people who know me in real life found my blog (particularly people who I NEVER want to read my posts), I would more or less feel uncomfortable knowing they are privy to how I was actually feeling at certain times.


  7. I love the post probably because I agree with it – and we migrate towards those who have similar views to our own.

    There’s something soul cleansing when the words spill out instead of tears. Isn’t “honesty” not the objective but the catalyst? There’s no one who cannot see through you like a window if the writing is disingenuous or trite. I get complimented on my honest no b.s. style too, with regards to my cancer related blog. Still if I left out big parts of my life like my husbands depression or my poetry it wouldn’t feel authentic to me. So I publish it all – ugly, funny, beautiful, strange.

    And I have to say publishing on a platform such as Facebook opens up a big can of worms that won’t get back in – kind of like those surprise spring snakes in a can labeled Peanut Brittle. Frightening and not very humorous. If a friend or relative chooses to read my blog posts they have to actually make an effort to leave Facebook, or twitter, or instagram, or LinkedIn or.., I let people know I’ve published a new post on those platforms but I save Facebook for my peer closed cancer groups, Twitter for communicating to the wider metastatic breast cancer community and Instagram/ Pinterest forn marketing my Etsy business and my blog, too.

    Writing is therapy – and not everyone wants to know what lights up the CT scan from deep within. And there are many who need to know there’s another person who has been through a similar experience so they don’t feel so alone with their malady. They find us eventually and on their own terms. That’s one reason to keep writing-its not hidden at all but brave to spill your guts in the most ultimately public forum of all – the internet. Our blogs can be read by a hugely wide audience including perhaps people we’d prefer not have access to our fears and our pain.

    The recursive act itself takes us on an unknown path without a map or a compass. So I don’t agree with one of the previous comments that saidwe hide in our respective blog platform of choice. We jump off into a great unknown and hope for the best.



      1. Thank you! No b.s. & no pink washing comprise the basic philosophy with regards to my writing. You’re definitely in the no b.s. camp and it’s refreshing.
        Tip of my 🎩 to you!


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