What Do Bloggers Do On Sunday?

From personal experience, Sunday is the quietest day of the week on WordPress. People tend to be offline and blog traffic picks up later in the week again. For many people, Sunday is traditionally a day of rest. They have a lie in, spend the day with their family, some go to church. I also realise that others have to go to work. To some, Sunday is just another day while others treat it as special time which should be protected at all costs.

My Sunday’s follow a typical pattern. They used to start with a stinking hangover, followed by skulking around the house eating unhealthily and largely feeling sorry for myself. How times have changed. We aren’t connected to a church (loooooooong story) but friends do come to our house every Sunday morning to listen to worship music, pray and study the Bible. Today, I spoke about using the Bible as a weapon.

Now, by weapon I don’t mean literally bashing people over the head with it, although I have been sorely tempted at times. Even loooooonger story. No, the Bible can be used to protect you from unacceptable and inappropriate behaviour. I know it is not for everyone but I believe it has helped me become a better, more thoughtful, considerate person. I’m no expert and a lot of it still challenges and confuses me, but I do get a lot out of it.

Afterwards we all hung out for a while. Fionnuala baked a birthday cake for our friend, Graham. When our friends left, I ran a 5K even though I felt tired. I’m still recovering from a mystery virus I’ve been battling since before Christmas. I’m much better than I was, and back running again, but there are days when it is the furthest thing from my mind. I forced myself out there, though, and felt all the better for it.

I’m no culinary giant but promised Fionnuala last week I would cook dinner on Sunday. She suggested sausage casserole as even a walking disaster zone like yours truly could manage that one. Rebecca helped me by cutting the up carrots and onions while I peeled potatoes. We both ended up with stinging eyes from the onions but I managed not to burn anything and everyone seemed to enjoy it. It’s another dish I’ve mastered which I can add to my recipe book.

The remainder of the day will be taken up with blogging and writing an article a website has approached me about. I’ll also drop an e-mail to my editor to see how she is progressing with the book. We will hopefully get caught up on some of our shows, although Fionnuala always has a busy Sunday evening, preparing lunches and uniforms for the week ahead. So much for Sunday being a day of rest then.

Monday comes around oh so quick. Our weekends are precious times and I’m blessed that I can spend mine with family and friends, people who truly matter. I hope you do the same and are doing so now, instead of reading my rambling words. We only have so many of these days, we should make the most of them. I hope you are all having a great Sunday. Whatever you are doing today.

How do you spend your Sunday?

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

59 thoughts on “What Do Bloggers Do On Sunday?

  1. I am spending my Sunday resting, and because the temperature isn’t too warm outside I’ll be doing a 5k today as well. Perhaps cooking a little later, too.


  2. Ha… I’m reading some posts in WordPress. Need to write a little later. Have a photo to prepare for entry (last few hours). We will watch the full eclipse from my step-daughters house (I can escape the chill and have a place to sit.) I miss church friendships. But not church. I’m learning to get out and meet people. Hope you get your full strength back! I’ve now read two books this year. Starting the third today!!

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  3. Stephen, my Sundays vary from one to the next. I like this even though I am usually quite structured in how I spend my time, Sunday has an entirely different feel to it. Probably something most pastors would not be able to say, just another blessing of the way God is using us here.
    Today, winter has come to upstate NY with a vengeance. We have had well over a foot of snow since last night. The temperature is hovering at 5 degrees (Fahrenheit) and the wind is howling, bringing windchills into the minus 20 range.
    As far as Sunday blogging, I try to catch up on reading posts the busy week has made me miss. This also seems to be a good time to write responses as well!
    I loved what you said about the weaponry pf the Bible. As an ice-breaker when speaking, I usually make the statement that I am not a ‘bible thumper’ and in fact as of this date, I’ve yet to ever thump anyone with my copy of the Good Book.
    I also enjoyed reading about your friends coming over on Sunday to pray, study and sing. If you are done with the dishes from cooking dinner, check out Acts 2:42-47. It should sound a lot like what you folks are already doing!
    Blessings to you and yours,

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  4. Your day sounds great. Since I’ve retired from working a job, Sunday is no longer the only day to rest and catch-up. I stopped attending church when I realized the creeds which I was reciting did not speak truth to me. Have been looking for a home group like you, but as yet I’ve found no connection.

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  5. My Sunday’s are usually quite busy. I’m a church organist for two churches so I have two services in the morning and sometimes an evening service. I try to rest for the rest of the Sunday before the working week starts again but it never seems to happen. I really like the idea of your Sunday mornings discussing the bible and listening to worship music. Certainly sounds better than some of the sermons we get. I hope you have a good week ahead. Blessings.

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  6. It is sad that so many people cannot find a church that strengthens and blesses them. However, it is an enormous blessing to have Christian friends to pray with and encourage one another. The Lord always provides us with everything we need. Blessings, Stephen!

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  7. Sundays are usually my ‘catch up’ day. I take Saturday as my ‘chill’ day instead. Sundays are to prep for work, catch up on blogs, knitting, cat cuddles, hubby stuff, etc.


