Stop The World….I’ve Lost My Kindle

If you asked me what three items I would take onto a desert island (go on, ask me) I’d probably plump for my glasses, a lifetime supply of Diet Coke (surely that counts as one item?!) and my beloved Kindle Fire. You see, I read….a lot. And the Kindle is my way of stashing hundreds of books without Fionnuala shouting at me for the clutter around the house. Happiness is a new book on the Kindle. Assuming the island has wifi of course.

All that changed a couple of months ago when my favourite electronic device went AWOL. MIA. It vanished. At first I assumed it would turn up as misplaced items tend to do in our house. Or rather, Fionnuala would find it for me. But as the weeks passed, there was no sign of the prodigal paper substitute. I even, shock horror, started to look for it. But it had vanished. Like the Marie Celeste. Gone.

The mystery niggled at me increasingly. Searches under various pieces of furniture proved negative and I began to worry. Had I actually lost it? How could that be, given I rarely take it out of the house. I was resorting to squinting at the Kindle app on my phone. I was even considering the unthinkable, purchasing a real book. You know, with pages. Real paper pages.

My whining increased to such levels that by Christmas morning, Fionnuala had enough and took it upon herself to search for the offending item. She tutted, climbed the stairs and entered our bedroom. I followed her, safe in the knowledge I had turned the room upside down and the Kindle was not there. No way, was she making a fool of me by placing her hands on it within seconds.

She strode over to my side of the bed and began to rummage through an old briefcase where I store random bits of paperwork. Pah, I sniffed. I’ve searched there at least a dozen times. What does she take me for, some sort of buffoon. I froze as, after a cursory search, she stood up and flung the Kindle Fire in my direction. There followed a brief exchange of words, where my wife gently challenged various aspects of my intellect and wisdom.

Once this loving verbal wave had washed over me, and I’d recovered from the shame and embarrassment of being an incompetent numpty, it was as if I had received a new Christmas present. I charged up the Kindle and proceeded to surf Amazon for all sorts of cut price bargains and new releases. All at a fraction of the price I would have paid for them on the high street. Check out this lot.

  • The Cruel Prince – Holly Black
  • Eat, Drink, Run – Bryony Gordon
  • How To Stop Time – Matt Haig
  • Into The Water – Paula Hawkins
  • Echoes – Laura Tisdall
  • Dreamlander – K..M Weiland
  • The Grey Bastards – Jonathan French
  • My Thoughts Exactly – Lily Allen

All for £20! But here’s where I need your help. I still have a few Christmas shekels left. Can you recommend a book to add to my collection? My favourite genres are fantasy and dark thrillers but I’m open to all your suggestions. I also have an interest in biographies that focus on mental health and addictive behaviour. Leave your comments below. I’m looking forward to reading them all.

What books can you recommend to me?

Have you ever lost anything and it’s been under your nose all along?

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

78 thoughts on “Stop The World….I’ve Lost My Kindle

  1. How to Find Lost Objects by Professor Solomon would seem to be the obvious one. 😉 But don’t worry, I suffer from the same problem. It’s an affliction all men are born with – the harder you look for something the more invisible it becomes. The only thing you can be sure to find straight away is a beer in the fridge (assuming you put one in there beforehand of course) ! Happy reading!

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  2. If I lost my iPad, I would have suffered unbelievable panic!

    I’ve listed my top 12 reads for 2018 in yesterday’s post but my most favorite that fits your criteria is Unraveling Oliver by Liz Nugent. Read the preview and you’ll know from the first few pages if it’s your cuppa.


  3. Sounds like my house. What is missing in the Y DNA that makes for not very astute finders?? I read from a few different genres. Here are some of my faves: Pachinko, Blink, Spilled Milk, The Snow Child, One Thousand White Women, Shantaram, 11/22/63, The Language of Flowers, Wreckage, Moloka’i, Wave, Do Not Become Alarmed, The Gender Games, The Orphan’s Tale. Alright, that’s enough to keep you busy for a minute.

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    1. Men are “hunters.” Their genetics have wired them to notice relatively big things; it takes a lot of practice for shooting sportsmen to find and bag small targets like doves and squirrels (they do much better with rhinoceros and elephants). On the other hand, women are “gatherers.” Their genetics have wired them to notice relatively small things (from the size of a large pumpkin down to the size of a small seed); this may be why women can “lose” a car in a car park (when I was still driving, I solved that problem by affixing a small, colored flag to the aerial on my car). 😉

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  4. Lost things are always in the last place you look…! I frequently can’t see things that are under my nose – I lost a tin of chocolate biscuits recently (PANIC!) which were found in the place I swear I’d looked in.
    “Is that a proper look or a Dormouse look?” is often a question my OH asks when I say I’ve looked for something.

