Last Time….I Promise

Last time….I promise.

Chapter 1 of my new story, ‘Bomb Girl’, is now available to read on Wattpad. Just clink the link above to read.

17 thoughts on “Last Time….I Promise

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  1. Very atmospheric – I could ‘see’ what you are describing – and a very interesting idea. So, a powerful beginning, and I would have continued reading if I had the book in my hand!


  2. I was able to read it on my desktop, Stephen. Well done – you used several metaphors and descriptions that I thought were quite unique and enabled me to visualize the scene, and I don’t think the wording was overdone. The story read very “clean” and clear, if you know what I mean. I love the premise and am looking forward to meeting the character, based upon the descriptions of her family members and her entrance into the world. You have me hooked!


  3. I haven’t read your chapter yet, but if it’s as good as your blogging it will be exdellent, I’m sure. I will leave my thoughts after reading it.


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