Grinning Through The Pain

A friend forwarded me some photographs this morning of my ninth, and very possibly final, marathon last month. If nothing else, you can all appreciate the beautiful scenery of Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast. Please ignore the grinning idiot in the foreground. Or rather, grimacing, given the horrendously hilly terrain combined with toothache. Horrible memories, but at least the photos turned out okay. Meh.

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  1. You finished. It hurt. It was not fun. Are you content that you achieved a goal? I’m only asking because going to the state fair had moments of “fun” but overall was a major challenge. Now I can say been there done that. Hope your tooth extraction (2nd one) goes more smoothly! Cheers!

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  2. Looks like a a really beautiful place to run a marathon. thanks for sharing. it must be really beautiful up there in NI. please don’t stop doing marathons. take a break and do less of them. but why give up something that literally keeps you running? 🙂

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  3. I thought about the feeling of pain as I watched some friends at Mile 25 of the Twin Cities marathon today. There is great determination in the grins and the grimaces. Finishing is winning in my book. Way to go, anyone who is brave enough to get it done.

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  4. That’s a beautiful place to run. I ran in a beautiful place today. I would upload a photo but I can’t figure out how, here in the comments. It was a Beach 10K along the Pacific Ocean just north of San Diego.


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