I’m A Bit Broken

I’m a bit broken

Words rarely spoken

The truth

Tastes so bitter and strange, clay emotions.

Barely alive

Rotten inside

Dead to a world

Where I once loved and thrived.

Cursed with routines

Obsessive dreams

Compulsive acts

Mask stifling screams.

Speculate, ruminate

Gnaw, then regurgitate

Cyclical sickness

These images dominate.

Falling apart

An effortless art

Yet smiling serenely

As I play the part.

A role on a stage

A turn of the page

You don’t even know me

Bird trapped in a cage.

Battered and bruised

Torn and abused

This was my past

Now my present, reused.

Infected, rejected

Defective, Subjective

I yearn for release

From this pain undetected.

For I’m a bit broken

Words finally spoken

Praying they free me

Desperately hoping.

Are you a bit broken?

All feedback and comments gratefully received?

Published by Fractured Faith Blog

We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

59 thoughts on “I’m A Bit Broken

  1. Yes we are all broken! I don’t read very many blogs, but the title of your poem caught my eye this morning, it was the first one in my inbox. Are you okay? I know you probably have loved ones, and the church, and of course Jesus! Maybe I’m reading too much into this? But are you okay?


      1. I am so glad you are not suicidal! I simply could not just tell you how beautiful this poem was and not inquire as to your safety :-). I am not sure how stopping going to church 2 years ago affected you and your health, but it makes me sad to think that you are doing better apart from church than you were in it. Love to you!

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  2. Was this after the run? Yes we are all broken. My daughter lived in Japan and told me that objects that are broken (like vases) are put back together and the cracks lined with gold. They see brokenness as beautiful. This is a wonderful poem!

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  3. We’re, all of us, broken
    Though not so outspoken.
    We sigh, hide, and cry;
    Keeping all things inside.
    Afraid to reach out,
    As others walk by.
    If only we’d look,
    If only we’d try.
    Yet, fractured and walking
    We’re talking
    We’re stalking
    While mirror-image souls
    Keep knocking.

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  4. Yes… But that’s our shared humanity. If we weren’t broken, I’d not have empathy for those that do. We are connected by the suffering as strange as it sounds. I actually just read an article from time magazine about how empathy makes us more attractive. I would say this is true. I’m attracted, not in any kind of romantic way, to people who know pain. It helps me to see the beauty in our shared brokenness. If I was perfect, I’d not notice the tears or feel as deep as I do. I dare say, I’d not be a writer or artistic. You use your pain for beautiful things. And that makes you a lovely human. So thank you for sharing it. I’m not alone and that’s a wonderful thing to realize.

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  5. This is such a moving poem. You can feel the emotions jumping off the page. You are right, we’re all a “little” broken but we manage somehow to get through each day little by little.

    Thank you for this beautiful poem


  6. If we weren’t a bit broken, then what would we be? Gods? Recognizing that we aren’t perfect, that we fallible, or even rewriting code in our brains and breaking out of bad habits is what makes us human.

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  7. the truth is
    we are all a bit broken
    we may not always admit it
    but we all go through a sleepless night where we just cry to let it all out
    it is something we all have in common
    this poem is something we can all relate to no matter what age we are
    we are all a bit broken


  8. This sounds so much like where I was before Jesus (not “church”!) picked me up. – Not that I don’t backslide occasionally, but it reminds me of what the old brokenness felt like and keeps me from getting smug and insensitive. Ideally, the Church (people, not the building) should be a community of shared brokenness and healing. I do hope you find a group of believers you can trust, and help others in their own brokenness, as they help you stay healed.


  9. Unbelievably broken at times and then light shines through the cracks and there seems to be meaning. You have a tremendous talent for writing, keeping faith in your spirit, running, being a great dad/person and seeking to inspire and motivate others …. Sometimes even though we may be bruised, battered, tattered and bleeding … the days where hope returns, reward us with a sudden brighter insight. Sending HOPE and healing through the wires!


  10. I am sorry you feel this way – to be missing something and have no hope of repair is sad. I think I was broken at the very beginning, and I have been putting myself back together ever since. The trouble with age is, you forget which piece goes where, a lot of the time..


  11. Yes, I identify as the broken body of Christ that continues to live, in real time, today. Thank you for being transparent. We all long to be loved, accepted, forgiven and pleasing to God and others. You are! I am thankful for your writing and to be your friend over the seas.


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