Flash Fiction Challenge

I sporadically issue Flash Fiction writing challenges based around discarded till receipts I find during my travels around the shops of Belfast. Today’s is a true conundrum. Who would purchase a fruit peeler and then buy ‘prepared’ fruit? As in, already peeled, diced, sliced etc. Doesn’t that negate the need for a peeler? The plot thickens almost as readily as the mind boggles.

The rules are simple as there aren’t really any. There is no word limit and the only other limit is your imagination. Just base your story on the receipt and the person who bought it. If you’re taking part, I would ask that you namecheck our blog. Also feel free to reblog to your own community. There are no prizes, other than my undying gratitude for taking part. Let the Flash Fiction challenge begin!

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  1. I believe that the woman who purchased these items is preparing for a visit from her in laws, who do not like her. Loathe her actually. Her mother in law, Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Walsh, who likes only to be referred to as such, thinks she’s in no way shape or form fit to care for her son and her precious grandchildren. Tessa, her daughter in law, feels as if she most conform and perform for her husband’s parents when ever they decide to grace them with their presence. Tessa knows that Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Wash has knack for perfectly peeling, cutting, and serving beautifully designed fresh fruit. While Tessa knows she cannot achieve such perfection, she will serve the prepared fruit as if she peeled and cut them herself. She hope’s that her mother in law will be slightly impressed, though she doubts it. At least it might save her from her cutting remarks. Tessa’s only hope and prayer is that this visit will go smoothly, if it does she won’t have to worry about them until the nearest holiday.

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  2. I just read a flash fiction piece based on this challenge and it was so funny. It led me back to this page, which is another bonus! I think I’ll have a go at this. I’m feeling a satire vibe, which will push me out of my comfort zone a little 🙂 glad to find and follow your blog!

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