Would You Be Missed If You Didn’t Get Out Of Bed Today?

We woke up to vile weather this morning.

It was cold, dark, wet and windy. Standard Northern Irish weather. Which made getting up to go to work an even less pleasurable experience than normal. Yet, still we get up and stumble wearily into the day ahead. We front up to any number of monotonous, mundane tasks because…..well…..because we have no other choice. Bills need paid, households need run and kids need educated.

Imagine if we said no. Imagine if we decided to not get out of bed but, instead, burrowed beneath the covers and resolutely refused to budge. Would the world keep turning? Would Wall Street open? Would the mid-term elections still go ahead? Would the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening? Well yes, of course all these things would happen and lots more decide. Life would trundle on, with or without us.

But who would miss us? And by that, I mean miss us as opposed to what we do. Set aside our numerous responsibilities, our roles within the family unit, the workplace and wider society. Who would miss us, the person? Our corny sense of humour, our ability to always say the wrong words at exactly the right time? All the infinite list of qualities which make us the unique creations we are.

When we die, it’s all over. In this life, anyway. Most of us will have a reasonably well attended funeral where our loved ones will say their goodbyes before attempting to move on with their lives. Mourners will have their memories and opinions of us, and there’s nothing we can do to change them. They are as set in stone as the marble headstones our epitaphs are chiselled onto.

Now think back to the split second before you got out of bed this morning. Freeze your world. If you were to vanish, what would people say? ‘He was a great guy, the salt of the earth, I haven’t a bad word to say about him?’ Or maybe some of the remarks would be less complimentary. Some might be harsh, hurtful, untrue even. But others might grate on you, strike a nerve, reveal an unpleasant aspect of your character which you cannot debt.

You might agree with all, some or none of this feedback. I would imagine we are all somewhere in between, nestled in the ‘not bad, but could do better’ pile. There might be a few frowns or even a Road to Damascus revelatory moment of clarity. I’m pretty certain all but the thinnest of skins would benefit from the experiment. A 360 degree audit of who we are, what we do and where we are headed in life.

Ebeneezer Scrooge, I am not. Nobody wants to see me running down the street in a nightshirt, clutching a candle and wishing goodwill to all men. When I run, it’s an altogether less disturbing sight. Or at least I hope. But, even though it’s two months yet to Christmas, we could all benefit from taking stock of our lives. While we can. Where can we do better, improve, make more of an impact. Who are the Bob Cratchitt’s and Tiny Tim’s in our lives who we can make more of an effort with?

It’s not Christmas Day, it’s not New Years Eve, but there’s no time like the present. Think hard before your toes next hit the cold, wooden bedroom floor. Or maybe you have deep, plush carpeting. Either way, no matter how grim the weather or your current circumstances, you have a chance to change today. A chance to make an impact within your sphere of influence. Use that chance. For one day, it’s not going to be there.

Are there days you don’t want to get out of bed?

Who would miss you if you didn’t ‘show up’ today?

If you conducted an inventory of your life today, where could you improve?

Published by Fractured Faith Blog

We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

51 thoughts on “Would You Be Missed If You Didn’t Get Out Of Bed Today?

  1. I love this post. But I can truly and honestly say that NO ONE would notice if I did not get out of bed today! Also, the only ones to attend my funeral if I died would be my husband and sister. Literally NO ONE else. For me. My only world is here, on the internet. The people in WordPress are literally my only friends!

    Sunce having cancer and going blind and becoming wheekchair bound, though I kept going to church, I was literally treated like a leper there. Now, I do not go any more. Going to a new place us too difficult for me. So, my world became very very small following my cancer. Yet here, on WP , I am sure there might be one or two who would notice I had gone! These are interesting thoughts that you have posed!

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  2. Of course we all have day we would like to stay in bed but a day in bed is a day wasted. We get a limited time on this earth and we need to use the time correctly.

    If there are many days per week you want to stay in bed then…

    one – your in the wrong job

    two – your in the wrong relationship

    three – you are depressed or stressed and need to speak to someone either professional or a friend that will listen. There is nothing wrong with being sad stressed or depressed but there is something wrong if you think that its ok to live that way.

    enjoyed post.

