Do You Have Recurring Dreams?

I don’t dream much, and when I do, I invariably cannot remember their content when I wake up the next morning. Fionnuala is the dreamer in our family. She regularly has lucid dreams that often end up becoming reality down the road. She is a seer and her nocturnal adventures are often a startlingly accurate glimpse into our future lives. It is a gift I’ve always said she should develop further.

But last night I had a dream. A recurring one at that. I was at an airport, going through security. I knew I was on time and there was no great rush to make the flight. Yet, things started to go wrong. I set off the alarm going through the security scanner so had to be searched. Turns out it was the zipper on my jacket. What an idiot! Then I dropped some coins so scrambled about on the ground to collect them.

It went downhill fast after that. I got separated from the people I was travelling with. I have no idea who they were but it was a business trip to London. Then I misplaced my boarding pass so had to root desperately through my bag in order to locate it. By now, I only had thirty minutes to make the flight. I could still do it. I hurried in the direction of my boarding gate only to turn a corner and find myself….in a hospital!

And no ordinary hospital. A porter breezed past me pushing a trolley carrying the charred remains of a body. Suddenly I was in a nightmare. I retraced my steps and thankfully found myself back in the airport. After studying the overhead signs I figured I had to leave the main terminal and make my way outside to another building, from where my flight would depart. I was just relieved to leave the sinister hospital behind me.

As I walked towards where my plane was supposed to be, I found myself alone. Where were all the other commuters and tourists? I kept walking and realised I was hurrying through a building site. This part of the airport hasn’t even been built yet. I resigned myself to the fact I was missing the flight and immediately started worrying about how I was going to explain this to my bosses.

It was then that I woke up and started writing this post. I have a vague recollection of having had the same dream before, although cannot be certain. Other recurring ones include sitting an exam which I haven’t studied for, and walking about with a fringe that obscures my vision. Answers on a postcard please as to what that last one is about. Which reminds me, I need a haircut.

I often worry that I’ve wasted my life in respect of my writing. I know I’ve achieved a fair bit in respect of my family and working life. But I’ve a deep seated fear I’ve blown it with regards becoming a published author. I should have had my head in the game a good decade ago, instead of drifting along ignoring the nagging need to write which has always tugged at my subconscious. There is too much to do now and it’s too late. I’ve missed my flight.

I hope I’m wrong and that next time I dream I make the flight. Pass the exam, get my fringe trimmed. Dreams are weird places. Some are comfortable there, but it’s largely an unknown landscape to me. Im in no hurry to return to that creepy airport/hospital complex. I’m awake now so I guess I’d better arise and get ready for work. Thankfully no airports are involved in my daily commute. Although I hope the train is on time.

Do you have recurring dreams? What are they about?

Have you ever missed a flight?

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

85 thoughts on “Do You Have Recurring Dreams?

  1. Love the fringe dream. 🙂

    Not all dreams are prophetic, of course; our minds muddle through a mess of memories and we are a strapped-in audience to the show.

    In terms of your getting into writing too late: one of my favorite writers, James Herriot, kept telling his wife that he’d write a book. “When I write my book,” he’d say. Or, “I’ll be sure to include that in my book.”

    Finally, in his fifties, she said something like, “Now Donald (I’m too lazy to look this up, so work with me), you know you’re never going to write that book.”

    Affronted, he buckled down and did it.

    You’ve two years (at least) on him. You’re fine. Now pick up your zippered jacket, loose coins, and charred body. You’ve got a plane to catch.

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  2. Wow! What a dream!

    I’ve never missed a flight as I don’t fly. But my regularly recurring dream is that I have a phone or mobile in my hand, trying to phone somebody for help, but either the keys won’t work, or I can’t see them well enough to dial ( being blind anyway, this makes sense) and I try and try and become frantic because I cannot dial and get the help I need. I am usually in a strange or foreign town, totally abandoned. It is a very frightening dream, that I know is the story of my life right now

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      1. Thanks very much Stephen. Sadly nothing is going to change ohtsucally, but the dream is really a replica of my lufe – that I cabpn’t dial phone numbers, and often need to but get stuck! It is SO frustrating! We have a ststem whereby I ring my hysband on his mobile, even from within the house, if I need him for a ything. And sometimes it is urgent, but then I can’t see the numbers to dial! My mobile has Suri on it, but it doesn’t always work for some reason. So the dream is my reality, but the dream alwats kind of exagferates it, and the fear comes out. I hope the dream goes away soon lol. And I hope that you never miss your plane! That is another frightening thought.


  3. I dont really have recurring dreams! Thank god! I almost missed a flight once. It was winter and I was in the US and my flight was about to take off, they held it for me as I hurriedly ran toward the plane!


