Stephen Has Lost It

He has lost it people and we need your help to get it back!!

Stephen has lost his writing mojo!! He hasn’t wrote a blog since Sunday which has lead me to write this week and now I’m posting a second what is the world coming to what’s going on?

All us at home really look up to Stephen, apart from Adam because he is taller than him but you get what I mean, we love and respect him and are so proud of how he has turned his life around these last few years. When he sets his mind on doing something he does it, apart from DIY projects he would rather run a marathon and that’s were we are different and that’s how we work so well together. So to see him feeling not so great about himself it concerns me I’m a fixer but I can’t fix this one by myself I need our WordPress family to contribute to.

Can you all send him something encouraging to help get his creative juices flowing again please.

Tell us what your favourite blog has been the popular ones I might even reblog again.

Tell us about something you lost before and how you got it back

I know you guys won’t let me down so please accept my thanks for your encouragement and help.

Hopefully normal services will be resumed soon.

40 thoughts on “Stephen Has Lost It

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  1. Hi, Fionnuala. I’m no doctor, but Stephen may need a few cc’s of Diet Coke, followed by a round of rugby-viewing. After his body processes those, send him on a run and tell him that everyone will want to read about it.

    If those ideas fail, you may need to purchase another table or some more sofa cushions. 😉

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    1. I like your thinking Chelsea I’ve been eyeing up new cushions and matching curtains 😂.

      There is always a constant supply of Diet Coke in our house I’m just a bit concerned it may be required via an intravenous drip right now, there is always rugby talk or rugby on tv. There is just one thing missing right now and that’s HONEYCOMB ICE-CREAM I may have to get him a small tub later I fear he may be in cold turkey 😆

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  2. Immediately after the notification of a new post from FF, I had an email with the verse Philippians 4:19- “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” The e-mail included the statement, “God has not forgotten you.” It felt like an immediate response to your post.
    Struggling, stumbling, seeking- these are all normal things we face. Don’t be disheartened by the experience- but don’t be stopped by it either.
    Stephen, instead of a run, take a walk through the route you run. Ask Him for “new eyes” to see what is around you. He is faithful and He will meet you right where you are.
    Praying for you today, dear brother- blessings 💙

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  3. I suggest he goes for a run, (without any earphones, if he normally uses them), and his mind will be filled with all sorts of rubbish, but some of it will be like gold dust to a gifted scribe like Stephen. He might also contemplate what a wonderful wife he has. ☺


  4. I seriously had checked all my devices and my WordPress settings to see if I had changed an email setting or stopped following your blog. I so look forward to starting my day with Fractured Faith. At least three posts a week contain gems of well-written insights or perspectives worthy of contemplation. Honestly, I don’t know how Stephen has kept up the volume of writing with such dedicated frequency. I shook my head and muttered an OMG at his post asking for suggestions on how to fill the Saturday’s vacated by the end of Rugby season. A season of rest may be in order. The Honeycomb Ice Cream is worth a try. I selfishly await the return of his mojo.


  5. He will be fine. I know that when this happens to me (and I am sure that it happens to everyone who writes regularly) it generally comes from a mindset of “what’s the point?”, a temporary sense of futility. It is just a phase, and maybe he needs this lull even if it isn’t comfortable and causes him to feel downhearted because he ‘should’ be writing. Sometimes the lull lasts for a few days… sometimes even a few months, but one day it will just clear, and the will to write again returns. You can’t fix it, even with all of the love and the best intentions in the world, because it isn’t broken… and neither is he. I promise you that he will work his own way through this process and recognise when he is ready to pick up the pen (or the keyboard!) again. x

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  6. When I lose something, I don’t look for it. It always appears on its own.

    When I have writer’s block, I get outdoors. No matter what the weather is doing. Get some good exercise & take a few pics with the camera & the words will come.

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  7. You are part of this East Tennessee lady’s morning routine. I give my husband the occasional updates about “That Irish Family I’m Following”. He was especially sympathetic about the couch cushion post. Hope you can start writing again soon!

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  8. Steven, there are only two times that you have to write: When you want to and when you don’t! I am praying for you that you experience the desire to write, sooner than later. Along with many, many others, I have come to look forward to your insight, wit and honesty. Along with these good folks, I look forward to hearing from you.

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  9. My favourite post of all time, I even have a copy on my phone, is be a painkiller. Stephen, if you’ve lost inspiration, don’t push yourself. We’re patiently waiting for you. Or go run, I’m sure it’ll inspire you. Greetings from another country with mediocre weather. 😛 great idea Fionnuala. Thanks for this post.