      1. I live equally at my divorced parents houses. Dad is atheist and I’m not allowed to go on his weekend and mum rarely goes because my siblings always argue her on it. I don’t have a car or drivers licence yet so I can’t take myself.


  8. My Sundays are not always routine I do like to go to church and have churches i attend and if I don’t go to church I have a generic service of church at home although sometimes my generic services bless me more then going to church. but as it is winter time i don’t like to travel much. This Sunday was blessed and at least i stayed awake this Sunday. last Sunday i spent almost all Sunday catching up on sleep I was so exhausted. I did get to read some blogs last Sunday which has been better then the last few weeks. This Sunday it looks like i can do the same thing! happy to be sitting down! I prepared a huge dinner I hardly ate any of, but birthdays i like to cook meals so i cooked a meal for a household birthday. the Word is a weapon indeed! the best tool and weapon God gave us! My beliefs! have a blessed day you and your family! may your week be blessed as well in Jesus name Amen!


  9. I belong to a perfectly imperfect church where I am privileged to teach Sunday School. I teach the large group session that meets together before kiddos break into smaller age-appropriate teaching groups. By “large group”, I mean about 30 kids who range in age and life experience from 2 years old through 6th grade. It’s a challenge working with that wide range of ages, but it works well for our little church. And I LOVE it!

    Our worship service follows our Sunday School hour. God is at work in our little church, drawing families in, moving a few families out. Familiar ways to serve, and new ways to serve. Our little flock is getting much more involved in our community too, which adds a new layer of freshness to our worship as our hearts learn to serve those around us. It’s such a blessing being part of it all.

    I am most incredibly blessed in that my daughter and her family attend the same church, so I usually get to sit next to one or more of my grandkids during the morning worship service. Of course, there are always hugs and kisses too. Blessed, indeed.

    Following church, my hubby and I take my brother out for lunch. He resides at a nursing home in a nearby community. Friends pick him up for church because they live in his neighborhood. Even so, it’s no small feat since he has a wheelchair which must come along with him. My brother has many physical and a few cognitive limitations, so I moved him closer to me about three years ago so I could more easily oversee his care. He hadn’t been accustomed to going to church, but we invited him to join us on Sundays and he is enjoying our little fellowship.

    My sweet Momma (age 85) lives with us. She has Alzheimer’s so cannot be left on her own. The “social” part of her is gone now, so she no longer goes to church. We hire a caregiver each Sunday to spend time with her and see to her needs while we are at church. Kathi is a blessing from God in the way she lovingly cares for my Momma as though she were her own mother. We need to be home by 2:00 pm because that is the end of Kathi’s shift and Momma cannot be left on her own.

    Sunday afternoons and eves are quiet and generally restful., apart from the times when Momma needs attention. I usually catch a little nap, do a little writing for my blog, clean out my email in-basket, do a little reading, and the like. If Momma isn’t napping she and I will color or work a puzzle together.

    Thanks for sharing your Sunday and allowing me to share mine!


  10. It’s about the same for me. But I do attend church. I use to serve all three services, but cut back because I needed more balance, basically me time. Everyday is a day to work for my schedule. But to have one day uninterrupted and not distracted, but to reconnect to literature makes me at peace. I finally arrived to that sentiment this afternoon, 2 hours of reading and my mind smiled. I’m bless for that moment (and hopefully more opportunities to read).
    I’d love to start fellowship in my house I’m praying for this year. I want to find one day of rest, hey God made it happened when He created the universe.


  11. Since I’m reading this on a Monday, obviously I don’t spend a lot of time reading blogs on Sunday. First it’s drink some coffee, then off to church. After lunch these old folks take a short nap, then play a game of Scrabble. I sometimes do write a blog late in the evening, but wait until Monday to catch up on the writers I love to read – which includes your blog. When I worked I always love the chance to catch up on some quiet time on Sunday but now that I’m retired, every day is Sunday.

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  12. This Sunday I spent my day by the seaside with a friend, went for cocktails and took a few nice scenery photos for upcoming blogs! However, usually, I’m in bed watching Netflix lol.


  13. I typically spend Sunday morning at church – we have a “serve one, sit one” guideline for church volunteers so that they don’t get burned out serving every single service. So, I usually volunteer at kids church and then attend the next service. Then, it’s usually off to the beach for a walk and then a quick stop at the store for groceries and then home to relax.


  14. It’s so great that you have found a way to have church even though there isn’t a good church around. Yesterday, we went to church in the morning and there was a party for our pastor and his wife, because they have been there for 25 years. Then, we came home, had lunch, and went to a 4-H meeting. Then we finally got to relax!

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      1. 4-H is an organization of kids that do community service and fun activities and stuff like that. Every year, we get to pick out 4-H projects and learn about them (a project could be anything from photography to drones to welding to swine) and display our final project at the annual fair. That’s probably not the best explanation 😂


  15. The past three weeks have been spent working on writing a week’s worth of posts so I can work on my book during the rest of the week. So far it has been helpful and I’m almost done with Ch. 14! It is getting deep!


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