My Week’s Been Meh – How About You?

I’ve been devoid of words this week. Last night, I sat down to write a blog post. Normally, I start with an idea and just go with the flow. The words tend to follow quickly and before you know it, voila, the post is finished. I’ve gotten into a habit of posting regularly, which means I maintain a presence on WordPress, while still chipping away at editing the book. Last night was different. I had nada, nothing, zilch.

The tank was empty. The well was dry. Since starting to write again, 18 months ago, I’ve never really experienced the dreaded writers block. And I’m unable to pinpoint what has been at the heart of my current malaise. Yes, I’m tired, but then Fionnuala and I are permanently tired. We’re parents, that’s what we do. The alarm clock always goes off too early and lie-ins are a very rare luxury.

I’m also still recovering from a tooth extraction which is taking longer to heal than I thought it would. I’ve been popping painkillers every day, which undoubtedly doesn’t help with regards the prevailing feeling of lethargy. If it persists, I’m going to have to revisit the chamber of horrors, otherwise known as my dental surgery. For someone who has never had problems teeth wise, 2018 has been my annus horriblis…….toothus.

Work has been incredibly busy. Senior management are (literally) screaming for a 350 page report that my boss and I have been painstakingly crafting for several weeks now. They want it yesterday and we are resisting the pressure by telling them it will be ready when it is ready. We both take pride in our work and aren’t prepared to sacrifice quality and accuracy for a quick turnaround.

The report is sucking up a lot of my creative energy. After sitting at a computer screen all day writing and editing, the last thing you want to do when you go home is sit at a computer screen, writing and editing. I’ve also been helping Rebecca revise for her upcoming school tests as well as the 101 other tasks that take up your time when you step through the front door in the evening.

Progress on the book has also suffered. I’ve reached the stage where I’m sick of reading it over and over again. Every time, I discover more glaring errors and omissions that I somehow failed to detect in the preceding four edits. It’s one step forward, five steps back at times. So much so, that I’ve had to walk away from it for a few days. When is a book finished? Are you ever 100% happy with it?

I ran today for the first time this week and was very pleased with my pace and stamina. That is one area where I seem to be holding firm. I’m hoping for another 30 plus mile week. Running is great therapy for me, the mental and physical glue that holds my frayed ends together. Not having any upcoming race targets has also allowed me to relax a little and not beat myself up as much.

I’ve titled this post ‘My Week’s Been Meh’, which might be a tad theatrical but what can I say, I’m an aspiring author so claim that as my prerogative. There’s nothing wrong and things could be a billion times worse. I’m not sad, I’m not unhappy, I’m just….meh. Hopefully this post will act as a catalyst to kick start the word machine that is my brain again. It’s a start. Thanks for getting to the end of this post. Give yourself a pat on the back.

How is your week going?

When did you last feel meh?

How did you emerge from the other side?

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

62 thoughts on “My Week’s Been Meh – How About You?

  1. In answer to your last question, (because I don’t want to tell you that my week has been great and I can’t recall the last time I felt ‘meh’, because I’ve not worked for 3.5 years… Oh, I just did…) my advice would be to go out for a long, and I mean looooong, run. It’ll soon clear your head (and your lungs) and you will feel ‘normal’ again. 🙂

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  2. I like to think age comes with a certain amount of acquired wisdom, so if you will accept some advice from a 65-year-old blogger, here it is:
    I am not as busy (stressed out) as I used to be, although certainly busier than I expected to be during retirement. Blogging has been way more time consuming than I thought it would be, as I try to read blogs I said I would follow. I don’t like to think that I “follow” blogs just so they’ll “follow” me, and if it’s a one-way thing (Have you read mine lately?), I have started to delete certain posts without feeling guilt. I also have started deleting blogs that post numerous times every day, or blogs that don’t say anything I haven’t heard a thousand times before.
    When it comes to my writing, I have a simple rule: If I don’t have anything original of substance to say, that I think people would be truly interested in, I don’t write anything that day. I don’t panic that I have Writer’s Block, I just figure I’m supposed to do something else that day. If you are truly following my blog, you may have noticed that I post once a week. Period. And at just once a week, it had better be a good one! After all,I am asking people to take time out of their busy days to read my thoughts. If I’m inspired to write something that’s truly unique, I write a post and schedule it. I have posts ready through December 14. I’m hoping to have them scheduled through the holidays, so I can spend that time with my family with no pressure.
    This is just the way I deal with this blogging thing. I am admittedly fairly new to it, but I’m enjoying it, and I ALWAYS read yours. I like your style and your humor. If you don’t read mine, I will probably still read yours, because it’s unique. I’m just suggesting you don’t feel pressured to post every day. Sometimes genius takes time, don’t fret. Your blog is worth waiting for.