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  10. Ok Stephen. I lose it sometimes, too! Usually I find it again. Or IT fi ds me! Patience is of the essence. Be patient with yourself. This is just a tempirary b,ip. Though it might not feel like that at the moment. Ok so, like someone once said to me, “Go find the deepest thing that is in your heart. Write about THAT.” Even if the writing doesn’t come out at all in the normal manner. Just DO it. God knows about it and He has it in hand. That’s why He gave us honeckmb ice cream! He mnew we needed it. I’ll send you some bees across the water from here in England. That might get you going. Fionnula please give Stephen my love. I live his Blog even though I don’t a,ways comnent. Tell him that if God can get me through cancer He can get anyone through anything. I pray He shines His light on Srephen again, and on you all. AND of course, sends the honeycomb ice cream. Watch out for the bees! Xx

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  11. Oh the ice cream! When is the big run? Next week? Sometimes denying oneself of a pleasure is not really what one needs. I wish I could help, but I think he is storing up energy for the run. Just tell him we need to hear from him.. even if he just types “hi”.


  12. Just want Stephen to know, I love your blog posts and look forward to seeing them.

    I suggest fresh air and prayer. Last night at Bible study a friend of mine said his favorite song is the one that comes to him, while he is in the woods.

    Praying all is well.


  13. I’m like that too. Sometimes it is good to step away for a moment and take a break. I know he will come back soon and the Lord will write something great through him. I always appreciate how he writes with such an encouraging and witty style. I will lift him and the fam up in prayer. God bless you all!


  14. I doubt Stephen has lost it although it may seem so. It is somewhere inside him, I am convinced, just taking a little pause, a much needed break. When it comes back, Stephen will be writing furiously again. 🙂


  15. None of us in recovery want to hear this BUT tell Stephen to do a gratitude list with you, the kids and his amazing talent for writing at the top of that list. It could simply be a case of temporary ‘writer’s block’.🙏


  16. Stephen, I love your writing and am so impressed with your productivity. It boggles my mind, frankly, how anyone can turn out a thoughtful, creative blog post every single day. I rarely fail to be touched by your writing, but find your poems especially a tonic for my soul. Praying that God finds the right time to reignite your pilot light so you may continue illuminating our world again.


  17. Sorry to hear this! This blog is the first one that I check when I get on here. I love Stephen’s writing and will pray God gives him the words to say.

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  18. Hey Stephen, sorry to hear you’ve lost your writing mojo. I think taking breaks and stepping away now and then can be quite good. You are a very talented writer and I enjoy your stories and humor. I don’t know how you’ve been able to blog every single day. Impressive! Enjoy the respite and come back when you’re ready. We’ll all still be here. Love and prayers from Texas.


  19. “Stephen?” A woman’s tentative voice broke through his slumber.
    “Stephen? Where are you?”
    Stephen growled and huddled deeper onto the sofa, his face burrowed into the cushions. This disturbance was neither invited, nor appreciated.
    The voice was soft but had the faint undertone of firmness.
    “Stephen, they need you. They can’t write without you.” Stephen felt a surge of irritation at the neediness, the endless demands.
    “They miss you. Go to them …”
    He turned his weary body towards the voice, and in doing so his eyes widened at the sight before him. For there were the faces, the real faces behind the endless writings, posts and blogs. The followers, the fans and the friends. They smiled gently.
    “We’re here for you. When you’re ready.”


  20. Hey Stephen, we all have days when we caught in the midst of an existential and spiritual crisis! They say the greatest view comes after the hardest climb and thankfully, you have a loving family and an all-powerful God on your side! Looking forward to reading more updates about your books, family and thoughts on life 🙂


  21. He will be back. He hasn’t lost yet! I fact he never will! He’s just going through a ‘normal’ phase of being …human. That’s all. And he’s allowed to.
    Fionnuala, I hope I am not coming across preachy!
    All Stephen needs to know is: we miss him. We want him back. But we respect he needs to do what he needs to do. I personally have so much patience! I’m KNOWN to be patient! So Stephen, I will be patient for…one…more After that?! I’ll be hopping on a plane to Ireland to whip you back into shape! Don’t make me or my husband and my dog will really be angry at you!
    With love

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  22. I really like the story of the mid-life crisis where you punch that guy. 😂
    A couple of days ago I was having breakfast with a friend and the conversation we were having was on a mid-life crisis. It reminded me of your story.


  23. So I am reading this after the fact but I’m glad you’re up and blogging again Stephen although I also love hearing from your beautiful bride as well. Please don’t give up. We all love you and your writing so much!!


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