I’m Getting Paid To Go To The Movies

Tonight I’m going to the cinema. Unfortunately it’s not a date night with Fionnuala but, instead, work related. Myself and a colleague are attending the screening of a documentary at a small film festival in Belfast. It’s content is very relevant to an investigation we are conducting and my bosses are keen that we view it. I will be scribbling notes instead of eating popcorn but I can live with that.

It’s going to be a long day. I need to be in work early to brief another colleague about the events of the past week and hand over the on call phone. Thankfully, it’s been a relatively quiet week on that front, but I still have a few loose ends to tidy up. All that, and I have to squeeze in a lunchtime run. The Causeway Coast Marathon is only eight days away so it’s important I keep the legs loose and the engine ticking over.

We will grab something to eat before the film and head there straight from the office. I feel like a VIP as I’m getting the opportunity to meet the director beforehand. There will be no red carpet and you won’t have to endure the sight of me in a tuxedo but it’s still something special, a little bit out of the norm. The screening is a sell-out and I’ve had to pull a few strings in order to secure seats.

We still had to pay for our entry. And what an ordeal that was as our finance section made me jump through hoops in order to secure the princely sum of £12 for the tickets. Countless e-mails were exchanged and forms filled out before they reluctantly handed over the cash, accompanied by ominous warnings that I had to forward them the receipts first thing Monday morning or suffer the consequences.

My colleague has also insisted that we eat before the screening as she doesn’t want to end up getting ‘hangry’ when we are both representing the organisation and required to be on our best behaviour. I’m happy with an extra sandwich in my lunch but will tag along with her to guarantee she doesn’t turn into ‘The Incredible Hulk’ mid movie and wreak havoc within the auditorium. She’s around 5’2′ and weighs seven stone.

The silver lining is that I can claim overtime for the evening. That’s right, I’m being paid to go to the movies. Of course, I will be working incredibly hard, networking beforehand, taking copious notes during, and pressing the flesh and back slapping afterwards. There will be no munching on wine gums or dozing off during a quiet scene. Although I might smuggle in a Diet Coke or three.

I’ll have to remain wide awake and bushy tailed throughout as I’ll be expected to provide the bosses with a detailed briefing on Monday morning as to what l we viewed, accompanied by recommendations as to how it impacts upon the investigation and the needs of the organisation. Although, few and far between, there are moments when I can impersonate an adult and ‘do the grown up stuff.’

As perks go, it’s not the highlight of my career. I once travelled to Spain for four days on enquiry. But it’s something different and an interesting start to another hectic weekend at chez Black. I’ll provide further updates over the next few days but, for now, it’s almost time to leap out of bed and face the day ahead. Writing about it is one thing. Living it is an entirely different proposition. I’ll see you all on the other side.

When were you last at the movies?

What’s the biggest perk of your job?

What are you up to this weekend?

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

42 thoughts on “I’m Getting Paid To Go To The Movies

  1. My last movie in cinema was on 20 Jan, 2017, four days before the birth of my daughter after which of course I could never watch any movie in peace.

    The biggest perk of my job was( when I was working as a teacher) two months of paid leave every year.

    This weekend I am planning to hit gym since my husband can take care of the kid and house 🙂 and pour myself a glass of wine and relax( fingers crossed 🤞)

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  2. Though not a frequent movie-goer ( I average about 1 every three years), I did go to see Operation: Finale two weeks ago, the intriguing story of a Nazi war criminal being sought, captured in Argentina and returned to Israel for trial.

    Perks of my job: The Retirement Plan! There is little to no money to be made in this ministry business, but the promise of my forever home (with a room prepared for me by the Lord Himself) encourages me to keep going each day.

    This weekend Betsy and I, along with our oldest son and two other friends, have the privilege of leading worship Saturday night. There is an evangelist in town and we have been asked to play. Should anyone want to see that service, it will be live-streamed. Go to Mercy Point Church and follow the prompts


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  3. When I worked for our area newspaper pre-kids, I had the privilege of going to Washington, D.C., several times to host kids in the National Spelling Bee. It was a great experience! We don’t go to the movies often; this weekend we are celebrating my husband’s be a grandmother’s birthday with feast at our house. Shae will be doing lots of cooking with me. 🍲 😅


  4. I love how you end your blog with a few questions. I hope you enjoy the film. I don’t remember the last time I was actually in a movie theatre – I tend to wait for them to be released and either watch them on Netflix or borrow them from the library where I work. There aren’t many perks to my job, but I do get to interact with interesting people, so that’s a perk in my books. Enjoy the movie and your weekend. Cheers!


  5. Tomorrow will be my husband and I’s wedding anniversary, 5 years. It is not that big a deal for us because we have been high school sweethearts and our wedding anniversary is the same as our dating anniversary. We have been together 13 years. So tomorrow we are going out for lunch and possibly seeing a movie. Unbroken, road to redemption. We saw Unbroken when it came out to theaters, years ago and it is such a powerful movie!!! I hope you have a good time or at least somewhat of a good time!!!


  6. I’m not really a movie going gal however, I did see Hidden Figures at the theatre and it was really good.
    Prior to retirement, I had the perk of traveling to many corners of the earth, and meeting some very interesting people.
    I hope you enjoyed the movie or at the very least your evening was productive. Beware the finance peeps come Monday morning 😬


  7. What was the film you critiqued? Seems like an interesting job that sends you around the world. Well, my last movie was inconsequential, served as a momentary respite of laughter. Since I am now retired, my life (time and choice) for most things seem to be an at-will responsibility, with the exception of writing my Blog, a job God bestowed on me and caring for my family.


  8. We went to the movies last night. A horror flick with a bit of comedy interspersed which made it watchable. The horror part was OK.
    Your Job seems interesting. Investigating stuff while watching the movie.
    The investigations I order end up on my computer screen


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