I Have A Shameful Secret….About My Shameful Secret

A few months ago I posted a blog about my aversion of all things Harry Potter. Despite my love of the fantasy genre, this was one franchise I just didn’t get. Game of Thrones, yes. Lord of the Rings, most definitely. Heck I’ve even read/watched the Twilight and Hunger Games sagas, no problems. But Daniel Radcliffe, Smug Girl, and the annoying ginger one. There, I draw a line in the sand.

It was a gentle, tongue in cheek critique as opposed to a savage attack on the Hogwarts Empire. Some people even dared suggest I was a secret Potter Head such was my knowledge of the subject. It’s amazing what seeps into your mind about a book, without you ever having skimmed a page of it. No, it was an honest assessment at my bewilderment at the success of the series, when it left me cold.

Imagine my surprise then at the success of the post. In almost 18 months of blogging, I reckon it has been our second most viewed offering, provoking a plethora of opinions and comments from diehard HP fanatics and those less bothered, like myself. It recently passed 1000 views, prompting me to write a follow up post. Hardly viral I know, but that’s a lot of views for our little corner of WordPress.

In those 18 months I’ve poured my heart out to you on a wide range of subjects. Some have been deeply personal and very close to my heart. I have deliberated long and hard over them, labouring over every word. None of these have attracted a fraction of the interest that a glib, throwaway post about a teenage wizard who I don’t even like did. This has left me pondering the fickle business of blogging.

The conclusion to my pondering is that there is no point in pondering. People will read what they want to read, end of story. You can’t force them to read your efforts, any more than you can arm wrestle a publisher into accepting your manuscript. Just ask J.K. Rowling herself who had a few knock backs before finally hitting paydirt. You just have to keep chipping away and hope that one day it happens for you.

I will keep writing because I enjoy it, but dreams of that first book contract seem further away than ever. My own manuscript has sat untouched for the best part of three weeks. Try as I might, every time I think of delving back into the world of Kirkwood Scott, something intervenes. The negativity surrounding first time authors and their chances of being published is incessant and overwhelming.

I’ll keep trying. Perhaps this weekend will be the one when I get back on track. In the meantime, I’ll keep the blog going and continue to write about whatever tickles my fancy. Incisive works of literary genius which sink without trace. Or mindless fluff about teenage wizards that obtain like after like. Writing nonsense is better than not writing at all. It’s become a habit. One of my better ones.

What has been your most popular blog?

What do you like writing about?

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

47 thoughts on “I Have A Shameful Secret….About My Shameful Secret

  1. 1000 views! Crikey, surely that’s viral! Excellent! Mine has been “Mental Health or Mental Illness” followed by “Always Wear your Knickers”. There is wonderful sense of satisfaction when a post generates chatter and really gets people thinking (or laughing). Have you been out for more runs?? Me-thinks something’s been going on and this has caused the habit of writing to stop momentarily at a red traffic light.


  2. 1000 views! My corner of the world and WordPress is much smaller. I credit its smallness to posting on the fly, the fact I need a blogging tutor to learn how to tag and categorize my stuff, and possibly because I enjoy writing more than people enjoy reading me.I write about my day, an experience, or a thought. I see a rabbit trail and follow it. Often God seems to say, “Now, look at it this way,,,” Most of my writing is sprinkled with my idea of humor. Some not so much. My most popular post was back in 2014, “you are not alone.” It’s a post sharing my insights from the onlooker side of addiction. The view from the wife who stayed. It was hard to write and hard to share.
    I followed it the next month with a story about port-o-cans (portable toilets) titled “this is a true story”.
    Raw honesty is good. But balance and humor are key to just not losing your mind. Blessings!


  3. I too am surprised at what people read! And I have come to the same conclusion – people will read what and when they feel like it…no need for me to fret over that, just keep writing and let the readers enjoy what they will. 😊 Sometimes for instance, I read your posts in email but don’t always click over to like on site even though I like them very much. Just so you know. Have a swell day!


  4. You’re writing, that’s all that matters. I’m no expert, but my advice would be to give yourself a break, the freedom to put the book down for a few weeks. You’ll come back to it. You’ve been going strong on the book for so long, a break might actually be good, might allow you the time to come up with the finishing touches that you’ve been looking for in your edits. Anyway, congratulations on all your progress!

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  5. 1000 views? :O One of my posts just passed the 100 view mark for the first time a couple of days ago.

    Don’t be discouraged with your book. I have read the first 30 chapters of your one and I have read far worse books that have been published. That may sound like a backhanded compliment but it’s not meant to be…


  6. I will admit I have seen all of the Harry Potter movies. More out of curiosity than anything else. My summation of the movies is that they should have named them Hermione, As without her Harry Potter wouldn’t have lasted a day! But he pulled through in the end so I guess he did something right after all. 😊 I enjoyed your post. My most popular has been my ‘About’ post, With a few close runner ups.


  7. Poetry is usually an easy way to get views. I scratch my head frequently over what gains popularity and what does not and can only blame my variable publishing schedule for the changing data. 🙂

    I’m sorry you are so against the HP franchise. A lot of its appeal is that people read it growing up. They are WRITTEN in growing-up format, becoming increasingly more serious and more ‘adult’ in content book by book.

