Life is Meh. But At Least We Have Doughnuts

I pride myself on being positive when I blog, but when I sat down to write today, I was struggling to find anything. The well was empty . The last few days have been quite disheartening for us, with very little seeming to go our way. Fionnuala saved the day, though, by bringing these bad boys home for from a shopping trip to Dublin. Everything seems (slightly) better after a Krusty Kreme Doughnut.

What treat makes your day less meh?

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  1. There’s this sensational new coffee by ‘La Columbe’ that’s amazing! It’s a store bought frothy cold coffee that comes in multiple flavors like mocha, vanilla, ect. It’s so frothy that the drink overflows if the can is shaken. I gave up Starbucks because of this! I highly recommend it to any coffee enthusiast but be aware that one of these drinks is comparable to 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 cups of coffee: it’s a mouthful of happiness!

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  2. You might not believe that I actually ate 9 of them in one sitting once. I had bought two dozen for the ten kids in my household at the time, two each for everyone. I was on the bus taking them home, and decided to eat one. I had eaten nine by the time I got off the bus, including glazed, crime filled, and chocolate, so only one per child. I did not know then that I was a diabetic, but the fact that I nearly passed out should have been a clue. Today, I can’t eat just one, so I don’t buy them at all. No self-control whatsoever with them. But I got a little joy just seeing them.

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