  4. It’s funny that you should ask that question as I had a variation on a recurring dream last night… My friend and I often swapped stories about our recurring dreams which were almost identical. We would be playing golf and the ball would end up in an almost unplayable position – like behind a tree or even in a room, with the tiniest gap to play through. We’d spend ages trying to figure out how to play the shot, looking at it from all angles, (and worrying about slow play, which we both hate) but neither of us ever got to play the shot. We were both working at the time and I don’t think either of us has had it since. (So maybe therein lies the answer to your dream – colleagues going missing at a crucial time ring any bells?) Anyway that was until last night when I was in a game of cricket – next man in. I wasn’t even padded up and one of the batsmen was out. So again, it seemed like an age getting padded up and wondering which way around that strange looking box thing went. But that wasn’t the strangest thing – the batting strip was set up right alongside the side of the field, so that one side was completely out of bounds as it were and you couldn’t play to that side. It also meant all the fielders were on the other side, so more difficult to score runs. And, again, I never got to face a ball or play a shot before I woke up…

    And the only time I ever missed a plane was when that Icelandic volcano went off and flights all over Europe were cancelled. As a surprise birthday present, my wife had booked for us to go to the tennis at Monte Carlo and we were lucky in that we got the only flight going out from the French side of Geneva airport (since it was headed south to Nice). By the time the weekend was over, the flight back was cancelled, so we had to hire a car and drop it off at the airport – which was completely empty, even devoid of any security people, as we walked through from the French side to the Swiss side. Now that was a surreal and almost dreamlike experience. 🙂


  5. Your dream isn’t about flying at all. It’s about something else. What else is bothering you? Maybe the progress of your book?

    It’s a typical anxiety dream. In reoccurring dreams, everything will be more or less the same but something will be different … that’s usually the clue that tells you what is “on your mind”. But if you don’t remember, that’s OK. Sometimes dreams stay with you & it will come to you. I like to think about dreams when I’m on the bus or subway.

    I used to get several anxiety dreams & when I worked out whatever was bothering me, they went away. One involved finding my locker in high school at the end of the day & getting through the crowded hallways & out to the bus … always missing the bus. I had that dream ALL the time for years until I got sober.

    I hope you figure things out. Hugs

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  6. I have several recurring dreams. I’ve regularly had a recurring nightmare of nuclear war since I was a teenager. I also have regular recurring dreams/nightmares about alien invasion, opening night of a play I’m in and I haven’t learnt any of the lines, or I’m back at school or university and I haven’t done any of my assignments and the year is finishing.

    All of these are types of anxiety dreams. The nuclear war ones are pretty scary and are usually in my head for the rest of the day.


          1. Excellent. I believe that dreams represent the anxieties that we have in real life. It’s a way for the brain to offload it’s cerebral rubbish. Maybe you could try a bit of yoga before going to bed! 😳


  7. Yup, I’ve missed a couple of flights, but long ago. I do have recurring dreams all the time – seemed to be my brain’s way of flushing out stress. Mine is always a variation on the theme of being at college and finding out I forgot to take a class so can’t graduate. I’ve also had nightmares about marrying the wrong person because I couldn’t find or remember the right person. That’s an interesting one!

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      1. Sometimes it’s some faceless person, but more often it’s some childhood friend or college boyfriend (one of the unpleasant ones!). The terror is so real as some force compels me down the aisle…when I wake and realize I’m actually married to the right guy…what a relief!

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  8. I do, but have not had one in awhile. Interestingly, they all take place in my childhood home. Weird.

    yes, once, and I had to wait 8 hours. Ugh. But since I travel a lot for work I seem to have travel nightmares all the time before I take a trip.


  9. Dreams are so cool. I have always loved them.

    When I was younger (in my teens), I would regularly have lucid dreams. I would look forward to them. As I have gotten older, this happens much less but still occasionally. I do have some recurring dreams… usually they involve me being lost or stuck somewhere.

    I have only missed a flight once. I must have been 15 or 16 and I was flying alone from France home to England with a connection in Amsterdam. I was definitely a little scared but not as scared as the little girl who must have been 5 or 6 who also missed the flight. She didn’t speak any English and the flight attendant flying with her didn’t speak any French. I ended up translating for her and helping them call her parents. The airline gave me a hotel room and a thank you.

    Happy Dreaming!


      1. Lucid dreaming for me can be wonderful and also terrifying. You know you are dreaming and you can take control of what you see and what you do. In 8th grade, I would routinely have this lucid dream where I would be at a lake near where we used to live. I could fly when I wanted to and I could think of people and they would be there. Another one I like was where I was at a theme park and I could just explore the place. Throughout the dream I am controlling it. Sometimes I would know I was waking up and I would try to stretch it out as much as possible before waking.
        Other times, it is very scary. I would have this dream where I am in my bedroom and it is filling with smoke and I am trying to get low to the ground but smoke just keeps getting thicker. I would wake up from that one in another room usually.


  10. It’s never too late!! Start where you are!! Dreams are weird things. I dream and many times don’t remember. I don’t have recurring dreams, but themes.

    And yes, I missed a flight, the last flight of the day. It was my trip from hell. I ended up in a puddle of tears sitting on the floor blubbering into the phone that was lower for folks in wheel chairs.