    I like writing about whatever pops into my head and I’m able to spend time on. I’m too varied in interest to setttle. :/


  8. 1000 views. I’m happy when I get 10 or 20. Lol
    It is amazing what catches people’s eyes. My own are apt to just start reading and give up. It has to do wit my mood and if the subject matter is of interest at the time. I blame add.
    The experts in blogging drive me mad sometimes. They do have good advice sometimes but best to be yourself.
    As for your book I could just say just do it… that is from one avoider to another. Ha
    You’ll get back to your book when you are good and ready. Cheers!!

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  9. Well since we’re on the subject of books we’ve never read, here goes. I have never read Dune! I started, and somewhere about page 20 I said I’ll wait for the movie. Same with Lord of the Rings. I did read the Harry Potter books and the thing I hate the most about them is I didn’t think of them (of course I say the same thing about the Friday the 13th movies).

    The writing game is a little like the guy who kept praying, “God, please let me win the Lottery. Please let me win the Lottery.” after years of this prayer, disgusted, he asked God why he hadn’t won. The response he got was simple, “To win the Lottery, you have to first buy a lottery ticket.”

    So keep on writing and believing. You never know when lightning is going to strike, and unless you do it, you won’t be there when it happens.


  10. I really enjoy your blog. You are a wonderful, engaging writer. I have limited time to read as much as I would like, but what you write is very worth the time. You are so right, it’s difficult to pin-point what will grab an audience and what will not. Keep up your GREAT work!

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  11. Truth! People will read whatever they want, but one thing amazes me: it seems people are more drawn to the negative or the dramatic. I have never had near 1000 views, but blogs I wrote about escaping the wildfires that surrounded and invaded our fair city garnered close to that. As did blogs I wrote about my brother’s death at the hands of an impaired driver and the subsequent court case.. I don’t know why we are drawn to drama, but we are.As a journalism student we were introduced to the axiom, “if it bleeds, it leads”. Sadly good news, or inspirational storied do not seem to garner quite as much interest. I guess, in some regards, we really are ambulance chasers. Still, there is an inherent goodness in humanity that I am a firm believer in – or perhaps I am a die-hard fantasy fan.


  12. I truthfully can’t remember its name but I think it had to do with the camp I’m involved with and may have been something to do with us being the temple of God. And yes, He is what I like writing about. What’s odd is the ones I think are really well done many times get few hits than the ones I wonder about.


  13. I 100% share your sentiment of being a published Author. I have lived a very colorful Life and my Blogs reflects the life I have lived. I have enough for a Bestseller, except for one thing. In English Literature classes I hated Shakespeare for his ramblings, as he puts it much ado about nothing. I find it deceiving painting a Panoramic picture of a small Landscape. If you visit my Blog Page Blogging the Book you will find colorful characters that I have cheated from notoriety by not painting them larger than Life. One character soon to join the list of Tragic Encounters is Mark Harshbarger, he was insured for close to 1 mil. His wife a marksman hitting Bullseye at 1000 yards. On a hunting trip she shot and killed him at fifty yards with a high powered scope mounted, she said it was an accident. What should I call the Book Death by Murder or Murderous Greed. This Book probably will not get published because I love Blogging more than serious writing. Anyway I am following you over the Cliff of choosing to never stop writing.


  14. I have three blogs. Two are active (that is, I post in them regularly), and one is now a #BestOf blog, where I post selected reposts.

    In my sermon blog (Pastor, Preacher, Pray-er, or https://pastorpreacherprayer.wordpress.com/), one of the most popular sermons is from my summer sermon series “Postcards from the Early Church.” It’s called “Check and Double Check,” and is all about the believers in the town of Berea, from Acts 17.

    I love writing sermons. But, then, I love writing blog posts. I also love writing books, and short stories. Face it – I love writing.


  15. I don’t think I’ve had a popular blog post as of yet. I think you’re right. People read what they want – and that’s all there is to it. What I love about writing is the purge of ideas, thoughts, and stories I come up with at any given time. I feel a great relief in writing when I’ve been quiet all day long because I don’t talk much. But when I do, I can’t shut up! I’m not as eloquent a speaker as I am a writer. A pastor once told me that I mimic the apostle Paul who also was not an eloquent speaker. I didn’t quite know what to do with that bit of comparison. Still don’t. I like writing about personal experiences and wrapping them up in fictional stories when I can. I think it makes the writing less painful because I’m writing what I know and the reading a lot more interesting. Also, thank you for the likes to my posts on my blog. It means a lot. – Ty


  16. No clue these days about online attraction. I’m a book blogger so whenever I post a review or any kind of content related to a popular author, it gets tons of attention. Runners up to that are my weekend posts where I share more personal insights.

    One thing I can say about book lovers, they’re a passionate lot. If you express an opinion strongly, favorable or not, you will hit hot buttons in defense or in support. I’ve been in the middle of them before. Readers may overall be an introverted group but test their loyalties….you end up with a post having 1,000 views😏


  17. I love Harry Potter, but probably only because the first book came out when I was ten. I wouldn’t read the series as an adult. It’s a lot of tropes all mashed up into one book series, with great characters and a fun setting. Nothing too original about the premise though. The series had a huge influence on my childhood, but it’s not for everyone. Like I could never get into The Hunger Games or Divergent even though lots of other people love them. People connect with different types of stories.
    And to answer one of your questions, I love writing time travel fantasy and romance ❤


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