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  3. No adulting here! I just barely crawled out of bed an hour after the alarm went off. Recovering from procedures and nasty allergies. I know my husband would miss me and a few friends. I’m tired of not being a morning person but my genetics are built that way. I’m getting to the point that I don’t care what people think. I’ve analyzed and belittled myself way too much. I probably shouldn’t post this cause I’ve nit finished my first cup of coffee. As always, I look forward to reading your daily posts. Btw—you would be missed greatly!!


  4. I am older (although wiser?) and whilst I definitely sleep more, there are very few mornings that I want to stay in my bed, even if it is dark outside! The older I become the more I look forward to living a full and enjoyable day. On waking, I give thanks to God for granting me another day here! There are certain things in my life that I love (I’m sure that everyone has their own loves) and since retiring from work I love these things even more!
    PS. There is always room for improvement, always room to do better!


  5. If I had stayed in bed this morning, I would have missed this blog post and your wonderful description of the weather there in Ireland. How I would love to hear someone here in the States describe our weather as “vile.” That’s often the best word to describe it! As always, great insights, as well as excellent use of the language. Thanks for the great read today.

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  6. My cat, I know my cat would miss me, and my kids and hubby and siblings and a few friends….I hope. This is all way too much food for thought atm – but I promise I will delve into it at a future date – I hope. What’s that saying…the unexamined life is not worth living – or words to that effect….I am just too damned tired atm


  7. Yes, I’m liking this post very much. I’m a firm believer that true friends are those that can be counted on one hand, so I’m guessing and hoping that those would miss me. The others (and I’m not speaking of WordPress people) well, I guess it would be a topic of conversation for a little while, and then I suspect they might miss what I DO for them. The people that I miss, for me it’s more than that … I long for their physical presence, to hear their voices and to hold their hand just one last time.
    As for just not getting out of bed, well I’m a truly annoying ‘morning’ person who is overly bouncy, chatty and therefore irritating … so in truth, perhaps I wouldn’t be missed at all 😫😫

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  8. To some, the question of who would actually miss us is a volatile one. It’s a Wormtongue whisper from a dark and lonely room.

    I know, for example, that my family really would be saddened. Perhaps some friends, too. When I wake to a cold morning cushioned by negative thoughts, those Truths hold little sway over such a vile voice.


  9. it’s a bit crazy but it is kinda what I’m doing every day. I make it out of bed but not really out of the house. same consequences for the outside world… I can literally tell you what it feels like when you’re a nobody and you’re hardly missed, have nothing to contribute. Without me the world would be the same… sounds sad but is what it is…


  10. Ever heard of existential dread? I have that. I never stop thinking about death, what I leave behind, how I’m not adding up. I’m actually more of the sentiment that one should be present, live in the moment. It scares me (to death??) that time is fleeting. That I have zero control over things. So I have an irrational fear of the unknown.

    No one but my husband and kids would miss me. Maybe that’s why I fear time running out. Who have I really influenced or loved and made life better?? I’m just here in my small circle and that’s it. It seems pointless. And I don’t want to die having lived a pointless existence but maybe that’s what I should accept.


  11. Hmm… Nice blog post… Thinking about your podcast just made think about my life and where it’s headed… I honestly don’t even know if I would be misses if I don’t get out of bed or due… Most especially coming from a family where my father doesn’t support me in anything I do. It’s hard to say the least but this post’s got me thinking… 👍


  12. Brilliant post. I think about this kind of stuff often. It’s kind of a middle age person quandary no? I always wonder…do we move past this stage as the end gets nearer or will we always worry about how others view us? So much of turning forty is just accepting who you really are and not giving two shits about trying to change for anyone anymore. Yet it is a time of deep pondering about legacy. You feel invisible to the world…yet you know you’re not. You strut around like a peacock somedays and fade into the woodwork on others. It’s a very emotional time…especially if you have children. When all is said and done will this time be just another chapter or a turning point in your life? I think about this shit often and only find infinite puzzlement.


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