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  3. My week is coming along well by far. Just trying to stay focused. Yes, some days/week can be meh as you described it. Some days the words don’t come rushing like water for a blog post. Somedays, you log in to WordPress and log off because nothing is coming into mind. I hope the rest of your week turns out well 😊✨


  4. I think this post is written well and full of content, maybe just not the kind you wanted. It’s relatable and organized. Meh happens. Meh respects no one. I’m a dad of 5 kids and relate to perpetual tiredness. I usually try what you do, sit down, think of something on the top of my brain, and let words flow. But that doesn’t always work out. Hills and valleys. Ebb and flow. Like you, I need to get jogging. Thanks for sharing, take care!

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  5. Mine has been full on! I’m working on another team as it’s a new customer and it’s taking it out of me. All we can do is keep plodding along, sometimes life is just to busy for everything and something has to give. Well done on your running, you should be chuffed and even though you have a lot on your plate it sounds like you are managing it all and you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself.


  6. I think it’s the season – summer is over and we’rte not quite arrived at the decorating for Christmas season. Pretty much everyone I know is complaining about being tried. Here where we live the days are growing shorter and sunshine is not as plentiful – it certainly is not warm – so take all these factors together and Meh! Tis the season for hibernation, if we could I think we’d all hunker down in some dark warm cave until spring arrives again. At least, that’s how I feel lately, but it will pass. It a;ways passes. It’s the fall blues or something. At any rate I hope things turn around for all of us and soon – very soon – please God!

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  7. My week has mostly been college homework, writing essays and working on law class vocabulary sheets. To relax I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky when I have time.


  8. “This too shall pass”. And it will. The reasons behind it you’ve said are predominately book and work related; I’d add the darker gloomier weather into the mix too. However (she says with a finger wiggling and a widening grin), your book is worth all the endless editing and re-reading because … (dramatic pause) IT’S FABULOUS!! I’ve been reading like a demon and am down to the last few chapters. And to put this into perspective, I’ve been sitting in my coffee shop not blogging, not writing my own book, but hooked on yours. So, suffice to say (and I hope you read this early today so that your morning starts with a whoop, whoop and a bounce out of bed) … your efforts have been worth it, a hundred times over. As for the report, work will be done, time will pass and it WILL be finished. Reaching as close to perfection as is humanly/Stephen-ly possible (for both the report and the book) takes time and enormous effort. Your standards will not slip (thank goodness), therefore accept that a little time must pass before you can put your feet up and take a physical and mental rest. Here endeth the lesson … except for one teensy thing ….

    It’s nearly Christmas!! Yay!! Whoop whoooooop!! 😃😃😃


  9. Life is sometimes meh and that’s ok! Think of it as the flat part of the trail that you just have to fly through or take a little breather before the uphill or downhill comes. Sometimes we’re so used to riding the roller coaster that we think that riding the monorail is boring – but if you look around, it’s really not. Enjoy the meh- tomorrow might be an “ahhhhrrrggghhhj” kind of day! 😁


  10. Thank you! I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one. I, too, have been bombarded with other work, leaving me drained. Even though it’s all good stuff, I get frustrated with the ‘writer’s block that seems to accompany it. Hang in there. I don’t have an answer for what it takes to get out of it. I simply no that “this too, shall pass”…


  11. Going through the flow of emotions in all of your daily commitments sounds like the grit. I hope this week has brought more goodness and fun.

    How is your week going?
    🙈🙉🙊My week has been mentally taxing. I feel like so many of my tasks require feeling not strictly doing. I coach and I am coached around my emotions. My emotions this week elude me at the worst of times and at the best of times.

    When did you last feel meh?
    I typically feel meh when I work my taxed, and clock-in, and clock-out, job. So, Sunday. I just do not find it emotionally satisfying at this juncture. I can reframe that thought, though.

    How did you emerge from the other side?
    When I realized that there are always choices. Despite feeling meh, I knew and believed in my heart that I was at the helm of choosing to go to my job.


      1. You’re welcome. I really enjoyed hearing your sharing about how your week has been meh. You sharing your mehness helped me feel less alone, in a very good way. Now, it is my turn to apologize for my extremely delayed response. I had a busy last week.

        I wish you the best for this week. My weekend was very busy. I work from dawn until dusk both saturday and sunday. I am ready to get work done that I would like to get done, today, until I am back at it again with the rest of my busy week.

        How was your weekend?


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