My Saturday Run

Today’s run. Another 7 miles tomorrow and I will have hit the 40 mile mark for the week. Pace has improved considerably. Only starting to feeling myself again after the Causeway Coast Marathon of a month ago. Took so much out of me physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s good to be enjoying running regularly again without the pressure of marathon training hanging over me.

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  1. Well done! Don’t dismiss the idea that the physical toll it took on you would make you feel mentally depleted also. As the kids say – “just sayin”


  2. It’s a funny that the plan to help you improve the activity you love becomes the very thing that makes you dislike the activity you loved before you started the plan. I’m not sure that makes sense but I totally understand it.


  3. Stephen, I am glad that you can enjoying running again! As a non-runner (except for running from responsibility or confrontation), I have nothing in my reference to relate, but that doesn’t stop me from seeing what it does for you.

    I do have a running related question: I know that the standard marathon distance is 26.2 miles. Is that how you good folks measure it across the pond or is there kilometer equivalent?



  4. Hi Stephen, good day to you. Make sure you take a deep breath after a long running. That’s help for your emotional capacity and good for your mental too. For the physical, maybe a good rest will make you feel better.
    And thank you for your like on my post. Really appreciate it. Thank you. (Smiling)


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