  11. Dreams reveal what is really a concern on our hearts or mind. I don’t believe you are late to complete a book and have it published. This is the right moment for it because of all your experiences and lessons, you’ve become the best writer to create a masterpiece. We are never late, nor too early. I do believe you are right on time. Trust me, and by evidence of this blog, you’ve reaching many with your words and creativity. I can’t wait to read your book.


  12. Not recurring dreams so much as recurring themes – being in a massive house and trying to find my way around, dreams where I can fly, weird subway dreams, it goes on and on. I’ve had some that I’ve remembered after years, and usually remember my dreams in the morning, dream in colour, and never remember to write them down so I can keep track to find messages or direction.


  13. I used to have dreams about some of the fights I’ve been in or cases I’ve worked. They were the same setting, same incident, only I was trying different things in it to try to resolve them differently. I began to realize I wasn’t happy with how they’d turned out, and my mind was looking for a different resolution. Now, when I have that dream, a piece of me seems to sand up and say to the incident, “you’ve already happened and can’t be changed. Go back to sleep.” And I never have them again.


  14. I’ve never had a recurring dream, per se, but I have had scores of dreams that revolve around the same basic theme. Been having them for over three decades and while the scenery changes, the same core issue – an unexpected, long-term commitment on my part – is at the heart of the dream. Strangely, I wake up just as panicked today (last night, to be honest), as I did when I had the first dream over thirty years ago. And honestly, I have no clue why.

    As for the writing, don’t look on those previous moments as “missed opportunities.” The Bible is rather pointed about this – there is a time for everything and everything within its appointed time. Your not acting on your desire to write before was a part of God’s plan for you. Your writing, your book, your message – all done on His schedule.

    Don’t beat yourself up over it. You’ve done it. And hopefully it’ll go to press soon. Good luck.


  15. That is one strange dream! But I can’t talk I am always dreaming and can usually remember my dreams every day, something I have passed on to T. Often she will come in to my room and immediately rattle off a great dream, Scott on the other hand just doesn’t dream anything he can ever remember. I haven’t had a reoccuring one since I was a teenager though.


  16. I have been having a recurring dream for several years now. It happens at least a few times per week. I am in some city either walking, riding a bike, or driving. Sometimes it seems like my old college town and other times it is some unknown city by an ocean or a city like Denver or Chicago. In the beginning I am just wandering around and I don’t know why I’m there. Then the dream changes and I am in a rush to get away. Something or someone is chasing me, but I can never see them. Sometimes I am outside running away and other times I run to a car and drive away. I always get away, but it is a feeling of panic and fight or flight in the dream because I never know why I’m running away. It is very strange and it started happening after I was diagnosed with Celiac. Maybe that’s how I feel in this disease and I just want to get away from it. I don’t know. If the Lord is trying to show me something, I pray He gives me wisdom to figure it out. I pray we both have better dreams and get good sleep! 🙂 God bless!


  17. Wow, ive definitely had dreams like that. Like i cant seem to get to work on time etc, i think it comes from being tied to a timetable. We always have pressures and deadlines to meet on time and our minds play with our fears of missing those deadlines. As to the question of having a reoccuring dream myself, i havent had one quite like my husband has. He generally never remembers his dreams. And yet he had a dream that repeated 3 times. In the dream he pulled up in my parents driveway and saw the angel of death (grim reaper) peeking in the living room window. I had dismissed the dream for a few days until i was visiting my parents and my dads heart suddenly stopped. He was in the living room and we had tp do cpr till medics arrived. Im am very relieved to say he is alive today thanks to the cpr and medics. I learned to consider dreams a bit more closely, especially if they repeat.


  18. I have reoccurring dreams about being back in high school band. I’ve also had dreams thst tell the future–but it’s always about incredibly ordinary things, like making spagettii for dinner.


  19. What I’m finding is that even when I think I’m late, it’s actually God’s perfect timing, as He’s been preparing me when I thought I was ready long before. Keep the faith and keep writing!


  20. Missed lots of things in my dreams (when I was younger, now I don’t see dreams often)… the dream of missing plane ✈️ reflects that you have to make difficult decisions..or some difficult decisions r on the way 😅🤪🎈


  21. They say everyone dreams but I never remember any dreams. A few times I have woke up in the middle of the night and realized I was dreaming but by morning I cannot remember what the dream was. Don’t know if that is good or bad.


  22. Dreams are going around on here . I myself and other blogger plus my husband have been having talking about dreams. I had one last night that seemed like I’ve been there before kid of thing it really choppy so can’t describe it but I woke up with a bit of anxiety from it .


  23. I have recurring dreams about tornadoes. I don’t live in an area that even has them, but ever since watching The Wizard of Oz as a child, I’ve dreamt about tornadoes at least once a year.


  24. I have multiple dreams a night, and they are very vivid. Considering writing a post on the one I had this morning. I think we live and learn through it all. We are going to make mistakes. We are going to pass up opportunities maybe we should have taken sooner. However, we can’t struggle with worry about the past. It will keep us up at night. It will steal our sense of hope. I’m working on not letting these thoughts win. What we have is the now. NOW are opportunities. Now are the lesson to cherish and learn something from. Now is the time. 🙂


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