Preparing Shrouds



This panic, magnetic.

It latches, attaches

Destroys the aesthetic.

I scratch til I bleed,

You feed off my need

Delicious disease

So ripe for release.

I mumble the words

Stumble with the herd

Chaotic, hypnotic

Regressing, disturbed.



Demons carouse

Stalking the fallen

Preparing shrouds.

25 thoughts on “Preparing Shrouds

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          1. I can’t reply in kind
            For, my sore behind’s
            My chances to rhyme.
            I had no expression
            No specific impression
            To share, bear, or tear
            As I care for Depression:
            The artist’s repression.
            This piece;
            Its release –
            ‘Shrouded beast
            No mind’s peace’
            Made me wish that I can
            With a swish of my hand
            Plate a dish like Stephan (had to rhyme)
            So I answered, ‘Daaaang, man.’


      1. No need to apologize – I post a fair bit of darkness myself. It is beautiful, and after all that’s life isn’t it? Dark and light and all shades in between. May light cross your path today and stay a good long while. 🙂

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