No Words

Just realised I’ve went to the garage to get a tyre changed wearing odd socks.

No words…. 🙄

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  1. That’s my kids fashion at the moment. I keep thinking the washing machine has sent socks off to that unreachable void of Odd Socks. Only to find out that they were sent to the washing basket deliberately mismatched. I have a plan though, I am going to remove all the currently different coloured socks from the kids drawers, and replace them with sets of identical black ones….


  2. you will probably be the beneficiary of a small discount applied at the register.

    “Did you see the poor saps socks? ”

    “Yea… man… I did. ”
    “We should give him a discount.”

    Tyre change— 12.99
    mismatch disc- 1.99

    total: 10.00


      1. I should clarify, I was doing the laundry and put a pair of socks together. He laughed at me. However, I once did crochet socks for my mother. She promptly wore them..put them in the dryer…thought she ruined them…and threw them away. “It took me months, Mom!” xD


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