We All Need To Eat More Pizza

We had friends visiting last night so treated ourselves to Dominos Pizza, given it was buy one get one free Tuesday. It was too good an offer to miss out on, so we ended up going buy three, get three free. And try saying that with a mouthful of ham and pineapple deep crust. Everyone got stuck in and I could barely move by the end of the night. Good job I went for a run earlier in the day.

Calorific intake aside, is there anyone out there who doesn’t like pizza? Certainly not at chez Black last night. The kids attacked it with their usual famished relish and, to be fair, the supposed grown ups weren’t that far behind them. There were a multitude of toppings on offer, something for even the pickiest palate. Ham, pineapple, mushroom, chicken, you name it we had it.

I came downstairs this morning to find Hannah munching happily on a cold slice. Despite our best efforts the night before, there was still loads left over. I reckon if Jesus appeared on Earth today he would be performing his ‘loaves and fishes’ miracle with a Meat Feast 12′ and sides of garlic bread. Everybody loves pizza, it has a universal appeal, right? World peace would be a dawdle if world leaders sat down and discussed it over pizza.

If only everything was that simple. Our world is so fragmented at present it feels as if nothing works. We can’t seem to agree on anything. Nations clash and politicians fail to grasp the nettle. In Northern Ireland, we have been without a functioning government for over two years. I think that’s a world record which we inherited from Belgium the other month. Or somewhere like that.

This is staggering. Even the amiable Belgians are at loggerheads with each other. When did Belgium ever start an international incident? I know they have had their differences with the Dutch down the years but they even make the Swiss look like bloodthirsty warmongers. Us Northern Irish are comparatively off the scale. 3000 dead during 30 years of our ‘Troubles’ is testimony to that.

We cannot agree on our past, our present or our future. Our politicians bicker and bluster but nothing is agreed, and we seem further away from agreement than ever before. At times it is akin to a schoolyard squabble. You feel like banging their heads together and sending them to bed with no dinner. And no cold pizza the next morning either. That would teach them a lesson they’d never forget.

Cold pizza. Cold comfort. This morning is bitter as I sit and write this, and that’s not just because Jack Frost paid our fractured land a visit overnight. Some days the zombie apocalypse doesn’t seem such a bad alternative after all. At least you know where you stand with zombies. They are as predictable as they are hungry. Although don’t try to entice them with a Hawaiian thin crust. That simply won’t work.

Back in the day it was a Noah and a flood. Today fingers hover over nuclear launch codes, and people have nightmare about Brexit, while disease and famine ravage large swathes of the globe. If we can’t agree on the small things then how on earth will we ever agree on the issues that truly matter. I just don’t know anymore. Maybe we all need to eat more pizza. A lot more pizza.

What is your favourite pizza topping?

Can your leaders agree on anything?

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

80 thoughts on “We All Need To Eat More Pizza

  1. I can understand your frustrations with Brexit – especially living on the edge, as it were, like you do. Even from afar, and for someone who takes no interest in politics normally, it’s like a little game the politicians are playing in their House. I know a ‘hard’ border stirs up a lot of emotions, but the Swiss have them with all their neighbours, but people and traffic move freely through with only the occasional (suspect or maybe random) vehicle being stopped. Half of the east of France commute into Geneva or thereabouts for the high salaries and it would be chaos if every vehicle was stopped and searched. I know it will never happen, as common sense never seems to prevail. So, on a more serious note – we have a restaurant up the road where you can choose your own topping with each item having its own value. My choice usually includes olives (a must for any pizza), pepperoni (just like your picture – yum) and pineapple. Got to get your 5-a-day somehow! 😋

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  2. I’m drooling now just thinking about pizza. Here in New Zealand I must admit that I do love a good spicy pizza, not too many jalapeños but just enough to enjoy it with a nice stuffed crust and maybe some seafood on top. Or perhaps a vegetarian one with spinach … 😋😋 sorry I didn’t mention politics. I’m hungry now ☺️


  3. As someone who grew up in a town full of Sicilian immigrants, the combination of Ham +Pineapple on a pizza physically pains me. Living in the Republic close to the Fermanagh border and, being old enough to remember the vicious old days, I share your Brexit pain.

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  4. Come to Buffalo, NY, my friend & I’ll treat you to a Bocce Club pizza, probably the best in the world. Then we’ll take a drive down to Mama Santa’s in Cleveland, where they have fabulous pizza, too! And all kinds of great Italian food. I know, I used to be the hostess there! I gained fifteen pounds working there!

    In my neck of the woods, cold pizza is the breakfast of champions. When I worked at Mama Santa’s, I used to order a pizza just to take home to eat cold in the morning!

    BTW, my fav pizza is cheese with mushrooms & black olives. But I also adore white pizza.


  5. It doesn’t get any better than cold pizza!

    I’ve taken to just eating a plain cheese pizza but my favorite is sundried tomatoes & mushrooms. On a thin crust.

    Maybe we could solve the world’s problems by just delivering pizza inside the chambers of each country’s government.


  6. I tend to go for an Italian topping such as capsicum, salami, olives, etc. It’s been a long time since I bought any pizza as I can’t afford it. I actually like making my own as I’m quite good at making my own bread bases, but as our oven isn’t working properly I can’t do that either 😥


  7. As for favorite pizza toppings, hmm, anything but anchovies…
    As for leaders getting along… All I have to say is Trump (I still refuse to say his name and President in the same sentence)


  8. I like pizza, but it needs to have a gluten-free crust. The commercial gluten-free varieties leave a lot to be desired (they’re more like a soda cracker than like bread), so that means if I want to really enjoy a pizza, I have to make it myself. As far as the topping goes, I prefer to keep it Italian. I’m not so sure that World Pizza would lead to World Peace: the politicians would quarrel about the toppings.


