Welcome to Mulberry Square

Just thought I’d share some images of Bank Street, off Belfast City Centre, I took yesterday. This is my inspiration for the fictional location of Mulberry Square which is the backdrop for several of the key scenes in the novel I am currently working on – tentatively titled ‘The Kirkwood Scott Chronicles: Part One – Skelly’s Square.’ I walk through this part of the city most days on my way to and from work.

It is a vibrant, thriving part of the city full of colour and laughter. It is steeped in history and includes an eclectic range of businesses and buildings – chapels next to bookmakers, traditional Irish pubs next to modern wine bars; fish and chip shops beside gourmet restaurants. It has a little bit of everything, including a darker side that features heavily in the novel.

Such locations continue to inspire me on this insane writing journey I have embarked upon. As do the people who inhabit them. I only hope my writing can do justice to the beautiful, brutal Belfast that is my second home. I’ll blog again later. A ‘flash fiction’ writing challenge for you all no less but, for now, apologies for the dodgy photography. Let’s hope the writing that follows isn’t quite so dodgy.

What parts of your local town or city inspire you to write?

Where is your ‘second home’?

What do you think ‘goes down’ in Mulberry Square?

34 thoughts on “Welcome to Mulberry Square

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  1. I like your photos. They capture snippets of the place’s character, inspiring my curiosity to see more- And it has been raining?!! Lucky you!
    Keep going with your novel- from those snippets you describe it sounds really good! 🙂


  2. My small town is surrounded by mountains and the forest. I’d say it’s the forest that inspires me and is also my second home.

    I think there may be an “interesting ingredient” being put into the brew in Mulberry Square…


  3. Damn… Now I want to be wealthy enough to renew a passport and travel, and I loathe flying. You make me want to visit!

    There are some of the older buildings around town (Ha! Older as in only 150 or 200 years old, but still…) that make me want to write certain ways. I’ve had a story in my head for a while, and I started it, but it became such a blatant mirror to Kim Harrison’s Hollows novels, that I dropped it.

    I can see portals, magic, mystery, and a bit of skullduggery potential in your photos. Whispered warnings. People there one minute and gone the next. I think you might be having some fun with Mulberry Square.


    1. Mulberry Square is the happiest yet saddest of places. It connects, yet separates. It takes my characters to soaring heights and devastating lows. I hope you get to visit it some day. I also insist you write, write abc write some more 🙂

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  4. What a colorful place! Really liked the pictures. What I most enjoy in any book is the sense that I am walking down streets and roads alongside the characters. Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy were masters of it. When I visited London, I was thrilled to no end to see signs for Piccadilly Square, and in Paris, to walk down the Champs Elysees was like being a character in a spy novel. The locations and their descriptions are a great part of the reading experience. The best of luck to you.


  5. I hope you don’t get tired of hearing my praises, Stephen. But, honestly I don’t think you could write a bad book if you tried! You have the gift! BTW, how long have you been writing the book? Stephen King says it takes 2 years to write a book.


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