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  5. Well done Fionnuala. And yes Stephen, you’re a numpty. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Recommended reads? Someone just bought me ‘Why mummy drinks’, so I’ll let you know if you should read it after me. 😂


  6. I’m going to highly recommend Suburban Junky: From straight A student to Heroin addict. It’s actually a true story set in my home town. St. Louis MO. It is required reading now at the high school. I read it two years ago and then six months later I was on facebook when I came across a post that said I am so proud of my husbands book being number one on amazon. As it turned out, I worked with his wife and did not put two and two together. IF you read my Christmas Angel blog it was she and her husband that was my other angel who actually moved and I ended up dropping gifts at her parents. Her parents were in a really bad place and weren’t even speaking before my gift drop started. Anyway excellent book about how addiction started and what hell he put everyone through!


  7. My non-fiction reading has been limited to classic reads and re-reads from my library. Call me old fashioned but I still have a large library of books on shelves no less! My kids gave me a Kindle several years ago and I think it has three or four books on it. I have several audio books on my phone for when I’m out in the field, but I still hang on to bound copies. I’m pretty much a minimalist so I think that is why my wife puts up with my book and music collections!

    As for the whole “looking for something that’s right there thing” I’m embarrassed to say that I will spend an hour looking for the car keys that are in the right pocket instead of the left and even more time looking for the glasses that are right on top of my head. I’ve also reached the point in life where leaving home may require three or four trips back into the house for items I forgot…

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  8. I lose my glasses every hour, on the hour, minimum. I hate them, but I need them and frankly they should be stapled to my head. As for books, I am currently racing through “Escape by Bike” by Joshua Cunningham. Makes me want to go exploring through India on Claude … It won’t be your cup of tea, but The Moon’s a Balloon by the late David Niven is rather amusing and Auschwitz Report by Primo Levi moves me to tears.


  9. I cannot imagine losing my Kindle – how did you survive so long without it? 🙂 My book recommendation is Exile by Rachel Starr Thomson. And it happens to be free on Kindle – it’s a good read and is the first book in a series. I think the genre is Christian thriller. Oh and the 49th Mystic by Ted Dekker is AMAZING! HIghly recommend it. It’s a little mind bending – it will challenge and delight you.


  10. Lol. Been there. Done it. But not with Kindle. Things like searching for glasses when they were on my face all the time. Motor bike keys
    only to take crash hat off in exasperation to find keys on head! But sadly, I don’t know of any books. Good luck with your search though.


  11. I too love my Kindle. I must have over 100 new books on it. I get emails from Bookhub, and so many are free. Just put in your favorite types of books and get an email everyday with suggestions. I will have to start reading my books soon. I keep adding to the Kindle without finding time to read. Crazy, I know!


  12. 😆 we’d all lose it if we couldn’t find our electronics. Honestly I’d miss blogging, writing, and reading other blogs. I don’t mind losing lesson plans, assessments, pretty much anything having to do with my job. I can live without it 😁. But I’m down to playing Where’s Waldo again! 😂

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  13. LOL, what would you do without your wife. I had to laugh out loud when you expressed horror at buying a book. I have never used a Kindle because I love real books with the feel and smell of those pages. Happy reading!

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  14. Shameless self-promotion: Irish Firebrands. It’s contemporary literary fiction involving various mental health issues, a struggle for faith, and the paranormal. The setting is the Republic of Ireland, and it took three years to research. The first printing is still available in Kindle-compatible digital from Smashwords, and in paperback on Amazon. The second and third printings (paperback and hard cover) are on Amazon (at full retail) and Lulu (at a discount). Thank you for your consideration.


  15. With so much reading, I’m surprised you don’t use an e-ink kindle instead of a Fire. Either way, I agree: new kindle book = happy. I love my kindle. I’ll probably do a whole blog post about it! Happy reading!


  16. The Inheritance trilogy by N.K. Jemisin is one of my favorites.

    I’m currently reading Rejoice, A Knife to the Heart by Steven Erickson. He’s a new-to-me author, and I’m loving the book so far.


  17. LOL, I really liked this post. I’ve had senior moments where I was looking for my glasses and they were on my face or my pen that was in my hand. I think I was really stressed out/distracted.


  18. This is so timely. I love my kindle fire. When not at work I take it everywhere. We had an appointment with our spiritual adviser. The appointment was for only an hour, and it went well although I did have a schedule conflict with work so we rushed out and headed home. For three weeks like you, I figured it would show up when I couldn’t find it right away. Then I started really looking for it. Emptying one room after the other I searched for it. The more I did not find it the crazier I became. I began seriously to think about how was I going to buy another one? I have over one hundred twenty-five books on my Kindle. All gone but not all read! After the wife followed up my search with one of her own and checking the truck for it too, I gave up. The last place I remembered seeing it was at my spiritual adviser’s place. We drove there and Shirley went in to explain what was going on. I was very distraught over the situation and on edge. I was holding on to the last knot on my rope and refusing to let go. When she returned to the truck I was so relieved to see my Kindle (Bright orange) in her hand. She told me it got wedged between the cushions on the couch where we were sitting. They had to pull the cushions off to find it it was wedged so deep between. The reasoned It is bright orange is so it is harder for me to lose it. Not sure this time that it worked? While I have misplaced it for a few hours in the past, I have never lost it. The hardest problem for me is I have discovered I am extremely visual. I can see an image of what I last saw of an object in my mind. If you lay an object on it I will never look under it. The image has changed and I am lost. funny?


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