  9. I am ashamed. I do not like pizza. Don’t shoot me yet …. I just don’t like it! In fact I loathe it. I wish I did, then I could be classed as a normal human being. My children love it. My husband loves it. I just don’t. I don’t like the tomato sauce stuff, I don’t like cooked cheese, I don’t like dry crusts and, and, and … I’m sorry. Please don’t hold this against me …😩😩😩


          1. Oh God! I’ve just landed myself in it! I have to say however, in defence of the game, it’s incredibly therapeutic because it’s just so vicious. Like boxing, it takes all the frustrations out. Well, it was in our day, before health and safety came into play. I was also beaten at prep school … Is your opinion of me even lower now??! 😩


  10. Pizza is delicious, but I can’t eat it anymore. Sadly. I love pepperoni and green peppers.

    The US government…well…😂😂😂 an exercise in futility maybe? Very frustrating to have people in Congress representing their own agendas, not the will of the American people. I’m not speaking on a specific topic, just in general.

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      1. Probably a good thing you don’t know a whole lot! It’s extremely complicated.
        Psssst, don’t venture there unless ready to lose your mind trying to understand the reasons behind all the divisions. There are many: geographical, political, economical…..


  11. Bring on the pizza! I make gluten free (argh!) deeep dish meat/cheese stuffed pizza that slays the hunger.

    Christians are taught to respect the government, and obey it. In a democratic society, we become a part of the government, so that old school teaching becomes nuanced (to put it nicely).


  12. Domino’s is a rare treat for us too, younger son is a pizza obsessive and wants to work at Pizza Hut forever! But, we did have Domino’s a couple of weeks ago – Tuna, anchovy and pineapple… gorgeous.
    Don’t get me started on politicians and the farce of Brexit…
    ps I love cold pizza 🙂


  13. As I am typing this my husband is making a pizza downstairs for lunch LOL so this was perfectly timed. It’s a DiGiorno cheese pizza that you make in the over. We spice it up with some oregano and Pecarino Romano cheese. For pizza toppings I love sausage (but it has to be ground, not huge chunks), mushrooms, green peppers, plain cheese, ham and pineapple, and pretty much any exotic pizza you can think of. I’m not a huge pepperoni fan but I will eat it if that’s all that’s available. It gives me horrible heart burn!

    As for world leader, look at the idiot in charge of our USA. I can’t even stand the sight of him, probably because my grandmom and parents taught me to be nice to others and not a racist jerk. I love my country but I wish we could sit people in a Kindergarten classroom and remind them about things like manners, polite ways to handle things we don’t like, and COMPROMISE for God’s sake! Then if they can hash out a fair plan they can have a pizza of their choosing. I know it sounds funny but I think most of these people have forgotten why they are where they are. They are supposed to represent us and our voices, not their own.

    Sorry for the mini rant! Hope things get better on your side of the world soon too!


  14. we have an election coming this year in canada and the rise of the ugly far-right, the rhetoric and the demonizing, while eschewing actual, helpful policies is a concern. perhaps the pizza plan should be given more weight. i’ll send my favourite – chicken club. chicken, tomatoes, bacon bits, and onion in a white sauce. hot sauce for dipping as well.


  15. I think politics and government are a mess everywhere. I try to ignore them as much as I can! I don’t want sucked into more drama. As for pizza, I was happy to see your a ham and pineapple family! I love a Domino’s thin crust with ham and pineapple. And in my family, I have it all to myself.


  16. You guys have Domino’s? No way! Please tell me you have better pizza choices than a lackluster chain! LOL!

    I didn’t eat pizza until I was 7 because I did not like different foods touching each other. Go ahead an laugh; it is quite funny! BTW, there are STILL some foods I do not like to touch lol!

    Fave topping is mushrooms, but love me a good New York style with Old World pepperoni and jalapenos!

    Also, cold pizza rocks! (unless it is Domino’s lol)


  17. Pizza is my obsession. Never had it with pineapple, Doesn’t sound appealing, but I don’t mind trying. Politicians don’t know how to lead outside of their own pride. The reason division is stronger is because pride has been set loose. Everyone’s talking, but just rebuttal. No one understands the art of listening and seeking wise counsel. What hurts the most is they have chosen to throw religion (Christianity) on the table without a relationship with God. They don’t know humility. They don’t know compassion. And they don’t know leadership. A leader listens to wise counsel, not to fools.
    Pride is a mess thing, wars start because someone’s feelings got hurt. This country cries for help, and we just keep drowning. 😢🙏🏼


  18. Wait a sec. 3000 deaths in 30 years in a population of about 1.6M is a rate of 6.25/100,000 a year or about half the rate of firearm death in the USA (which is about the same as the traffic death rate in the US and less than the opioid overdose death rate). Was the death rate from the Troubles really so low?


  19. On the pizza theme, Dominos and Pizza Hut represent the very bottom of the market here—I’d not eat the stuff they sell unless I was starving (perhaps they do a better job elsewhere).

    I do like a good pizza, though. The local chain “Pizza My Heart” makes a pretty good one, and my wife makes some really excellent ones. For a while it was fashionable for upscale eateries to have wood-fired or other fancy pizza ovens, and a few still do, turning out some really amazingly good pizzas.

    Lately I’ve preferred the flatbreads from Laili’s, a Mediterranean/Afghan fusion restaurant downtown …


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